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How to Reduce Neck Fat Naturally

How to reduce neck fat naturally

Chubby people usually have an odd look due to loose, saggy, and wobbly skin under the chin and sculpted jawline. That’s why how to reduce neck fat naturally seems somewhat crucial. Sometimes the people with thin and lean physic experience neck fat as well. A double chin can change the look of your face making you look older. You may feel unpleasant when you take a close-up with your buddy on having pesky flaps of skin on your face. It may loosen your confidence in front of others. But don’t worry, how to reduce neck fat naturally is now possible with some congenial ways. Just scroll down and find the best panacea to counter this vexation.

Main Reasons for Neck fat

Neck fat is actually the layers of fat that surround your neck and show an extra chin. Medically it is termed as submental fat, and it appears for many reasons. Such as:

Being Overweight: The most common reason for a fatty neckline is being overweight. Because when your overall body gets fat layers, then these flaps of fat also accumulate on your neck.

Lack of Exercise: If you are chubby enough that your neck gets loose the skin, then it persists due to no exercise routine and no workout. That’s why your body muscles remain stiff aside and get fat accumulation.

Excessive weight loss: When you are going through excessive weight loss, your body looks like a balloon blowing out. In this situation, the skin of the neck hangs.

Genetics: Sometimes people are so skinny, but they face double chin; some genetic factors may be involved in this respect. And if neck fat is due to obesity, it may also be due to genetics.

Medical Issues: More or less, various medical problems affect your health. Some serious disorders like Thyroid diseases (especially goitre), Cushing’s syndrome (a hormonal disorder), kidney disorders, sinus infection, and salivary gland inflammation can obese you and cause neck fat.

Spending more time on Gadgets: In this modern digital era, people of all ages are spending more time on the latest gadgets or portable devices, like; mobile phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, computers, etc. Due to such practice, your head remains more in downward form. This bad posture contributes to neck fat.

Aging factor: As you become old, your fine muscles become loose. According to the law of gravity, everything starts to roll down. So your skin of the neck region losses over time.

Although these are the major factors but might be some others too. You just come to know how to reduce neck fat naturally. However, some natural remedies are somewhat ineffective if the causing factor is not so natural. So, be careful about that.

Physiology of Neck Fat

The Neck Region of the face mainly consists of Platysma muscles that are the bands of tissues bound to the lower jaw or mandibles and prolonged to the collar bone on both the right and left sides. When these platysma muscles become inactive due to some above-mentioned reasons, and skin becomes loose, then it causes a double chin. Consequently, fat begins to deposit in that region. And it gives you a saggy and chubby look.

How to reduce Neck Fat Naturally

The fat neck, often called the Turkey neck, gives your face a disproportional appearance. Every person with a double chin always thinks about how to reduce neck fat naturally. But there are some anti-aging exercises, some lifestyle habits, and some remedies that can help you to get rid of a double chin for both men and women. Let’s take a look at them.

Exercises to get rid of Double chin

Move out and do some physical activities to make your life stable and healthy. Yet how to reduce neck fat naturally demands some special exercises, which can be done even in your room. These will help to firm the skin, tighten the muscles, and lessen the double chin.

Before doing these exercises, you need to warm up for about 30 minutes. Due to this, our neck muscles do not get stressed. While doing these, you don’t give your neck frequent moves as this causes pain.

Exercises for reducing Neck Fat
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1. How to reduce neck fat naturally with Gorilla Pose or Giraffe Kiss

First, stretch your neck upward, then create a pout and hold this for 10-20 seconds. Give this exercise for 2 min. By doing this, you will feel stretched to the platysma muscle. That helps you to reduce fat around your chin area. Turn this posture on either side – left & right 5 times. Repeat this exercise twice a day.

Repeat the same muscle stretching by rolling your tongue inward to the jaw on both sides 5 times. Redo this also twice a day. This practice will definitely assist you regarding how to reduce neck fat naturally.

2. How to reduce neck fat naturally with Clenching of the Lower Jaw

To do this, stretch your lips outer and downward while uplifting the collar bone. Hold for 5 sec, and then go back to your normal position. Behind the scene, the origin and insertion of platysma muscles come close and contract the muscle. You can do this for 1-2 min. This exercise gives the perfect shape to your jawline.

Facial muscles are always related to expression. So when you feel unpleasant about something else, your jawline becomes tightened which helps you to determine how to reduce neck fat naturally.

3. The scoop

For this, you need to hold your lower lip inner side and cover it with your lip upper lip just like you touch your lipstick. Remain in this same position for about 10-20 sec. After that, go back to your normal position. You can do this exercise for about 2 min. This will help reduce fat on your face and give it a perfect shape.

4. Nose touching

In this exercise, support your chin with your hands and then try to touch your nose with your tongue. You have to repeat this 4-5 times, as this will help you to find how to reduce neck fat naturally. It is also assumed as an effective exercise as above.

5. How to reduce neck fat naturally by Chewing gum

Eating chewing gum strengthens your neck muscles. By this, your platysma muscles contract and relax while tightening the skin in this area.

In addition to it, stick the chewing gum to the upper palate by your tongue and hold for 10 sec. it will help to become active in the anterior neck muscles, especially platysma muscles. It also helps to reduce double chin and is very good for the neck region.

When you sternal the interior muscle, then it will give you a good neck posture. Moreover, your double chin will appear less as with diminishes.

6. How to reduce neck fat naturally with Ball exercise

Take a tennis ball of about 9-10 inches and place it under your chin. Press your chin down against the ball for 15-20 sec. Repeat this exercise max 20-25 times a day to get frequent results.

7. Cardiovascular exercises

Most people are convinced of cardio exercises, like; walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, etc… Because they help to burn calories more than they consume.

These effective exercises maintain your body metabolism and help you to remain fit and healthy enough that your face proves that. That means you can feel your neck fat will going to reduce.

8. Some other shoulder exercises

Although, you have got some typical exercises and work out regarding how to reduce neck fat naturally. But still, various other exercises may also assist you in this respect.

  • Move your shoulder back & forth for 45 sec. it is also called a mountain pose.
  • Move your shoulder up & down for 45 sec.
  • Rotate your shoulder for a min; 30 sec forward, and 30 sec backward
  • Put your hands on your shoulders and rotate for a min; 30-sec front to back and 30 sec back to front.
  • Stretch your back by binding both fits for 30 sec.
  • Stretch the neck for 30 sec on either side, 15 sec for each side.
  • Do reverse shoulder stretch for about 15 sec.

For best results, you can do these exercises daily. If you cannot do so, you can do these at least twice or thrice a week. But make time for it. Because there is a will, there is a way. Besides it, the results can vary depending on your age, lifestyle, and a few other factors but overall, these face yoga methods will reduce chin fat.

How to get rid of Double chin by Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis for reducing neck fat
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If you want to lose your double chin fast, then cryolipolysis maybe just your procedure. This treatment uses an innovative, targeted cooling technology applicator. The high-tech tool effectively eliminates fat cells below the skin’s surface. This process is mainly termed Coolsculpting. The fat cells of the neck will die off naturally through this process. It causes no damage to the surrounding skin tissues, and the procedure for a double chin can be done in as little as one effective visit.

Benefits of Cryolipolysis

  • It improves your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • It gives long-lasting results
  • It needs little to no recovery time
  • There are no special diets required after that

Few Tips & Remedies on how to reduce neck fat naturally

Some effective tips and remedies help you look and stay youthful for longer and help your skin’s elasticity. These will be the best rejoinder for how to reduce neck fat naturally.

  1. Sleep without a pillow, or take a very thin and lean pillow under your head.
  2. Sleep in a straight posture. Don’t sleep on your face. By doing this, no wrinkle will appear on your face and ends up neck fat.
  3. Chew some fennel seeds mostly. You can also take sugar-free chewing gum.
  4. Massage your muscles on both sides by using any lotion, cream, or oil.
  5. Make a homemade mask with natural ingredients, like; milk, egg, honey, glycerin, or green tea. And apply it gently to your face. Then rinse with tap water. It will tone up and tighten your skin, lose fat and toxins, and turn back your face elasticity.
  6. Put your mobile phones and books in parallel with your eyes. And your back should be erect.
  7. While doing work with a laptop, put some cushions on your thighs to meet the level with your eye.
  8. During a conversation with others, erect your face by lifting your chin. It will help to stretch your neck muscles.
  9. Use a sunscreen or SPF15 or SPF30 while moving out on a sunny day. It involves tightening saggy and puffy skin.
  10. Don’t let go as you get a chance to blow the balloons.

Decrease your Neck Fat with your Diet

Your physical appearance is based on your diet. How to reduce neck fat naturally is also possible by taking an appropriate diet and keep avoiding some foodstuffs.

See the difference between healthy and unhealthy diet
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Keep away from fatty food:

You must keep away from fatty and protein-enriched food items. As you avoid such things, your body weight will be reduced more. And ultimate results will show to your face.

Less intake of salt:

Try to do less intake of salt to learn how to reduce neck fat naturally When you take more salty things, pickles, sauces, etc., then it can cause water retention in your body. Due to this, your body looks puffy and swollen.

Drink plenty of water:

More water intake keeps your body hydrated. It maintains your metabolism and reduces fluid retention in your body. Moreover, it reduces the bulging appearance of your face if you really want how to reduce neck fat naturally.

Take fresh fruits & veggies with whole grains:

There is no alternate natural food. So fresh fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains must be the essential parts of your diet if you are considering how to reduce neck fat naturally. They help you to get rid of the bloating neck by reducing your weight.

Avoid beverages and alcohol consumption

Soft drinks, beverages, and alcohol contain enough calories. They may become you disfigure. So avoid using these. In contrast to these, you may take fresh fruit juices in a low quantity.

Bottom Line

Nothing is magical and works overnight. So be persistent! And continue to move to do some highly effective exercises and remedies that may bring a lifetime change in your body. Well, if you want to know how to reduce neck fat naturally, you have to follow the guidelines given above in the article.

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