How to be a Better Lover: to Make a Perfect Relationship

How to be a better Lover a couple

“I may not be the perfect lover, but I love you with all my heart.” This quote is the more enthusiastic for a person who wants to own someone as his possession. If you think about how to be a better lover, you have to undermine the school of thoughts to the other person. You have to come to know that a difference exists between males and females. You don’t need to think the same as she thinks. But to make a lover, it’s important to understand what the other person wants. 

Many people think that love is just restricted to erotic arousal. While it is much important to understand the emotions and feelings too. There is also a level of attraction, intimacy, and closeness you can enjoy. But if you want to move on to how to be a better lover, have to follow some rules as given in the article. 

How to be a better lover: understand what LOVE is

Before moving forward to know how to be a better lover, you have to follow the actual strategy of love. Love is not confined to mate with your lover. Its foundation relies on somewhat emotional behavior too. To become a perfect lover, try to figure out the women’s libido first. After a while, your relationship will approach an infinite affection for her. So, here the premium strategies are going to be discussed. That shows what the LOVE is in actuality..?

Acronym of LOVE

Let’s discuss this acronym of LOVE…

Be a good listener

The very first thing that presumes as the nip in the bud is to be a good listener. Because listening is more important to say something, especially when you seek some time to spend with your lover. Everything we think, say, and do has an impact on how we feel. This is especially important in relationships as all of your actions also have a direct effect on your partner. 

For this, your eardrum should be open for always. Add another thing is girls love to talk. If they get someone who talks to them for hours, this will make their day. And it will also pave the way to know how to be a better lover. Moreover, if you are in the room with her, never try to supersede over her. You have to just listen to her about her will. Then follow on. So, to be a better lover, you need to be a good listener. 

Observe her deliberately

When you come close to your best one, the ideal thing is to observe her deliberately. Try to understand what she likes and whatnot. It is the more important thing for the sake of how to be a better lover. Her liking and disliking have more significance to cater to the whole scenario. The more you spend time with her, the more you get knowhow about her. You have to come to know about her moods, taste, and even everything, crucial to building a strong relationship. If you are a keen observer in your daily routine life, that will be easy for you to observe your lover deliberately. 

Value her persona

Everybody in this world wants to get more value from others. So, why will not your girlfriend want this..? In order to come to know that how to be a better lover, you have to build a relationship with her. You have to value her personality. But if you are thinking of how can you value her. You have to pinpoint these rules…

  • You have to appreciate her role in your life
  • You don’t have to justify her actions 
  • Don’t feel guilty, if sometimes you are not her priorities
  • Listen to her carefully and respond to her with compassion
  • If she asks you for advice, then take her too seriously
  • You have to respect her boundaries
  • Be honest with her
  • Prioritize her at the first
  • Express the curiosity about her and your life
  • Empathize her when she is sad or in pain 

These golden pearls are assumed as more valuable in order to know how to be a better lover. Thus, you can value your gf by heart. Your whole intentions should be for the sake of her value.  

Embrace her strength & flaws

See! Nobody is perfect in this world. So, if you want to become a perfect lover, avoid letting her down. Although, your lover has both aspects in her character, positive as well as negative. If you pay attention to the positive one, the other side will hide. However, if you face any critic or harsh wordings by her, don’t make the situation worst. This is one of the turning points on the way of how to be a better lover.

Hence, you have to cater to the whole scenario wisely. Thus, you have to embrace her persona, with her all strengths and weaknesses. Generally, it is seen that girls coquette more than guys. So, to sort out the mystery of how to be a better lover, you have to somewhat immolate your desires for her. You will have heard that LOVE is blind. So, be blind to her attitude. The more you will humble, the more she will lay you down. 

How to be a better lover: pay attention to things 

You will have a better understanding of the acronym of love wholeheartedly. Now, you have to learn a little bit more about how to be a better lover. But it will move around your individuality and personality. How to attain a good relationship with your lover demands something by your side. So, you have to pay attention to things that happen at the moment. 

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Communicate with her

To get the ascension of love with your lover, active communication is like a green signal. Besides, it will also assist you to know how to be a better lover. Many guys face the issue to communicate with their lovers that every girl is different. Some girls like cuddles, while some are fond of kinks. Meanwhile, some girls revolt to hug their lovers. 

Thus, girls with various characters love to live their own will. But it’s up to you that how can you make good communication with her. In this relationship, verbal communication is more or less than non-verbal. The best way is that you may come to the ideal one. The just surefire approach to discover what you need to do to satisfy your accomplice is to ask her for direction. Let her stop for a minute causes her to get thrilled, and in case you’re having a good time, let her groans be the aide. Since each young lady is unique and will definitely have various modes to show with regards to figuring out how to be a better lover.

Keep yourself clean and tidy

To be honest, cleanliness is the top priority to build any relationship. It will be more specific when you move to know how to be a better lover. But if you move to be a lover, it becomes essential. You may take it on yourself. Would you like to date a girl whose bad odor comes? Definitely! You will panic and not tolerate her. So, keep in your mind that the girls also feel like that. If you want to step forward and enjoy a memorable date with her, you have to be clean and tidy. Take a fresh bath before spending time with her. No one wants to be with a lover who smells like they don’t bathe. 

Just slow down to her

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In the pacing to be a better lover, someone disperses to the extent. The reason is that a bunch of different aspects come to the relationships. Guys! Try to understand that love is not a race. If you move as to reach somewhere first, you can lose much more on the way. The backfiring might start in the way.  

Most girls do not rush the same way as you want to move on. Though your body slows down naturally, yet your brain will signal you to intimate boosting your pace. You won’t determine what the other wants. Don’t overreact, if you are moving on the way of how to be a better lover. Let things unfold at their natural pace. 


Why should you be a better lover?

Something is natural enough that you might be in a state of love with the other. Girls are generally sensitive creatures. They have a soft heart for others. To move on with love in their life, they want a guy who cares about her, fondles her, and is intimate to her as she will. So, a guy should be sincere enough that fulfill her innocent desires to an extent. There is no illegitimacy between them. And it will be achieved when a guy carries all the traits of how to be a better lover

Is it important to be intimate in this journey?

Not yet before, but it is somewhat necessary for later on. Just understand that humans are social animals. They have to fulfill their physical needs too. For this, an opposite gender can delight your heart in this respect. However, intimacy is a sensational love that boosts couples. But if you fall in love with someone, this can fulfill your love and relationship. 

What do you mean by a good lover?

Cherishing your sexual accomplice doesn’t mean to be enamored with them. It implies you’re willing to be liberal with your reality, genuineness, and thoughtfulness and arrange a relationship that works for both of you. From a completely responsible position, we let individuals treat us how they do. Thus, with whom you fall in love, you have to be proved yourself a good lover at any cost. 

What do you think?

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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