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How to look good with short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins

How to look good with short hairstyles for fat face and double chin

Hair reflects a person’s personality. Having Longhairs is an old tradition going for centuries, but now short hairs are also in trend. Some girls are so slim and having short hair but some chubby figured girls also look beautiful with short hair-cuts. But how to look good with short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins is not so arduous. You may come to know various short hairstyles in this article. Just keep reading and find some attractive hairdos with short faces.

Different short Hairdo for fat faces and double chins

As you have a fat face and bear a double chin, then uniformity must be avoided in round face cuts. The chubby posture needs variable hairstyles. So set your haircut according to your face and the latest trends. Here are some trendy and gorgeous hairstyles that turn your look awesome. So gird up your loins to know about how to look good with short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins.

Asymmetrical Pixie 

Asymmetrical pixie

Have you a fat face? Then asymmetrical pixie will give you a very different look. Try this haircut, it gives you a very choppy, and wavy look that will give you a perky vibe. So just left the old traditional hairstyles and opt for the pixie haircut. That gives you asymmetrical look.

Asymmetrical bob for round face


If you are feeling low with your round face, then an asymmetrical bob cut raises your confidence. There are a variety of bob hairstyles. You can choose them as per your choice. Usually, long hairs suit more to thin-faced guys. While short haircuts especially asymmetrical bob hairstyle sound appealing on fat and round face.

Textured Pixie for Fat Face

Textured pixie

A textured pixie haircut is a wobbly haircut style that gives your hair a thick and wavy appearance. Although it is a short haircut, the thick texture of hair gives volume to your hair. Thus if you have a fat face and bear a double chin then you may look good by opting for one of the gorgeous hairstyles.

Short Choppy pixie

Short choppy pixie

It doesn’t matter that you have a slim or fat face. A short choppy pixie is such an incredible haircut that suits all face types. Most celebrities also move with this hairstyle. Usually, grey highlights jack up your personality, but you may go with pastel or hazel shades as well.

The Orb

The orb

You are aware of bob but here is the orb.  This hairstyle includes short, layered pieces with an undercut for maximum reduction weight. The orb is a haircut with fringe that’s worn either down or side-swept. The shape is flattering to the head shape and minimizes fullness on the sides of the head.

Textured Bob with Bangs 

Textured bob with bangs

If you want to go with a short haircut but the volume has to be maintained. So you can choose this beautiful bob style. Among the best bob cut, textured bob with bangs is truly versatile. It not only gives your hair volume, rather enhances your look as well.

Blonde BALAYAGE Bob with Fringe

Blonde-Balayage bob with fringes

Marilyn Monroe was a famous American actress, looked pretty with blonde balayage bob hairs. It gives a signature vampy look to enhance the features of the round face. Edges with fringes appear as icing on the cake. Girls generally copy the lifestyles of famous actresses. So, blonde bob is an ideal choice to opt.

Pageboy Cut


Is your face disc-shaped? Then pageboy also considers a good preference. Although it’s slightly different from bob cut but changes the outlook of a person. The pageboy cut has bangs and more blunt cut edges which do not angle upwards too much. Usually, pageboys can also be a little longer, down to shoulder length, and they do not have the short trimmed neck underneath the top hair.

Cropped Curls

Cropped curls

Curly hairs give a different charming look. But cropped curls are so elegant that easily carried by a somewhat fatty face of every age type. Most aged women adopt this look. To make a sign of distinction in a social or family gathering, even on the red carpet, cropped curls assist you more.

Ombré Lob with waves

Ombre lob with waves

Among one of the hottest hairdos is the Ombré lob. The brighter highlights blend beautifully with sandier blonde strands for a very lovely style. That’s enhanced with some flirty waves. It proves a super-secret of how to look good with short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins.

Blunt-jaw Skimmer Haircut

Blunt-Jaw skimmer Haircut

Apart from the soft bob, another haircut gives you an ideal look for the summer season. “Blunt-jaw Skimmer Haircut” is the most versatile hairdo that you have an instantly sleek look. The blunt, squared shape makes first that finishes just above the jawline. This is also known as “French Bob”.

Long-Mohawk-Inspired cut

Long mohawk-inspired cut

When we talk about Mohawk style, then a masculine impression appears in our minds. No doubt, it is more common in males but has much versatility for females as well. And Long-Mohawk-Inspired cut is more trendy while 2021. To style as Mohawk, blow-dry the top section of hair back, and finish with hairspray. It gives you an astonishing look.

Slicked-down side part

Slicked-down side part

A slicked-down side part adds expeditious elegance. Just like Cate Blanchett, slick your straightened hair down by applying some hair gel. Now go for any occasion. It gives you more than a casual look. And suit any trendy outfit.

Faux Ballerina Bun 

Faux Ballerina Bun

Whether you look slim or puffy, put the Faux Ballerina Bun is not a bad choice. Long hairs make an easy bun but short hairs need a pretended bun. For doing this, pull your hairs by comb carefully and wrap them around a small donut-like bun. Then secure the bun in place with bobby pins. You may leave some hairs on either side of the forehead.

Modern Curly Flicks

Curly flicks

Curly hairs are always stylish and hot. Modern Curly Flicks are the most suitable option for older ones. It gives you a youthful look even at any age. Moreover, if you bear a double chin on your face, this hairdo doesn’t appear chunky look. To enhance these curly flicks, you may add some highlights with curls or streaks out with them.

Sleek straight 

Sleek straight

If you don’t praise curly hairs, sleek straight gives you a highly elegant look. For doing this, just a little effort transforms your casual look so stunning and appealing. To attain this awesome look, first, your hairs are trimmed from the edges. Then blow-dry your clean hair with a brush. You can use a hair straightener, or iron to turn your hairs into straight form. Finish with shiny hairspray.

Angled-bob Hairstyle

angled bob

The classic bob style may be getting you bored. Just make a change with an angled-bob hairstyle. It is a much different hairdo apart from others. Short from the backside, and somewhat long on the front side. There are numerous avenues of angled-bob cut. But the most charming look appears as with a deep side-parted bob and loose waves. Blow-dry your hair and part it deeply to one side. Then, separate thick sections of hair and curl using an iron. After that using hairspray settles down the hair.

Coiffed Cuts

Coiffed cuts

The most popular Royal princess Lady Diana set the most gorgeous hair trends in the ‘80s and ‘90s Coiffed Cut is one of them. This haircut may quite enough to tell about how to look good with short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins. Coiffed cuts give your hair somewhat thickness with a fine mix-up of thin appearance.

High bun with Bangs 

High bun with bangs

An easy and cutest look may attain by a high bun with bangs. Apart from the issue of hair length, it gives you a beautiful doll look. To make it easy for short hairs, pull hair and wrap around a bun at top of the head. If your hairs contain enough length, then make a ponytail by wrapping a bun and cut loose bangs. If your face is round, then it gives you much pretty look.

Subtle Flip

Subtle flip

The most traditional haircut from the early ‘60s is the subtle flip. For doing this, the flip makes subtle when only one layer is cut into the style, making this cut more suited for those with fine-to-medium-textured hair. While styling a flip hairstyle, you have to use a large, round brush when blow-drying the hair. Then bend the edges upward with a brush during the blow-dry. It’s so easy way to mash up with your ordinary bob.

Bob Box Braids

Bob box braids

Another blunt cut with bob box braids appears you an entirely different look. This design line has not yet angle, so it sits parallel to the horizon. The hair run-up to your chin with a dense net of braids and creates weight at the bottom to attain a vigorous bob with the swing that elongates the neck.

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