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How to Get Shorter in Height : Learn its 7 Hacks

How to get Shorter in height

Do you think ever how to get shorter in height? It may be surprised you a lot. Because it might be something that all you have naturally, your height is one of them. You may alter your wearout, shoes, your hair-do, and even your all-life accessories at any time. However, your height mostly remains unchanged after reaching a certain age. But here you will be amazed to see that your height can also be altered to some extent.

Mostly the people with short height want to gain tall height. But some tall people also exist in this world who want to gain short height. If you have to come to know how to get shorter in height, you have to read this article till the end. You will get amazing info that acts as a panacea regarding short height.

How does the height increase since from childhood

Before moving on how to get shorter in height, something you need to understand first. Like how have you been growing in height since your childhood? To know about that you have to understand the anatomy of your bones.

Remember, your bones have continuously grown since your childhood. At a younger age, a child has about more than 300 bones in his body. While in the age of adolescence, the bones joined to get a figure of 206 bones at all. It happens when your bones start shrinking because of the compression of your spine. Moreover, the limbs are extended up to the length as the bones grow naturally.

What factors affect the growth

Before coming to know that how to get shorter in height, you have to get some other infro as well. Multiple factors affect your growth excessively. Whether your height is tall or short, but it’s a combo of various arbiters that are considered as discussed below…

How to get shorter in height: Figure out Factors Affecting growth


The very first thing to consider at all is gender. Naturally, men are taller than women. As per the 2018 Natural Health Statistics Reports of CDC, the average height in men is 5’9 just after crossing the teenage. Whereas in women at the age of 20, the average height is 5’3. These statistics are specified by the United States. However, this stat may somewhat vary across the world. Thus, if you want how to get shorter in height, you have to consider your gender too. Because, it also contributes in determining your body length.


Genetics and your family history play a vital role to estimate your height. So, before moving to know how to get shorter in height, you have to analyze deeply your genetic make up too. Research shows that about 80% of your height is controlled by genes. Because of a genetic trait, height is considerable to your parents or siblings. So, your genes decide more, how long will your stature be in your life. 


Although a large part of your height is controlled by genetics. However, it’s influenced by your environment around 20%. In your environment, your diet, sleep, and exercise habits are considered the most. However, it can vary from person to person, as per their lifestyle and habitat. So, your body stature somewhat depends on your surroundnigs too. This may also considered one of the most important factor in the context of how to get shorter in height.  


Your nutritional composition is a big challenge to your height. Most children with mal-nutrition face stunted growth. Your body needs its essential nutrients. If all are not provided to your body with the required amount, you may suffer adverse effects. Moreover, if you want to know that how to get shorter in height, nutritients will be specific.

However, calcium, vitamins, proteins, and many other nutrients are considered essential for your normal growth. Thus, in many children and adolescents, eating disorders like anorexia nervosa are noticed, and cause stunted growth due to lack of eating habits. 

Health status

How to get shorter in height is a query that directly relates with your eating habits too. Many people in this world face severe health-related issues after birth or in their childhood. Many conditions affect bone growth during childhood and influence your height in adult life. For  instance;

  • Achondroplasia (Dwarfism)
  • Hypopituitarism
  • Down-syndrome
  • Turner syndrome
  • Russel-silver syndrome
  • Delayed puberty
  • Scoliosis

If the prenatal prognosis happens, thus it can lead to recovery of these conditions after proper treatment. However, it’s not easy to cope with all the medical conditions as discussed above.

Circadian rhythms/ Sleep cycle

You will be surprised to see that your sleeping mode plays a significant role in estimating your height. How much you sleep, and how is your sleep, both are matters of concern in this regard. The master gland of the body’s endocrine system – The pituitary gland releases hormones specific for growth while sleeping. These hormones stimulate your growth by protein synthesis for muscles, connective tissues, and bone growth. 

Is there any possibility of how to get shorter in height?

There are many things in your life that you feel not satisfied with at all. Thus you want to change them. Your height is one of them. Whether a height is tall or short, there’s a genetic factor that controls it.

Moreover, it’s not more viable to alter your stature. But some tall persons are enthusiastic for how to get shorter in height. Although, it’s a natural possession. However, you may put control over that.

Your height has been decided before your birth. As you cross your teenage years, your height almost undergoes to fix. Owing to the tall height, your limbs will remain at the same length throughout your life. Because natural processes can’t be halted at any cost. So, your long arms and legs can’t be shorter in any way. Despite all, you will be surprised to know how to get shorter in height. 

The likelihoods for short height

If you are thinking that physical exercises can reduce your height, then it is a myth not reality. However, your spinal line may be compressed in a way that leads to a somewhat shortening in your stature.

In addition, if you are eager to want how to get shorter in height surgery, there is another option of surgery exists here. Some doctors offer bone-shortening surgeries for tall persons. But remember, various risk factors are associated with such practice. 

What are the natural phenomena that can make you shorter in your height?

Some natural phenomena occur at a specific age in your life. Like;

Compressing spinal disc in puberty

There is a way that tells you how to get shorter in height. Compression of the spinal disc can cause day-to-day fluctuations in your height. Generally, people lose their height about a one-half inch every ten years after the age of forty. As per the research, in all adolescents, one or half an inch of height is increased in the early time of the day. While it is reduced at the end of the day. It happens due to compressing the disc for the whole day.

Compressing spinal disc and while aging

An old man with compressed disc; look like shorter in height
Credit: (Apda Parkinson)

Moreover, the body is going to be old, the disc of the vertebral column is compressed. The reason behind that is, the gel-like cushion (known as a disc) in between each of the bones of the vertebrae is released gradually while aging. The more the disc is released out of the bone, the shorter your height.

Not only this but the bone at the back of the throat is also reduced to some extent. That causes difficulty in eating and swallowing meals. Thus, you can determine how to get shorter in height by compressing spinal disc during aging. 

Opt for the specific lifestyle to look shorter in your height

How to get shorter in height quickly? To shrink your desired height, you have to change your lifestyle to some extent. Although, the natural processes can not be altered as such. Yet, some habits can mold the way to a shorter height. Here some guidance is provided in this regard. Let’s brief them…

#1. Choose the outright shoes

Most people move with the trend. But if you are tall and want to look shorter to some extent. You have to focus on your selection of shoes. Always choose outright shoes. Wearing flat vans is a great option in this regard. If you choose flat footwear, avoid wearing high heels. 

Although, pointed shoes for women are a common trend. But the best way how to get shorter in height is wearing flat shoes. The more you wear pointed shoes, the more you look taller. For instance, low-top vans assist you in this respect.

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#2. Wear long tops having horizontal strips to know how to get shorter

Wearing small tops with skirts is presumed as a fashion saga for women. But being taller, adapting to a short look is somewhat tricky. You should choose long outfits. Like long tops over jeans, long jackets,  tees, or hoodies. Your lengthy outfits somewhat mold your figure as shorter. The more you wear dragged-out clothes, the more you look like a cute shorter buddy. 

Apart from the length, patterns of the shirts are also considered. The vertical lines of the shirts look somewhat taller to you. So, in order to come to know how to get shorter in height, choose the tops having horizontal lines over there. The criss-cross or horizontal strips of the shirts make your look shorter. 

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#3. Wear skirts over the knees to get shorter in height

Wear skirts over the knees to get shorter in height
Credit: (New Woman India)

Having tall height, limbs will also be extended in a way that you can’t shorten them anyway. But your outfits will be enough in this regard. For instance, girls wear skirts. But the long skirts will extend the length of their legs. So, if you want to know how to get shorter in height. You have to wear skirts over the knees. 

That’s pretty much important to have proper know-how about your lifestyle. Your dress, hairstyle, footwears, etc… are the most important things to show your body length. Hence, your longer skirts act as an illusion to reduce your height. 

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#4. Contrast your outfits top to bottom

Dress colors play a significant role in your personality. Although you are tall or short, you have to opt for the most appropriate colors for dressing. But if you want to determine how to get shorter in height, you have to choose some special dresscode. Bearing a tall height, you have to choose a contrasting combo of the dress. When you wear a top with a different color of the bottom, it will be just like an illusion of being shorter. 

#5. Long hairstyle to assume a short height

Generally, long hair is a sign of beauty and emblem. If you have a good height with long hair. Then it will be just like ice on the cake. Your longer hair grants you a shorter look. However, if you don’t have as much long hair that extends to your waist. Avoid cutting your hair more to style.

But for how to get shorter in height, you have to keep them as such to increase their length. However, you may trim the edges, if needed. But not more than an inch. The more your hair grows, the more you look shorter.

#6. Carry a long bag along with you

It looks somewhat ridiculous, but it can work a little bit. Your tall height will be masked as a shorter one if you hold a long bag to carry on the way. Women usually carry a purse when moving out. To carry a large purse can hallucinate your long height to short. It’s the most simple and easy way to consider your stature somewhat smaller than the original. It means to carry a long bag can assist you in how to get shorter in height. 

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#7. Accept yourself as natural

Although, a solution to every issue is available in this world. But at times, you have to explain to yourself that it’s okay..! If you think about how to get shorter in height naturally, you need to understand that there is no feasible way in this regard. So, it’s better to accept yourself as natural. 

Accept your self as such when you think how to get shorter in height
Credit: (Stylorita)

Instead of being anxious and depressed, try to find positive traits in yourself. As you highlight your good features and qualities, the shortcomings in your personality will be overcome to an extent. You can say to yourself; 

The good thing about being tall is, you can’t get lost in a crowd. 

I’m tall because God liked me so much, He decided to surprise me, I’m just saying.

Height affects how individuals regard themselves, which is self-esteem. And how individuals are regarded by others, called social esteem. So, you have to strengthen your self-esteem. It’s the more essential to living a happier and healthier life ever. And it is also assumed as a mantra for how to get shorter in height.


Is being taller risky or not?

Though, a natural tall figure is okay. However, some health-related issues are associated with tall height. Like, there is more chance of cancer in tall persons than the short ones. Because a tall person has enough cells in his body. So, more cells can lead to a risk of being cancerous by affecting the growth hormones.

Is there any specific hairdo to look shorter?

Usually, long hair with a wavy appearance can create an illusion of being shorter for women. In addition to this, it may also help you a lot in how to get shorter in height. However, for men, it’s recommended to avoid adding volume to your hair. Because the more volume in your hair, the more you will look tall. So, keep your hair straight enough that you may opt for a look of short height.

Is there any height-related issue be considered in a person’s routine life?

Mostly, at a young age, people find someone to make their crush. But there is a difference in height that leads to somewhat different consequences. Generally, a tall guy likes a short-height girl. Whereas a girl having a short height like a tall-height guy to make her crush. Thus, the height is somewhat a sign of attraction for both genders. So, you have to know how to get shorter in height.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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