How to Ask Someone to be your Valentine: Track Down 5 Secrets

Ask someone to be your valentine

To feel something special for someone is natural. But to share your feelings with him somewhat seems daunting. Especially, when you are interested in a person and want to be her valentine. If you feel shy to tell him, so don’t worry! You can do it. You just have to know that how to ask someone to be your valentine. There are so many ways that can assist you in this respect. You may text him, surprise him by giving presents, or making cards especially for him. 

So, let’s move to know about some secrets to ask someone for being your valentine. 

Fabricating a card 

Have you owned an introverted personality? You do not need to let down. To fall in love is a natural emotion, but you can ask about it formally. Here the most ideal way is to fabricating a card. Just remember! The more you do for someone as your own, the more you get appreciation and acceptance. 

Send a card if you have to know how to ask someone to be your valentine
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So, what are you waiting for? If you want to know how to ask someone to be your valentine. Go and start to make a card. If you want to know that how to fabricate it properly, so just follow the directions…

Shape the card first 

Firstly, choose a particular color for the card. As you ask to be a valentine, so red card sounds more appealing than anyone else. Besides the color, the shape of the card is also worth mentioning. So, cut the card in a heart shape to make a more stunning look. 

Once you cut the card, then put your creativity into it. Follow a theme that perfectly suits with your goal of how to ask someone to be your valentine. The design of the card can be fancy or simple. But it’s up to your taste. It’s better if you know about others’ impressions. Moreover, try to fabricate your card artistically. 

Just fold half of the card and make some innovation over it. You may sketch, painting, or making collages to give an artistic look to the card. But keep the fantasy of your crush in your mind while making the card. This practice will pave the way of how to ask someone to be your valentine

Write your greeting for your valentine to be

As you shape the card, now it’s time to add your emotions there. Before write down your emotions, you have to keep in your mind that how to ask someone to be your valentine. So, neither too long nor too short, but write the best lines as greetings that tell the sound of your heart. For this, just write simple but heart-touching words that run the heart of your lover. Remember, you will write what you think. But it will gain more acceptance of your proposal if you express your emotions in a better and delicate way. 

Put your autograph at the end

The most embellished thing is your signature that you have to put in the last lines. This is an actual clue that will show your proposal. Sign your name with such lines that “Your expected Valentine” or “Your secret devotee”, etc… 

But somethings you must remember that avoid writing “Your lover” or any such words that clear your mantra. So be artistic in this regard. You have to work on how to ask someone to be your valentine but in a smart way. Just express your emotions and feelings that you have for someone. But at that time, you have to say indirectly.  

Give the card to your crush

Once you finalize the card now, it’s time to move on. You have to given the card to your crush. For this, if you opt for a different way, then it sounds more appealing. Somebody feels shy to express their emotions before their crush. If you are also one of them, you may opt for some tricks to follow. You may send the card to your lover. 

But in such matters, you need to be brave enough that you can convince your crush to be your valentine. Thus, you have to move to him and give him the card for expressing your emotions. Thus, you may sort out the mytery of how to ask someone to be your valentine

Send a simple note 

Send a simple note to ask for a valentine
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There are more than one ways to follow your dreams. Unlike giving the card, you may also opt for a direct way. If you are valiant to do something, then that courage will turn you to fulfill your dreams. Just pay attention to what you want. Because you want to be a valentine of someone. So, you may send someone a simple note. 

Write simple but attractive lines that touch the heart of someone immediately. For achieving your goal of how to ask someone to be your valentine, you have to do this. Remember! You wanna win the heart of your crush. So, you may add some emojis along with the note. To reach the deep into the heart, try to act convincingly. It will bring close that happen as you want. 

Bestow the favored presents for how to ask someone to be your valentine

Another thing that’s more thought-provoking, you have to know what he likes or whatnot. If you already know about that, it will be just like icing on the cake. Whom you like and want to make your valentine, it will necessary to have somewhat know-how about him. 

A young man is presenting gift to her valentine
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Here are some exciting ideas you may opt for bestowing for his favorite presents. It may be the most astounding way to assist you in how to ask someone to be your valentine

Delight your crush with sweets

Who doesn’t like the sweet? So, you may give some sweets like candies or chocolates to your crush. It will delight his/her heart. But not as such, you may take a beautiful valentine’s box. And put the candies, chocolates or sweets like those in it. Beautify the box, that will attract your crush and accept your proposal on the spot. So, what do you have to say now? Hopefully, in this way you can get your desired consequences regarding how to ask someone to be your valentine

Exulted your lover with specificity 

Apart from the candies, you can exult your lover with a special gift. The fact is that when you move for how to ask someone to be your valentine, the essence of emotion of your crush must be in your soul. For instance, you have to consider the most favored thing of your lover. Like a diamond ring with a bouquet will relish your crush. 

Some people also like stuffed animals. So, that’s another great idea for you. There are various cute plushies available in the market. You may choose bunnies or teddies specifically with the red heart cuddled within them.

Bake cookies or cupcakes 

It’s the time of baking. Everyone likes to move in baker’s land. If you know how to bake, it will be a better idea for you to ask someone to be your valentine. It must be more alluring for you, if you follow this way for how to ask someone to be your valentine. Because cupcakes and cookies come a little to a great smile on the face of your crush. So, why do you not opt for this..? However, if you don’t know how to bake. Don’t worry! You can buy these from bakers as well. Try to find heart shape cookies or cupcakes that pointer your conviction.

Send a Spotify playlist to your crush

There is another plan for you. You will definitely like music and why not to your crush too. So, you may choose a Spotify playlist, send it to someone to whom you want to be your valentine. The romantic music beats will touch the heart of your lover. Thus, it will ease for you in how to ask someone to be your valentine

Plan for a meetup 

Plan for meetup to ask to be valentine
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What could be better than a meet-up..? If you are more expressive and owing to an extrovert personality, nothing will be better than this. Psychology says your facial expressions tell what’s going inward you. So, plan for a meetup to know how to ask someone to be your valentine

It seems somewhere simple as well as tricky. But it depends on the person’s lifestyle and behavior. If you are independent and the other too. It will be a positive sign that ensures your rendezvous. As you meet someone, you have a bright time telling him/her about what you want to say. 

Note the points

Before moving to a meetup, keep some points in your mind.

  • Dress up well
  • Opt for a most gorgeous and ravishing look
  • Try to wear your’ lover favorite color
  • Choose the best spot for a meet-up
  • Order the savory dishes to delight both hearts
  • Take a bouquet of red roses along with you

Thus, the whole panorama would express your inner feelings of love. And shout to be his/her valentine as bent your knees. How romantic would be that scene, when you put down your feelings of how to ask someone to be your valentine

Bring out your inner poet

If you are crazier of someone and trying to do something most exotic. Bring out your inner poet with the words that go down in the heart. It’s a promising way to tackle your lover to n extent. But to move in this way, you have to be somewhat creative. You can create an attractive and lyric poem. But it should be special for your crush. 

If you have good vocals, it will guarantee that you can sort out the mystery of how to ask someone to be your valentine. So, if you can generate your own words to express your emotions, you will be eager to target your goal. 

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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