Conan Exiles How to Make Steel

Conan Exiles How to Make Steel

When you reach a certain level in Conan Exiles, you have to get steel and search for items to make steel bars. In Conan exiles how to make steel, there are many methods to make various weapons, the building workshops, and the supplies to produce it can be tough. To know how to get steel and how to make it require a lot of effort.

Conan Exiles is a world loaded with both treasure and terror. Resources can be abundant while navigating the vicious landscape, however, getting these items does not come without danger.

At the beginning of Conan exiles how to make steel when starting, you’ll have no difficulty picking up things to help out your character. Simple hand-picked stones will make it easier to cut down trees for wood, to be used as fuel.

But, once you’re past the initial search for items and are more established in the world, moving ahead gets a little harder. With steel, you can make robust weapons and armor and you can even make a hardened steel bar.

Conan Exiles How to make steel 

Steel is an end tier item used to make the toughest weapons, tools, armor, and buildings in Conan Exiles

Steel is not something you can find naturally in the game setting. To begin Conan exiles how to make steel, you will have to get steel fires and that can be obtained with tar and brimstone.

How to get Tar

By using tannery, you can produce tar. A tannery is one of the game workshops which you will unlock in the character’s skill menu. To produce tar with a tannery, you just have to convert the hides/skins you gather from creatures/animals/humans to convert them into the leather. Each time you convert skin into hides/leather, then the tannery will generate tar spontaneously.

Where to collect brimstone

There are specific places in parts of the world map from where you can collect brimstone.  The area mostly explored by people in the desert to the west, which is considered one of the richest areas in brimstone.

When you have obtained tar and brimstone, the game’s crafting system is used to create the fire bowl cauldron, where you will put your tar and brimstone to produce steel fire.

To make steel fire the combination ratio required is one piece of brimstone, two tar, and fuel from wood coal or tree branches.

How to make steel tablets in Conan Exiles

When you have prepared your steel fire, put it in the kiln with iron rods and use wood, coal as fuel. It will take around 20 seconds for the kiln to make a steel bar. It takes

1 steel fire and 5 iron bars to craft a steel bar.

How to get toughened steel bar in Conan Exiles

Let it be known that from the steel bars you can make more powerful thing, the hardened steel bar. This can be made in the furnace with two steel bars and a piece of brimstone.

Toughened steel bar is a strong ingot of unbreakable forte and this strong steel bar will give you even more powerful gears and weapons in Conan Exiles. Tough armor, weapons, tools, and building parts can be made from hardened steel bars.

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