Betting the Exact Order of Finish in the AFC West Division: See 3 Odds

Betting the Exact Order of Finish in the AFC West Division

The NFL season is still a few months away from beginning in 2022. OTAs will be next week, and training camp will start in the month of July. There are going to be position competitions in all 32 NFL training camps. All 32 teams have one goal in mind: to win the Super Bowl and the Lombardi Trophy.

The Super Bowl lines are out for the upcoming 2022 NFL regular season, and they constantly change. However, despite these lines, what are the odds for betting the exact order of finish in the AFC West Division?


At these odds, there are two potential finishes for the AFC West Division. 1st place Kansas City Chiefs, 2nd place Los Angeles Chargers, 3rd place Denver Broncos, and 4th place Las Vegas Raiders.’

The other options here are Kansas City Chiefs 1st place, Denver Broncos 2nd place, Los Angeles Chargers 3rd place, and Las Vegas Raiders 4th place.

Kansas City has won this division for the past six seasons. Other than the Chiefs, the Broncos were the last team to win this division back in 2015, and they also won Super Bowl L that season against the Carolina Panthers.

Don’t ever bet against the Kansas City Chiefs to come in first place until further notice with quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid around. The Kansas City Chiefs have +900 odds to win the Super Bowl.

The best option to go here is KC, DEN, LAC, and VGR for the +800 spot.


At these odds, there is only one finish for this bet. Denver Broncos 1st place, Kansas City Chiefs 2nd place, Los Angeles Chargers 3rd place, and Las Vegas Raiders 4th place. This probably feels like the most realistic finish this season. The Denver Broncos acquired quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks in the offseason.

Denver now feels like they can contend in the division and also in the postseason. The Denver Broncos have +1600 odds to win the Super Bowl this season. Denver has talent on both sides of the football, and they are going to be very interesting to watch this season. Nathaniel Hackett will be the head coach after being the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator last season.

The Los Angeles Chargers in third place feel about right because head coach Brandon Staley is over his head coach; despite all of the talents they have with quarterback Justin Herbert, they don’t have a very good defense, though. Los Angeles has +1400 odds to win the Super Bowl next season.

A lot of these odds have the Las Vegas Raiders finishing in last place in the AFC West Division. They did upgrade in the offseason at the wide receiver position by acquiring Davante Adams from the Green Bay Packers and also signing defensive end Chandler Jones to upgrade their pass rush.

The main reason why they are being chosen to finish in last place is that we don’t know how head coach Josh McDaniels will be this time around. He was the offensive coordinator last season for the New England Patriots. Hopefully, McDaniels will have a very good relationship with Derek Carr, though.

The Las Vegas Raiders have favorable odds to win the Super Bowl at +3000. 


There are two options here for these odds. The first option is the 1st place Los Angeles Chargers, 2nd place Kansas City Chiefs, 3rd place Denver Broncos, and 4th place Las Vegas Raiders.

The second option is Los Angeles Chargers 1st place, Denver Broncos 2nd place, Kansas City Chiefs 3rd place, and Las Vegas Raiders 4th place.

The second option feels more compelling than the first option. Los Angeles has the talent to finish in the first place, Denver upgraded its roster to finish in second place, and what has Kansas City really done to upgrade its roster to potentially finish in either first or second place in the AFC West? Las Vegas might have been a one-year wonder last season, though.

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