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How to Tie a Scarf as a Top

Traditionally wearing a scarf is somewhat look common. But it can be carry on by various means, either worn as a belt or a hairband, like a bag or a wrap. But to attain a different look, you may tie it as a top too. So, if you don’t know how to tie a scarf as a top. This guide will assist you more in this regard. Because in this age of social media, a trend has been seen more commonly in TikTok and Instagram users. They wear a scarf as a top in many versatile ways. 

Let’s put a glance over some stunning top looks ever…

One-shoulder /Off-shoulder look

The most popular way to wear a scarf as a top is one-shoulder style. This is assumed as so easy and elegant style to opt for the summer. To wear the scarf in this style, see the directions.

  • Make a triangle of the scarf
  • Put one long side on your shoulder
  • Wrap the rest of the two sides around your back
  • Converge all three corners of the fabric on your backside 
  • Tie up all the corners 

Thus a beautiful one-shoulder top will turn your look more elegant and stunning. You may wear a strapless frock under the scarf, and make the center of attention in the horde.

Tie the scarf as a wrap

If you don’t like a solid and striped model of tees or shirts, especially in the summer season. So, don’t worry about that. Now a simple and stylish top is awaiting you. Just grab the instructions and try to make the wrap.

  • Take a casual scarf or your favored fabric
  • Make it a triangle
  • Simply wrap it around the body
  • Take it over your collarbone
  • And tie it behind the neck
  • Usually, it requires a long sarong style fabric to opt

Accordingly, the wrap style will grant you the best summer and beachy look. It will enhance your beauty and make the beach-theme party more awesome than others. 

Front twist

The most easier way to wear a scarf as a crest is the front twist. In the summer, among the more comfortable outfits, it can be selected. While moving to the beachside or on summer island, this style lands you in a comfy zone. It’s so simple as its name. Just follow the instructions.

  • Take a small size scarf
  • Twist it in the center
  • Wrap it around your breast
  • Take both of the corners of the scarf to the back, and tie off

Thus, a simple and minuscule top gives you a splendid look. Make it pair with trendy jeans.   

Front triangle

Another top style is to tie a scarf in the front triangle. You may adopt it occasionally. Mostly on sunny days, to beat the hot weather, wear the fabric in the front triangle form in a way.

  • Take a square scarf, and fold it in a triangle
  • Make a few frills of the scarf  
  • Wrap it around your back covering the whole trunk region
  • Keep the pivot corner of the scarf in front side of you
  • Tie the rest of  the scarf’s corners backside

Wear your scarf in this way, and make a beautiful top.

Front tie

If you don’t want to move with the rest of the styles as discussed above. You might opt for the front tie. It depends on your mood;

To wear this stunning style,

  • Put a scarf in a triangular form
  • Wrap it around your breast from back to front
  • Tie the scarf as a knot on the front side

Thus, you may get your glance very distinct and glorious.  

Arm tie

To get another stunning look ever with tie a scarf as a top, you may tie your silk scarf on your arm by wrapping your body. This grants you so different and charming outlook. 

  • Take a scarf and make it a triangle. 
  • Put its middle corner at your body’ one side
  • Take the other ends on either side of the body and tie off
  • The flanking ends of the scarf wrap around your arm and tie off there
  • Keep it straight on your body, and make it like a small shirt

Usually, arm’ style is not so common. But this arm style makes you look so different and charming. 

Centre knot

Here is another fabulous style of wearing a top. If you want to be a hub of fashion and style, but with an ensemble to feel simple and elegant look. You may go with the center knot. 

  • Take a square shape scarf
  • Pick it from the middle, and make a knot
  • Take the two ends of it and wrap it around your collar bone
  • Tie these two ends behind the neck region
  • Now take the other two ends of the scarf, and wrap them around your waist
  • Tie these two corners at your backside
  • Make sure the pivot knot of the stole keep in the middle of your chest cavity

Thus you may attain this amazing and simple style. You may opt for this look as party wear, your buddy’s birthday party, or anywhere you want. 

Back tie with chain necklace

Some girls are affectionated with jewels. So, they can also wear the scarf along with the chain necklace. That’s an awesome style to wear a stole as an upper shot. If you don’t know that how to tackle this style of wear, so grab the directions as below.

  • Take a silk scarf, and enfold it to your chest 
  • Tie its ends at the back of your chest
  • Wear a chain necklace wrapping from the scarf in the center of the chest cavity
  • You may use clothing tape to prevent slip under the stole

By opting for this style, you will get a different and elegant gaze among others.

Halter neck

I’m presenting the most classic halter neck design to tie a scarf that beats a traditional top. It’s somewhat easy and somewhat tricky. But easy to wear and carry for anyone.

  • Choose your favorite square scarf to wear as a top
  • Make it a triangular form
  • Grab its two side ends, and make a knot
  • Wear it around your neck
  • Take one of the ends from the center of the cloth
  • And go through inside the scarf as a knot
  • Then take the rest of the ends, and move them behind your back
  • Tie those ends around your waist  

Thus a classic halter neck will make your simple piece of cloth turned into a more trendy style and gorgeous look ever. 

Halter neck with chain necklace

Make an attractive top with a silk scarf by using a chain necklace in the following way, To adopt this stunning look;

  • Choose a stole and make it a triangle
  • Take the middle corner of the fabric and wrap it over your bust
  • Wear a chain necklace by passing it through it, from the middle of your chest
  • Turn the remaining two edges of the scarf and tie at your back
  • Thus a chain necklace holds the fabric in a versatile way and makes a perfect shirt like  

This look will mold your persona into a more sleek and modish look. 

Wrap the scarf as a bolero

There is another gorgeous and more distinct look. you may wrap the fabric as a bolero. So, move to opt for this style of top.  

  • Put a beautiful bralette and drop a scarf around it
  • Pull one of the sides of it from one side of your breast 
  • In the same way, pull the other side to the other side of your breast
  • Bring both ends of the scarf behind your neck
  • After that tie both the ends of the cloth and make a knot

A more stunning look by wearing a scarf as a bolero grant you the best choice for summer wear.

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