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How to Make Christmas Bows for Presents

How to Make Christmas Bows

Christmas is the most cherished event that comes annually, on which everyone wants to know how to make Christmas bows. But to decor this event makes it more relish for all. Specifically, the Christmas tree and gifts for patrons have their worth in this festival. Moreover, fun is overloaded with beautiful decor accessories, like bows, stars, beads, etc. But one of the great ways to tie your gifts together is with bows. Although knots can be shaped in various forms, how to make Christmas bows for presents is paramount to some extent. You must be glad because here you may find some awesome ways in this regard. 

How to make Christmas Bows for your presents

There are more than one ways to tie your gifts with many elegant and modish designs of bows. So, you don’t need to move to any craft store to buy expensive bows. Let’s move to know how to make Christmas bows even on your own, and turn your Christmas evening more adorable. 

How to make Classic Bow

One of the most elegant and easy-to-make Christmas bows is the classic style. For making this, opt for a wired ribbon of any color that perfectly matches your gift wrapping. It beautifies your gifts and puts a fleecy look over the presents. Thus, you may learn one of the easiest hacks, if you have curiosity about how to make Christmas bows 

Classic bow for Christmas

Follow the directions:

  • Choose ribbon how long you want the tail
  • Make three loops of the ribbon
  • Loop the ribbon upwards, downwards, and upwards again
  • Cross right loop over the left one, so that the side loop having a tail hangs down 
  • Fold the right loop down through the center loop and pull
  • Arrange your bow

Make these classic bows and add the traditional touch to Christmas forever. Because once you learn it, the mystery of how to make Christmas bows will sort out. Moreover, this elegant style of bow gives you a wide range of choice of ribbons to fashion it.

How to make Layered Bow

To dress up your gifts with a bright color ribbon will enhance the enchanting of the Christmas night. But here ribbon will not gleam classically. Yet a few clever folds of the ribbon can reach your gifts under the Christmas tree. Once it will make, the mystery of how to make Christmas bows will easily sort out.

How to make Layered bow for Christmas presents

Follow the directions:

  • To make a layered bow, you may choose a velvet or grosgrain fabric
  • Cut the ribbon off at least 2 inches wide
  • Then cut the ribbon in various lengths, as; 3’ inch, 5’ inch, 7’ inch, and 9’ inch pieces
  • Now, lay the ribbon face down
  • Adhere a piece of double-stick tape to the center of each ribbon
  • After that, fold the edges to the center, and press down to  adhere
  • Thus, two loops will form
  • Tape ends of the center loop together
  • Cut a slightly longer piece of ribbon than the longest loop piece for the bottom layer 
  • Then notch the ends 
  • Later on, stack over all the loops in an ascending order
  • While this stacking, adhere the center with the double-stick tape
  • Then encase all the loops at the center
  • Drift a long ribbon through the center loop
  • And wrap it around the package by securing it at the back using tape 

This festive layered design of the bow puts an eye-catchy look to the presents. Thus, you may uniquely fabricate your Christmas gifts. And you will definitely go through how to make Christmas bows

How to make a Double Bow

Here is another stunning look of the bow that reveres your presents. Moreover, it will add a twist in sorting how to make Christmas bows. So, a double bow makes your adornment’ look perfect. It makes it so easy and enhances the outlook of your Christmas presents. 

Double bow on gift bags for Christmas

Follow the directions:

  • Rotate index and middle finger sideways
  • Loop ribbon around fingers twice
  • Then, bring the tail in front of your middle finger
  • Loopback around your middle finger
  • Place tail horizontally across the vertical loops of ribbon
  • Thread through the space between your index and middle finger
  • Circle back around and cross over so the horizontal ribbon makes an “x”
  • Pull ribbon up and behind the “x”
  • Tighten the center
  • Arrange ribbon 

In this way, a double bow is ready to aid the glamour of your packages and gifts. You can opt for the same color or different. But it’s up to you. You just have to focus on how to make Christmas bows.

How to make Rosette Bow

A decorative rosette bow can turn an ordinary gift into a work of art. This festive bow is so easy to make by yourself. So if you are ready to learn how to make Christmas bows, try this style of bow. Once you make such formatted bows, their extravagant-looking make your family members and friends so impressive by showing your expert bow-making skills. 

How to make Rosette bow for Christmas wreath

Follow the directions:

  • Take your color choice and the size of the ribbon 
  • Wrap it  around your hand 8 to 10 times
  • The width of your ribbon will change the density 
  • Or the fullness of the bow, once it’s finished
  • Now cut the notches into the center of the ribbon
  • Then once you’ve cut all of your notches 
  • After that hold it all together 
  • Take this, that you have already cut 
  • Wrap it around catching it into the groves
  • And then twist it tightly as possible to hold all those loops together
  • Trim the wire and pull the loops apart 

Thus, with just a few twists of pretty ribbon, you will have a collection of beautiful Christmas bows in no time. As you want to learn that how to make Christmas bows. So, what are you looking for..? Try this amazing hack and make your gifts more stunning with these adorable bows.  

How to make Florist Bow

Whether you have a bouquet of fresh blossom flowers or handmade gifts. A thick and fluffy florist bow will add charm to your presents. Because of you have to know how to make Christmas bows. So, for making this elegant bow with a ribbon, you have to seek the step-by-step procedure. 

How to make Florist bow for Christmas gifts

Follow the directions:

  • Choose a thick ribbon or anyone with wired edges
  • Determine the tail length and twist the ribbon at the point that right side face you 
  • Thus, a center of the bow will form
  • Now create a loop and twist at the center
  • holding the twist between your thumb and index finger 
  • Make another loop of the same size on the other side
  • Now twist the loop towards you and pinch the ribbon tightly at the pivot point
  • Then shape the bow by continuing making same-size loops to alternating sides 
  • After getting a desired fullness of the bow, wrap a narrow width of the ribbon around the center of the bow
  • Tie the tails together in the back of the bow
  • Leave the tails of the bow untrimmed to wrap around your bouquet or gifts
  • Then arrange the bow as per your desired shape 
  • Use the narrow ribbon tails to attach to your presents or handmade wreath 

Thus, the stunning floral look of such Christmas bows will enhance the beauty of your gifts. The event will become more special with such an overwhelming look of presents, once you get such hacks of how to make Christmas bows

How to make Two-toned Bow

To turn your presents’ look more gorgeous and attractive, try a two-toned bow. Just incorporate two different colors of ribbons. Mold an ordinary bow whip with another layer of ribbon. Thus a dual texture enthusiast your wreaths, gifts, and all holiday packages. This will be an enthusiastic approach for how to make Christmas bows.

Two-toned bow for decor a Christmas gift

Follow the directions:

  • Take two ribbons of the same length but of different width
  • Cut both the ribbons of your desired length
  • Generally, 4’ inches of ribbon is used as the ideal size
  • Twist the wider ribbon into a loop and secure it with the glue
  • Center and wrap the narrow piece around the first and secured
  • After finishing the layered loop, flatten it in the center 
  • Wrap another piece of ribbon around the center
  • Set the length of this later piece of ribbon as you hang down as the tail
  • Now pull the tails tightly of the wrapped ribbon 
  • Secure it with the back of the bow with the glue 
  • To hide the ends behind the bow, trim the ends or tie the ribbon 
  • However, you may hang the tails of the ribbon loosely

When a two-toned bow is all set, then it’s ready to display on the package. If you are still eager to know how to make Christmas bows. So make your all decorating more stunning with such festive double-toned beauties of the bow.   

How to make Three-tiered Bow

One of the easiest ways to enhance the charm of your Christmas gifts is to stick a three-tiered bow over them. It will enhance your curiosity about how to make Christmas bows. Because this delicate hand-made touch of tiered bows makes your gifts more captivating at the bottom of the tree. To make this elegant style of bow, you have to opt for three types of ribbons with varying widths. 

Make Three-tiered bow on wrapping a gift

Follow the directions:

  • Take three different widths and three styles of ribbons to fabricate the bow
  • Cut the widest ribbon in more length, and thus the other two accordingly in descending manner
  • Notch the ends, and stack over to each other
  • Apply a little bit of glue to attach each ribbon to the next
  • Then tie the stacked lengths in the center with another piece of ribbon, leaving long tails
  • Trim and conceal the ribbon tails, left by the fourth piece of ribbon
  • You may also use the tails to secure the bow to the package

Thus, these easy-to-make Christmas bows add a delicate handmade touch to any gift. So, make this surprising bow and beautify your presents alluringly. Your guests will enforce you to tell how to make Christmas bows.

How to make Pretty Papers Bow

To give your Christmas gifts a modish spin, opt for the pretty papers bows. It’s not necessary to use only ribbon to make bows. Apart from the classic ribbon ties, paper crafts sound appealing as well. So, accessories of the paper look will make your presents so attractive. As you want to get some unique ways of how to make Christmas bows. Thus, you may use any lightweight cardstock, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or craft felt.

Paper-bow template for Christmas presents

Follow the directions:

  • Trace out the bow shapes pattern on double-sided paper
  • Cut out the pattern
  • Put a small dab of hot glue in the middle of the rounded shape
  • Fold in each end to the middle
  • Press firmly to stick
  • Glue off both larger shapes together
  • Fold the rectangular piece over the center
  • Secure with the glue, and finish the bow
  • Add foam adhesive dot to back to attach to the gift 

 So, skip the traditional ribbon bows this year. And decor your presents with these adorable paper bows, if you want to know how to make Christmas bows

How to make Felt Gift Topper

Here is presented another wonderful way in order to sort how to make Christman bows. Push the more fun and fuzz to the colorful night of Christmas by adding the beauties of felt mums as a gift topper. Don’t feel overwhelmed to see the name of this DIY craft. It’s too easy to make. Such handmade gift toppers add a personalized touch under the tree. Because they can be made in any size and of any color. 

Felt gift topper

Follow the directions:

  • Take 8*10’ inch pieces of felt as per match your theme
  • Cut the piece according to how many mums you want to create
  • Cut each strip of felt into 10-inches
  • (Remember! Each strip will be wide enough that can fold into equal half)
  • Then hand-stitch the strips longitudinally, strips remain to fold in half
  • Cut ¼ inch apart down the strip
  • Once the entire length bears cuts finely, roll the strip into a tight coil
  • Put a stitch to keep the coil firmly as a role
  • To hide the effect of the coil, cut out a circle of the felt
  • Apply a little amount of hot glue at the bottom of the mum
  • Thus cover the coil and polish the whole effect 

Although, it looks somewhat complicated. But once you choose this to make. It will be more cherished your Christmas gifts and will be the best answer to your query of how to make Christmas bows.

How to make Pom-Pom Bow

If you want a unique and distinct style of wrapping your gifts, it’s not so hard. Because there is no rocket science involved in how to make Christmas bows. You can make the pom-pom bows with your favorite ribbons. A good thing about these ties is that you may opt for any sort of ribbon that you want. For instance, a shimmery or silk ribbon somewhat looks more gracious on a plain wrapping of gifts. 

How to make pom-pom bow

Follow the directions:

  • Form circle the desired width of the bow
  • Create eight loops
  • Cut the ribbons
  • Flatten loops and make diagonal cuts at all four corners
  • Refold loops so notches are aligned in the center
  • Tie cut ribbon around the center
  • Start on one side and pull out the innermost loop
  • Twist loop to the right 
  • Pull out the next innermost loop and twist to left 
  • Continue the process until all loops are twisted
  • Repeat for another side of the bow
  • Trim the bow from the edges
  • Attach bow with cut ribbon
  • Fluff bow and adjust loops

Hence, a more sophisticated style of the bow will add more grace to your presents. So, if you are worried about how to make Christmas bows, figure out here the most wonderful ways to make them. And revive the event of Christmas with so many colorful and charming memories with such gorgeous Christmas bows.

The religious events come occasionally in a year, so you should not leave any stone unturned. And especially for Christmas, if you want to learn how to make Christmas bows, put all of your efforts into it.

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