How to Measure Sleeves length

How to measure sleeves length

The length of the sleeves is not always based on the length of your arm because the shirt sleeves do not end in the same place on your shoulder. Shirts’ fitness and the proper length depend on deep knowledge about how to measure sleeves length in the right way.

So, this content is overwhelmed with a lot of knowledge related to sleeves modes, styles, and the perfect ways to get to know how to measure sleeves length.

What is the sleeve?

Sleeves are the piece of the garment that covers the arms. Every person has different shoulder widths. Also, the shape of the sleeve armhole affects the shoulder measurement, which affects the sleeve measurement. Sleeve armhole shapes can be recessed, off the shoulder, raglan, straight and saddle.

Types of the sleeves

Everyone has different sizes of sleeves based on their height. There are different types of sleeves, and it’s inevitable to know about them before determining how to measure sleeves length. Short sleeves are usually called regular sleeves, and it is the most popular sleeve size for men and women.

The Set-in Sleeves

A “set-in” sleeve has a shoulder seam that stretches throughout the entire arm material. These sleeves are slightly longer short and can be below the elbow or above the elbow. This sleeve style gives you a more professional, formal, and possibly natural look.

These sleeves are slightly longer short and can be below the elbow or above the elbow.

The kimono sleeves

The kimono sleeve always has a cut with deeper arms than the set-in sleeve. Underarm wrinkles are inherent in this type of sleeve due to the extra fabric between the bodice and the sleeve.

The Raglan sleeves

Raglan sleeves are the part of the sleeves that join the bodice. It’s formed from the neckline to the armpit. Wrinkles and curls are common problems that occur in this type of style. Plus, it’s added ease to add across the chest and lowered armholes to increase freedom of movement.

Styles of the Sleeves

There are many different sleeves that can be loose and flowy, structured or puffy, long or short, and can stitch any fabric. If you know how to measure sleeves length, you can get your favourite look anywhere.

Bell sleeves: Also called peasant sleeves, this long sleeve fits around the shoulder and upper arm and flares up to the wrist like a bell.

Cap sleeves: A short sleeve is an extremely short sleeve that does not extend too far from the shoulder and does not go below the armpit. It can have a gathered seam, elastic, or a loose seam.

Bishop sleeves: A bishop sleeve flares from the shoulder, giving the sleeve volume to the cuff, where the fabric is tight.

Butterfly sleeves: Like a bell sleeve, a butterfly sleeve flares out from the shoulder but usually does not entirely cover the arm.

T-shirt sleeve. A T-shirt sleeve is a short, fitted sleeve that begins at the shoulder and ends at the upper arm’s middle.

How to Measure Sleeves Length

Measuring sleeve length is more than knowing your arm length. Here you know how to measure sleeves length correctly. So, let’s go through the basic steps in this regard.

1. Find a shirt with shoulder seams that fit well.

Look for a t-shirt or other shirt with shoulder seams that fit well, which means that the armhole seams rest on the edge of your shoulder, right where it starts to sag. This is the primary step regarding how to measure sleeves length. So, don’t worry if the shirt has short sleeves; you only need the shoulder seams for reference. If you don’t have a shirt that fits you, you can take these measurements without a shirt.

2. Measure from the nape to the shoulder seam.

Using a fabric tape measure, place one end directly under the nape (in the center, in line with the spine) and put the other end at the top of the shoulder seam. If you have difficulty finding the point below the nape, you can measure your shoulders’ full width, from the left seam to the right seam, and divide it in half. Write down this number.

3. Measure from the shoulder seam to the wrist.

Now, place one end of the cloth tape measure on the top of the shoulder seam and the other end on the wrist fracture or wrist bone. Let the end of the tape measure cover a little as a shirt sleeve would. Make sure to relax your arms, allowing them to bend slightly.

4. Add the two numbers.

Now add the two measurements from neck to shoulder and shoulder to wrist. This number, in inches in the United States, is your ideal shirt sleeve length.

Thus, you can easily understand how to measure sleeves length easily and in just four convenient steps.


The sleeves are stitched according to the body armholes. Thus, if you want to stitch them, you must be figured out how to measure sleeves length. All fitted type sleeves must be smoothed, gathered, pinched, or tucked and sewn into the bodice seam. They can be outfitted or flared, cut to any length, and their hemlines end in various ways.

Fashion designers measure from the centre of the back of your neck, over the top of your shoulder, and down to the point where your hand begins to flare at your wrist. Your actual arm measurement is only measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the wrist and is often used for casual shirt size. Hopefully, this article will remain helpful for you in determining how to measure sleeves length.

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