How to Remove a Hacker From my Phone

how to remove a hacker from my phone

Phone hacking means that any method where someone secretly accessing your phone or your information. Everyone should always be aware of how to remove a hacker from my phone and all the activities around me.

This information can include getting my password login details. Phone hacking can proceed to all sorts of phones, including Androids and iphones.

Since no one is safe from phone hacking, I recommend that all users learn how to remove a hacker from their phone and identify a negotiated device.

How to know that my phone is hacked

Phone’s battery drains fast

Your phone battery starts losing. If you notice that your phones charging start dropping quickly doesn’t matter how many time you have charged your phone.

If you are regularly facing this issue, it’s a sign that your phone is hacked if it’s not hacked, and still it has the same quickly power losing issue then you need a new phone.

Your phone is hot

You also notice that your phone’s power is losing more fastly, and you feel that your phone is going hot even you are using your phone. It may a sign that someone is using your internet data or your phone is hacked.

Working not Properly

If you notice that your phone is not properly working, taking too much time to load, and crashing all the time.

You won’t shut down your phone properly or can’t shut down even you are trying to do it. Hacking can make your phone quiet to a crawl. Sudden freezing noises and sudden restarts can sometimes be signs.

Your phone isn’t the only device that can be a hack, your desktop and tabs can also be hacked.

Strange activities on your online account

When someone hacks your phone, they will try to access your personal account, like your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email accounts, and reset your password.

If you notice that your device login into a different new location or new account, signup for verification. It may be a sign that your phone is hacked.

Unfamiliar phone calls and messages

If you notice some text or calls from your device that you didn’t make, your phone may be hacked. The hacker may steal your personal information from your phone or get it from your loved ones. Keep an eye on your phone activity.

Spammy ads and pop-ups

Another sign of the hacked phone is the increasing number of ads and pop-ups and mystery screensavers. Pop-ups do not indicate that your phone is hacked.

A higher number of pop-ups also a sign that the virus spoils your phone, which makes your device slow, shows more pop-ups and some specific sites.

Appearing New apps                                                            

Beware of the new app that appears on your phone screen. Always check and see which apps are running, if anything looks adverse, check to see if an app reducing the battery is recognized to hold virus or other spiteful exploits.

How to Remove a Hacker from my Phone

If you notice that your phone has been hacked, here some steps are discussed that teach me how to remove a hacker from my phone by my own self. Before performing this task, it’s important to inform your contacts that your phone is hacked.

Delete the Suspicious App

Now you know very well that downloading unauthorized apps is a common way to invite viruses onto your phone. If you notice that your phone has been hacked, check the app you have recently downloaded from a third-party platform.

Confirm that you download all the apps from the google play store, Apple App Store, and other reputable platforms with good reviews, if they don’t delete all those that apps immediately.

Run Anti-Virus Apps 

Install and run the anti-virus software; they will help you to find the hidden virus chunks. Run these apps daily, and if you haven’t tried them yet, it’s the best time to do it.

Factory Reset 

It sounds a little bit wired, but it is the most important way to handle hacking issues. If you deleted all the malicious apps and still notice that your phone is hacked, you should reset your phone. For android phones

  • Go to setting
  • Advance setting
  • Reset you phone

For Apple iPhones

  • Go to setting
  • Select general setting
  • Click on the reset option and erase all the data

Change your passwords

It’s possible that your login data was hacked when your phone was hacked. Once you’ve deleted the suspicious apps, reset all of your passwords and generate new passwords for all accounts.

Tip for how to keep secure your phone

We have already discussed some points that you may download some suspicious apps mistakenly on your phone, so we write this guide to help those people who search to know how to remove a hacker from my phone or iphone. Check the suspected links before download, and now we will discuss how we can keep your phone secure.

  1. Avoid saving personal data (like credit card or bank account numbers) on your phone. Or save them in a protected app.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth or wifi when you’re not using your phone.
  3. Build a custom passcode for starting your phone.
  4. Please install the latest software as soon as they are updated.
  5. Lock all apps individually.
  6. Always observe your phone for signs of suspicious activity, like strange pop-ups or high battery drain.

The possibility of a hacked phone is terrifying, but the best news is that you can take action to stop phone hacking. Observe your phone activity regularly and be bright about what you download, click and store.


I don’t want to terrify you to tell you that there are many risks related to your phone. Many lost their money, lost their relationship and honesty. Your phone is the most personal thing that you should keep secure indeed.

Try the above-mentioned tips and tricks to keep your phone secure, but if you still feel your phone has hacked, you may need to contact your local government.

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