How to Measure Carpet for Stairs; See 10 Incredible Ways

How to Measure Carpet for Stairs

Measuring the stairs for carpet is a little more complex than measuring a simple room. All the sectors, like the floor, hall, straight stairs, and winders, must be measured separately and noted individually. Here is a guide for you on how to measure carpet for stairs and the stairs’ parts.

The tread is the section of the stair where we stand, its standard size is 10 inches, but it’s best to know the exact size of your stairs to measure the stairs. The riser is the smooth side at the end of the stairs. The part your foot hits up next if you voyage. It usually’s 8 inches high.

The thing you may need if you want to know how to measure carpet for stairs:

  • Measuring tape
  • Note pad
  • Pencil
  • Measuring ruler
  • Assistant for help

How to Measure Carpet for Stairs

Measure the width of the tread

When you want to know how to measure carpet for stairs, measure the width of the tread. The tread is the flat surface of the stairs where we stand. Measure the 1 side to the other of the tread with measuring tape. Turn the measurements to the nearest step and note down the tread measurement.

Add 2 inches to the total measurement.

When professionals install the carpet, they will turn it on about 1 inch over on both ends so that the rough-cut carpet ends do not appear. If you do not add these 2 inches, you will find that your carpet will be short. It is essential to know how to measure carpet for stairs.

Measure the tread and riser height.

Set your measuring tape at the back end of the tread, and measure the tread from front to back. Then turn the measuring tape down to 90° and continue to measure the in the exact directions, lower to upper.

Determine the length from the back of the tread to the bottom of the stair riser. If the tread overtops the riser, measure again to the riser below the overtops and then down to the floor.

This measurement will help you to calculate the height of the stairs. The height of the riser is almost 6 to 7 inches high usually.

Turn the measurements up and note them down in a notebook

Turn up the measurements you have taken, the width of all treads, and the joined height of a tread and riser related to the nearest step.

Write down both height and width so you don’t forget them while learning how to measure carpet for stairs. Turning up the measurements will ensure you that you have some extra carpet to cover the stairs if any becomes thrown away.

Measure the height and the width of the landing.

Use the measuring tape to measure the height and width of the landing. When you measure the landing width, turn the measuring tape and measure the riser’s length directly below it. When you complete the measurement step, turn the landing measurements to the closest step. 

Multiply the measurements to calculate the square feet of 1 step

Add the turned-up height and the width measurements to calculate the square feet of the step. These square feet are also called the step’s area; the area is equal to the carpet you need to cover the stair. If you want to fix carpet filling down on the stairs, then add 3 inches before fixing.

Calculate the Area of all steps.

One of the significant steps in determining how to measure carpet for stairs is calculating the total number of stairs. So, calculate them and note it down; multiply the square feet of 1 step you have calculated by the stair’s total number. This is the total area of the stair that you want to carpet.

Find the area of the landing.

Find the landing measurements that you have already calculated. Multiply the landing height to the width. It will help you calculate the total area of the landing and riser. Sum the stairs’ total area to calculate the total space you want to get carpet.

Use the online calculator for calculation.

If you can’t calculate it, you can use online calculators to learn how to measure carpet for stairs. Just input the height and width of the stairs and press enter. The calculator gives you the total area measurements.

Add 10% extra to avoid any deficiency.

It’s always better if you have something more than a little because a mistake can happen to anyone during carpeting the stairs. To avoid all these mistakes, add 5% to 10% extra of the total area to ensure you have enough carpet to install.


Stairs are used to move up and down. The appearance of the stairs can be improved by carpeting them. It’s a little bit hard to renew and make unattractive stairs attractive because we can’t paint them. It’s difficult to know how to measure carpet for stairs size precisely.

We will not recommend carpeting your stairs by yourself. There are many things that only professionals can understand, so it’s best if you leave it to the professionals. But it does not mean that you can’t do it. Carpet is available in square feet, so when you want to cover your stairs, you need to know the stairs’ exact measurements.

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