How to Tie a Karate Belt

How to Tie a Karate Belt

Performing karate is an excellent way to learn about self-defense, energize your body and concentrate on your internal stability. However, if you are a starter and want to learn how to tie a karate belt then this guide is surely for you.

How to Tie Karate Belt

  • Keep your belt out in front of you and balance both ends collectively and evenly. Move your hands onward the length of your belt to flatten it out before you start. The white belt has a tag on one edge of the belt. as you grow in colors, your belt tag will remove.
  • Open up the belt, and it will become in one large line again. Keep your hand in the mid of the belt. Enclose the belt throughout your stomach, putting directly on the mid of your belly button. Ensure that both edges of the belt are equal.

So now you know it’s placed accurately, if you can’t or not sure that the belt is correctly placed or not, try to recheck it by standing in front of the mirror.

  • When you keep both edges of the belt throughout your back, turn your hands; now, you are keeping the opposite edges. Intersect them above each other at your back; now take both ends around to your front.

This task can be a little difficult, especially if you are a starter. Ensure that both ends in front of you and don’t give up.

  • Pull one edge and wrap it in the mid, putting it on the belt above your stomach. Repeat the same thing with the other edge, so they are directly crossed over the other above your belly button. Ensure that there is no wrinkle on the belt if there are flatten out.
  • Use the edge of the belt that is on the top and drag it under the belt layers. Take the end that you just picked under and pick it up towards you quickly upon your belly to make a tiny knot.

Ensure that the knot is tied against your waist but not so tight that you can’t walk around and breathe.

if the edges of the belt are no smooth, push your belt throughout on your waist to fix it before you move on.

  • Take the edge of the belt that’s holding out from under all layers and pass it under the top end. Pick the bottom end up into the center of the cross you made, then pick the bottom end up to stretch the knot.

Ensure that the edges are dangling equally. If you feel your belt is uncomfortable for you, you can change it by releasing the last knot. Make sure that your last knot lies exactly above your belly.


How to tie a karate belt, start finding the belt’s mid and keeping it on your waist. Wrap it throughout your back, bring them back to the front, take the belt’s left end, and wrap it down and under both the belt layers. Now tie a knot by crossing the edges of the belt and wrapping the left under the right. Ensure that knot is in the mid.

If you want to know how to tie a karate belt, try the above-mentioned method will help you a lot.

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