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Do you want to write for us? Assuredly, your content is worthwhile for us as well as for you. Because guest posts are an effectual way of promoting your blog and enhance brand awareness, particularly when you are emerging out. The bright aspect is that you will get not only the opportunity to introduce yourself to a new audience, rather you will grab the chance to link back to your site as well.

List of Desired Guest Post Themes and Topics

In general, posts we accept as guest content fall under the following topics;

Note: We want content from those who have firsthand experience in creating informational content, giving solutions, and provide cutting-edge knowledge about this wide variety of topics.

Guidelines for Guest Post submission

See below some guidelines that you have to follow before submit a guest post.

  1. Posts should be minimum 800 words in length. While 1000+ will be encouraging as a prime ingredient in Google ranking.
  2. Break the content by putting some Headings <h1>, <h2>, <h3>…
  3. Make sure the content is well-written in a friendly mode that enthusiast the readers enough to say “More”.
  4. Use a natural and conversational tone in your piece of writing.
  6. If you share a guest post that already appeared on web or elsewhere, we do not accept and publish your content.

Note: If you quote other content, link it.

  1. You may add high-quality images sized with 1000 × 675 px.
  2. Make sure the whole content is fully optimized by following the premium and updated strategies of SEO.

We offer for Guest Posts…

  • Guest post is offered in $20 with one Do-follow link
  • Owing to get two Do-follow backlinks, you have to pay $30
  • For existing posts, we offer $10 only
  • If you want to get Author account, you have to pay $50 per month

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How to Submit your Guest Post

To get in touch with us or submit your content, shoot us an email at contact@willingtodo.com