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How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard; See 2 Easy Ways

How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard

Do you want to own the lighting setup of your Fantech Keyboard? Now it can be done easily as this incredible input device has been overwhelmed with various awesome features that make it happen with that. 

Many people are still unaware of how to set up light mode on this keyboard. If you are one of them and aspire to alter the hue of your Fantech Keyboard, stick to this guide till the end. Because here, you can get all the instructions on how you can enable and disable the back-light on your keyboard by simple means. 

There are just a few simple steps that will assist you to determine how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard. So are you crazy to know about them? Let’s get started with this guide and get wondered? 

A brief intro about Fantech Keyboard

Fantech Keyboards are generally known for being as ultimate mechanical gaming keyboards with all the basic to advanced features that you aspire to be in your regular keyboard while your gaming adventures. 

These are designed with the comfort of a wrist board, RGB lighting, and mechanical keys having agronomic keycaps, which assist in reducing hand fatigue while typing. Apart from this, these keyboards optimize the agronomic access to your own controls. 

Not only these, but another marvelous feature of this keyboard module is also the light-changing mode that you can easily alter according to your time, need, or desire. When a keyboard works with such incredible traits, who can live without getting this..? 

Info about Light Mode 

What do you think about light mode? It’s not just an illuminating version; it’s a versatile feature that can stick you just with the one input device, I mean to say “Keyboard.” Yeah..!😁 

Have you ever seen or experienced using the only keyboard to work on your PC? It can be rare because might be you work maximum by typing but at times you have to move on the mouse, touchpad, or any other device in order to alter font color, highlight the text, or for more reasons. 

Do you not annoy with such practice? Surely you would be. However, if your keyboard has a light mode, you do not have to insert a mouse cable into your system. As light mode on a keyboard lets you focus on the shortcuts to move the cursor, select the text, etc. Therefore, it’s inevitably important to come to know how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard.

Once you get such a featured keyboard with the light mode, you have just to press the space bar once a while, then move the cursor where you want. In short, you will be free of the distraction of pressing arrow keys multiple times to get your desired results on the screen. 

How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard

Frankly speaking, there is no as such rocket science to know how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard. However, there are some steps and ways which are inevitable to follow in this regard. 

Here, two easy ways are going to discuss that will surely pave your way to figuring out how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard

Own Your Mark, Get Set, and Let’s Go to know..! 👍

By Fantech Keyboard Setting 

In order to analyze how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard, just navigate the given steps and see how you can do this…

  • Open the “start menu”
  • Search for “Fantech keyboard’s settings” in the search bar 
  • Select the “Lightening” option under “Keyboard”
  • Under “Lightening”, choose the Light Mode as per your wish
  • Click on the “OK” option and save the mode
  • Now see the incredible light mode on your input module

This is now the all-set to know how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard by navigating through the keyboard settings. 

By Functional (Fn) Key 

Among all the steps and ways of finding out how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard, there are some special features of this input device that assist a lot in the process to carry on. Fn Key is one of them because it plays a vital role in altering light modes on keyboards. 

  • Find the “FN key” on your Fantech Keyboard.🧐
  • Press and keep the hold on it along with the Windows key (the Windows Key History menu will be opened).
  • Now select “Device Settings.” 
  • On the left side, under “Keyboard”, choose “Light Mode.”
  • Now you have an open choice to set the light mode as per your own wish. You can select;   Standard Light  
  •  Darker Light
  •  Lighter Light 
  • After finalizing the light mode, click on the “OK” button and save the changes.
  • Now come out of the “Device Settings” and see the incredible lightning mode on your Fantech Keyboard. 

This is also another easy way to know how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard. You can go with it as well. 

Particular Functions of Fn Keys

There are different Functional Keys for getting different light modes on your Fantech Keyboards. You can see them in the given table. 

Fn Keys Result 
F1 For Normal Light
F2 For Slow Blinking Light
F3 For Fast Blinking Light
F4 For Solid Green Light
F5 For Solid Red Light

These Functional Keys are the helping hands of the Fn key to enable you to know how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard.

How can you turn off the light mode on a Fantech Keyboard

As you can turn on the light mode on your Fantech Keyboard, you can also turn it off, but in a slightly different manner. This is also an important factor in determining how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard

Like, if you press Fn and F5 altogether, this input will cycle through all white lighting, all blue lighting, and potassium red lighting.  

In the same way, if you have to alter your lights; brightness, then you can do it by using “Fn” and “+” to increase and “Fn” and “-” to decrease.

See the Different Light Modes in Fantech Keyboard

By the way, how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard is significant to alter your working modes. However, there are various light modes you can set on your keyboard. Once you figure them out, your curiosity will surely boost manifolds to switch light modes on your Fantech Keyboard. 

Working Mode 

This light mode works; 

  • To assist more in typing, having more gleam 
  • To permit better visibility in a blurry environment or low-light

Night Mode

This light mode name suggests its working attributes as;

  • It assists in dim-light or dark environments, mostly at nights
  • It lets the cursor be focused as per the input given to it

Quick Launch

This light mode works;

  • To allow you to quickly launch applications as you press the key multiple times
  • To create app shortcuts on the keyboard’s keys 

Power Save Mode 

This light mode name suggests its working attributes as;

  • It saves the keypad’s battery life and preserves energy
  • It turns off some functions, i.e., cursor and fainting the backlight of the keyboard

All above the light modes are more viable and hight advantageous for the said device and will make it easy for you to know how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard.

Figure out the Merits & Demerits of a Fantech Keyboard

Although you have learned how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard, but along with this, you must keep a deep sight of the merits and demerits of using such an input device. So, you can compare them in the given table.

                        Merits 👍                                         Demerits 👎
  • It gives a variety of color modes   
  • It provides easy light modes brightness
  • It assists in working in both light and dark environments
  • It has a sleep mode to save your device energy
  • Its backlight can be turned off to preserve the battery
  • It’s simpler to work on a tiny screen
  • It’s portable, lightweight, and easy to carry out 
  • It’s highly responsive, swift, and works fast
  • It’s specific for gamers not for all purposes
  • It can be frustrated for new users who are used to the regular keyboards
  • It’s somewhat more costly than the ordinary keyboards
  • It works on the proprietary framework, which means you can’t use it without installing its software
  • Its incandescent light emits more heat 
  • Its fluorescent white light can be dangerous for the eyes

The Verdict 

If you are a gaming lover, you must want something that can assist you to get more adventure in your gaming. Fantech Keyboard stands in the center zone among all other input devices. The content has covered all the dimensions of this gaming keyboard type. Merely, it leads to how to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard. However, its pros and cons have also described here to get thoroughly know how that if you want the actual spice of your gaming, you have to be already prepared to tackle the drawbacks associated with it along with its positive side.  


Is Fantech Keyboard a better choice than others?

Fantech Keyboard is well-recognized as an Indonesian Top Brand keyboard and got global acceptance due to having its better features to make your gaming time more interesting and incredibly easy, regardless of time period and light modes. Being a portable and easy to carry, it stands among the top leading input devices of all the popular brands and companies. Thus, if you want to own this one, that will be the ideal choice for you.

What is the most suitable light mode for your keyboard?

Although, each mechanical gaming keyboard has its own specific colored keys. However, in general, white for the backlight and red for the item keys will be more appropriate while gaming in a dark or dim-light environment.

How to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboard, is it a myth or reality?

How to change light mode on a Fantech Keyboardis not a myth; rather, it’s a reality that lets anyone to see the incredible varying light modes by some easy ways.

What do you think?

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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