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  • How to cover dark circles without makeup
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    How to Cover Dark Circles without Makeup

    Do you agonize about how to cover dark circles? Don’t worry so far. Although eyes catch more attention than the rest of the body, any impairment makes them so awkward. Particularly, dark circles surround your eyes and turn the outlook of your face. Although certain factors may be responsible for this, yet to get rid […] More

  • How to remove eyelash extensions
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    How to Remove Eyelash Extensions Carefully

    Do you stuck in how to remove eyelash extensions? Because the eyes assume as the most beautiful and sensitive parts of the human body. They need more care than other areas. No doubt, eyelashes protect our eyes, but they enhance their beauty as well. Most girls having small and thin eyelashes use extensions over their […] More

  • How to Clean White Converse
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    How to Clean White Converse

    The white converse is very versatile, comfortable, and fashionable shoes. White converse shoes look great when they are new, but their color may change after a significant amount of use and become yellow and messy, but don’t worry here we will discuss how to clean white converse shoes and keep them clean. The converse shoes […] More

  • How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

    How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

    A blanket scarf is a long piece of warm clothing, usually in square or rectangle form. it’s very famous due to its adaptability, utility and warmth. Here we will discuss how to wear a blanket scarf and make it perfect with your outfit because many people don’t know how to wear a blanket scarf without […] More

  • how to measure hips

    How to Measure Hips

    Taking accurate body measurements is one of the keys to a magnificent fit. There are different methods and reasons on how to measure hips and why you should measure them. Many people do this to prepare clothing size or to track fitness or diet progress. Most importantly, measuring your hip circumference is a beneficial pointer of your […] More

  • How to measure sleeves length

    How to Measure Sleeves length

    The length of the sleeves is not always based on the length of your arm, because the shirt sleeves do not end in the same place on your shoulder. Shirts fitness and the proper length is depending on the deep knowledge about how to measure sleeves length in the right way. What is the sleeve? […] More

  • How to Measure the Inseam

    How to Measure the Inseam

    A tight-fitting pair of pants can enhance your style, so knowing your inseam is essential. You may have thought that understanding crotch measurements is only important to tailors. Once you start shopping for great dress pants, you may quickly find that knowing your inseam length is important. Here’s what you need to know about how […] More