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How to Make a White Christmas Tree

How to make a White Christmas Tree

A tree is a symbol of showing spring just come in and signals to make preparations for that. However, on Christmas, the whole Christian community celebrates this event by adorning a tree. For them, a tree is a sign of their life with God. Thus, this most sacred element of their Holy festival should be well-decorated. As Christmas comes in the winter season, so why not a snowy touch is given to it. Thus, a white Christmas tree looks splendid over the festival. 

Usually, the evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals, like Christmas, for thousands of years. Nevertheless, there are so many ways to dec the tree, but some looks feel awesome that put the positive vibes and a unique charming look ever.  Do you want to decore this tree with different finesse? So, this guide will be helpful in this regard. 

Try an All-White holiday theme

In this modern era, the theme events are going on. Like with other occasions, Christmas is also celebrated with a theme now. As a winter event, it’s more commemorated with the All-White holiday theme. It shows white snowier touch that puts a frothy appearance on the environment. Therefore, here I emphasized making a white Christmas tree.

For this, you may decor your living room with an elegant decorating style. That features a tall artificial tree decored as cover with the white, cream, dove grey, and silver shades. It’s pretty much enough for the adornment of your home. So, what are you looking for? Your Christmas holidays will be cherished in this way. 

Layers various sheets of white

If you opt for a white theme to decor your Christmas tree, then it would be more cherished to keep the theme as original as you can. Mostly, light shades like white seem a subtle hue in ornaments. To contrast white with other complementary and bright colors are not much favorable for white theme decors. However, different tints and shades of white color come to cater to the whole scenario. So, you may put layers of various white sheets on the tree. This will be more related to your idea of making a white Christmas tree.

Add length with yarn to the white Christmas tree

A white Christmas Tree dense with Yarn
Credit: ( 

Dense trees always look more charming and attractive. You find this trait in natural trees. So, why not with the artificial white Christmas tree too? For this, you may add layers of yarn to increase the length of the tree. You may put the draping strands of yarn along the branches of the tree. In addition to this, you have to consider the light shades of covering of yarn, white and creamy shades. That is slightly off from the coloring of the tree. Moreover, the layers of yarn also help to cover the gaps among branches of the tree. 

Fill in with tulle to make the tree delightful

Tulle is lightweight, very fine, and stiff netting fabric. It is assumed as a secret decor hack to the fullness of a Christmas tree. So, to make the event more surprising and effectively eye-catchy, you have to purchase almost 3 yards of white tulle. This is quite enough length to cover an artificial tree. Then cut the tulle into 8-inch squares. After cutting down, use it as stuffing among all the visible gaps of the branches. Not only filling but rather tulle also gives a little bit thick texture to the tree. 

Keep the look cohesive

Once you furnish the white Christmas tree, you may add some other accessories too. Like, wrapping papers, ribbons, balls, and bows can be asserted in the tree. But remember your theme is white, so choose the whole accessories as per your theme. So, you may put a unique combo of white, gray, and silver wrapping paper and metallic ribbon to customize the gifts cohesively layered. It will assist in enhancing the beauty and glory of the whole festivity. 

Dress up gifts to enhance the glamour of the white Christmas tree

Multiple modes of gift wrapping are available in the market. You may opt for this to cover your specific Christmas gifts with light shades. Because you have chosen a white color theme for this event. So, make sure the gifts would wrap with white or any relevant light shades’ papers. When various modes of presents surround a white Christmas tree, it will sound appealing. 

You may choose feature patterns, plain white craft, or butcher paper as simplistic alternatives for dress-up gifts. To focus on the white theme, mix the plain white wrapping paper with the metallic bows and ribbons. 

Update natural accessories

A white Christmas Tree with so many accessories
Credit: (Good Housekeeping Home)

The white Christmas tree will look more awesome as it decors like a snowy and frothy appearance. It would be the best option to update natural accessories using pine cones with holiday flair.  This holiday flair can update by lightly misting with white spray paint along the entire body. Thus, it will get a more snowy, frothy, and niveous texture that enhances the glamour of the tree. 

Add metallic accents to beautify the Christmas tree

To enchanter the sparkle of the tree, metals are assumed as the most satisfying ornaments. When you used silver or gold metallic accessories over the shades of the tree, it will give a cool and sparkling effect on the tree while in the daytime. Whereas on the litting in the night, this artificial tree throws a warm glow to the surroundings. Thus, the metallic accents increase the elegance of a white Christmas tree as well and make the event more appealing for others. 

Use textured ornaments

If you make Christmas more cherished and memorable, you have to put some extra effort into this purpose. You are going to decor your white Christmas tree, so you should hang some textured ornaments over the tree. The bright sign is that these ornaments will break the monochromaticity of the tree. Though it’s ideal to use organic ornaments of white, cream, dove grey, and silver shades, just like the natural tones. So, you may add greige and parchment work too, to enhance the beauty of the tree.

Use tree picks and floral sprays

There are so many crafting materials available in the market to make your Christmas tree more unique than others. Like different styles of tree picks magnify the charm of the white Christmas tree in a true sense. Various tree twigs, berries, pinecones, and decorated branches in the form of tree picks, can be used for decorating trees. 

Accordingly, the floral sprays also boost the beauty of the tree. You may opt for the bright silver shade to spray over the branches of the tree. Moreover, the grouping of floral wires with the tree picks sounds more appealing around the branches. Such practice assists you to elevate the overdecoration by other accessories. Thus, the subtle accents complement the entire look of your tree. 

Mix in gifts – a more valuable addition in the event

A solitary tree somewhat looks great, but not for all occasions. Especially, when you are going to embellish a Christmas tree, most probably a white Christmas tree. Then you have not to focus on the tree only. The bottom of the tree that is mainly surrounded by people, must be eye-catchy.  It will be more interesting if you add some unwrapped gifts of some exciting shapes to grab more attention to the bottom. Thus, the linearity of specific rectangular and square shapes will reduce to some extent. In this way, you can keep below-the-tree more balanced with some gifts.

Hit the lights to make the scene awesome

A white Christmas Tree embellished with Lights
Credit: (Business Insider)

Where lights lit up, so what do you want more…? The fairy lights wrapping around the white Christmas tree look more ambient. The twinkling of the lights gives your living room an illuminating glow, along with keeping it so cozy. There are dual benefits of these sparkling lights on the tree. As discussed before, the luminous lights provide the environment a winter ambiance and enhance the enchantress of the whole panorama of the festival. 

How to make your own white Christmas tree with Perla soap

There are many ways have discussed before on how to make a white Christmas tree. But another cheap way also exists alongside. If you want to enjoy your Christmas party with a beautiful snowy tree, you may opt for a top classical way in this regard. For moving with this, follow the instructions as given below;

  • Take a casual plastic bowl and a Perla soap
  • Add some water to the bowl, and crush the soap into it
  • At least a complete bar of Perla soap has to crush in the water
  • Now, take a hand beater, and whisk the mixture of soap and water
  • Beat the mixture until a fluffy and foamy texture would appear
  • After that, wipe out an artificial tree that has to decor
  • Put the NETTA LED fairy lights around the tree
  • Then take a spatula, and throw the soapy foam over the branches of the tree
  • Add some other accessories, like balls and sprinkling stars in the tree (optional)

Thus, the gorgeous look of the white Christmas tree will enhance the charm of the event by augmenting its bloom in your home. Everyone wants to bring it to his home on this festive occasion.


What type of tree should be used to decor for Christmas, either natural or artificial?

Generally, a natural tree has an evergreen beauty with its original branches. You may opt for that. But to customize the tree as per your selected theme, an artificial tree sounds more appealing. So, you may go with the latter one. Because you can decor it as per your choice. You may add or dwindle in the thickness of the branches as you want. Moreover, the length of the tree will also be according to your wish. Thus, an artificial tree assists you more to make the event more amused. However, it’s up to you. 

What sort of decoration is assumed to the more attractive for the tree?

On Christmas, a tree is an essential element. It has to be decored as much as you can. But you have to remember that over-embellish is not be entertaining at any cost. However, the glittery ornaments are more reflective by providing an optic illusion of more branches. They will bounce the light off your lights and add a special twinkle. Additionally, the most popular white Christmas tree adds more charm to your Christmas evening too.

Why does a white Christmas tree opt as much popular?

It’s a common notion that the trees show the seasons. As all know well that Christmas is a particular winter event held in the mid-winter. So, why not the tree exhibit the moment of that cold weather? Thus, to give a white snowy and frothy appearance to the tree, one can opt for the white theme. For this, all the accessories are used in white, light cream, or gray shades, to decor the tree for Christmas. 

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