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How to do Swimmer Exercises without any tool

by Harriet Wetton
How to do swimmer exercises without any tool

Swimming is assumed as a recreational activity to maintain your heart rate. It is most related to body fitness and guaranteed a healthy lifestyle. Although swimmers take their sports activity at any wetland. But now it is possible on dry-land even without any equipment. For this purpose, some swimmer’s exercises are well-known that may be done on dry-land, even at your home. If you want to know that how to do swimmer exercises without any tool then you have to read this write-up till the end.

Significance of Dry-land for Swimmers Exercises

Workouts simply boost your muscles to switch for any task. It helps in maintaining your pulse rate. For swimmers, dry land allows long-term sustain their fitness. Along with this, a good prudent for swimmers that they may do swimmers exercises even without any tool. Before carry on for exercises, the significance of dry-land must be mentioned.

  • Dry-land gives an ideal place to maintain the swimmer’s body health.
  • It helps the swimmers to be strong enough and gives some extra benefits apart from swimming in the water.
  • It provides more flexibility that allows the swimmers to move frequently.
  • Due to poor strokes, muscles may be imbalanced but dry-land facilitates the swimmers to overcome this matter of muscle imbalance.
  • It boosts your lung capacity by doing some breathing exercises.
  • It increases the stamina of swimmers enough that get a more durable physique and lower the injury peril.

Now, let’s move to some best swimmer exercises on dry land with a strong core facility.

Ideal Swimmers Exercises without any tool

Swimmers must be focused on the core-strengthening workout. They may simulate swimming movements and engage the same muscles that use while they swim each stroke.

Be warm-up first

To start this, the first and foremost step to be warm-up for at least 2 min must be taken. Swimmers need to maintain their body temperature to prevent any muscle injury.

Jumping jerks

  • Make sure, your feet touch the floor, touch your feet
  • Your hands must be in touch with each other and your legs as well.
  • Carrying on these jumping jerks for min 20 sec.

Step back lunges

  • At your place, step back lunges by down on one leg, and then stand up.
  • For this, just go down a little bit else and stand immediately.
  • Continue these step-back lunges for about 20 sec.

High knee run

  • Now start high knee run at your own place.
  • Make sure your knees cover around your up to the hips.
  • Hold your core and keep breathing, and don’t hold to your breath.
  • Continue the high knee run for about 20 sec.

Squats & toe-touch

  • You feel a little bit down while squats.
  • Let you sure, you put pressure with your heels on the floor.
  • Touch your toes while squats
  • Continue the squats 10x


  • Now let’s go down for the push-ups
  • Put your hands on the floor wider enough to your shoulder
  • Put your feet down
  • It’s a little bit feel heavy while put your knees down on the floor for just feel heavy on the chest.
  • Continue the push-ups 8x

Step back lunges

  • Hold your core, if it’s a little bit you feel heavy for relax
  • Just step back a little bit less down on the knees
  • Down on one leg and stand up
  • Then down the other leg and stand up
  • Continue these step back lunges 8x

Core Workout for Swimmers

Gain core stability is up to scratch for swimmers. It helps to be strengthened the body, especially the abs, shoulders, back, and buttocks. For getting more elasticity, dry land exercises provide a smooth place to train the athletes at higher intensities and the risk of injuries tends to be minimized. Well! Some chief swimmer exercises pave the way for a strong core even without any tool.

Arm Circles

How to do swimmer exercises without any tool is possible by arm circles. Just follow the directions:

  • Stand in a posture straight enough that your shoulder-width apart. And expand your arms parallel to the floor.
  • Move your arms in a circular motion with front-to-back movements. Carry on circles from slow to gradually fast enough that you feel stretch in your triceps muscles.
  • Just after 10 sec, switch the direction of the movements of the circles.

Plank rotations

For best plank rotations, follow the steps;

  • Firstly, you have to set yourself in a posture like a plank.
  • Put your hand on the floor just beneath your shoulders
  • Straight your body from head to toes
  • Hold up your body for tightening your abs and glutes
  • Extend your arm upward by keeping your elbow in a straight form
  • Then twist your upper body back in a slow manner
  • Hold the position for at least 3 sec and return steadily
  • Repeat the same plank rotation with another side as well

Moreover, reverse planks with raising legs also help you to activate your abs muscles more than regular planks. Not only for abs muscles, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, and quads also feel strength by these reverse planks.

Ratchet Squats

Ratchet squats assume as a high-energy jumping swimmer exercise. For carry on these squats, just escort the steps;

  • Take a start by standing on the mat with your feet
  • Your shoulders must be apart in the squat pause
  • Then jump up by rotating your body toward the left
  • A meanwhile, return to the center, and squat
  • Then take a squat jump up by rotating your body toward the right
  • And then return to the center again, and squat
  • Continue these squats for 30 sec

Although you are moving with ratchet squats so quickly, so you have to accomplish them properly.

Leg raise by holding breath

It considers as a simple and effective move that directly target your abs. It helps you to build your core strength. In addition to it, leg raises intent your lower stomach muscles as well that can be cunning to invigorate. How is it done? See the rules;

  • You have to be lied down on the mat and hold your breath.
  • Put your palms straight on the floor.
  • Straight your legs enough that your toes meet each other
  • Keep your knees slightly bent. And come down.
  • The lower you bring your legs to the floor, the more resistance you feel in the lower abdominal region.
  • Come up faster as you go down.
  • Try to do about 30 sec with at least 10-15 repetitions.

Disclaimer: If you feel difficulty to hold breath more, you may stop this exercise and breath gently. Because it may be life-threatening.

3-point Backstroke

Backstrokes also give you core strength and maybe sort out the inquiry of how to do swimmer exercises without any tool. For carry on the 3-pint backstroke, see the steps;

  • Place your feet on the floor and put your body in a lying position.
  • Hold your body in your right hand.
  • Raise the left hand to the sky in a way that your arm must be straight.
  • Move your body back and forth.
  • Continue this movement for 15 sec.
  • After that, switch the side, and repeat the same backstroke for 15 sec.

10x Burpees

Burpees are one of the most recreational swimmer exercises. It improves your physical health condition. For the best workout, burpees must be done for 10X. Follow the directions for burpees;

  • Just stand in a straight posture
  • Bend your knees enough that touch the floor
  • Keep your back straight and feet reside on the ground
  • Straight your legs, to reach up a push-up position
  • Then stand up immediately
  • Again in just one single movement, perform the movement backward
  • And return to the same position as above
  • Then return to an upright posture

This workout proves much better than the highly intense turns or push-ups and is accepted as the best among swimmer exercises without any tool.

Diagonal V-ups

It is a robust workout that makes use of your body weight to isolate the core area. Diagonal V-ups actually target the abdominal muscles and strengthen your back muscles. Your hamstrings and quadriceps also get endurance via diagonal V-ups.

See the directions to come to know that how is it done.

  • Take a start by keeping your face up
  • Bent your knees at the angle of 90°
  • Firmly attach your feet to the floor and take crunch up
  • At the same time, straight your right leg and lift it off the ground
  • Diagonally reach for your right foot with your left arm
  • Turn back to your starting posture and repeat the same crunches with the other side

Rapid-fire Lunges

Just suppose a running position, and begin the rapid-fire lunge. How to perform this swimmer exercise, follow these steps;

  • Begin with standing up in a vertical position
  • Set your body in a running posture
  • Step forward with one leg until it reaches a right angle
  • Turn the other leg backside at the same time
  • Move with the lunges rapidly by lifting forth leg at starting position
  • Continue these lunges for 15-20 repeats

Standing Streamline Reach-ups

The best way to gain more flexibility to the swimmer’s body is standing as a streamline pause. It gives your shoulders, particularly the sternum gain more elasticity without turbulence. It also flares the ribs and helps in back arching. To come to know that how this exercise carried out, just follow the instructions;

  • Stand on your feet in a straight form
  • Shoulders move as widen apart in vertical form
  • Both elbows and forearms aligned to each other that make a right angle against the body
  • Remember your palms must be above each other and turn your arms a streamlined position
  • stretch out your body from ups and down
  • At least for 30-sec streamline reach up should continue
  • Throughout this workout, the swimmer’s elbows must be kept in line with the body

Dolphin Kicks

For swimmers, it considers the most important exercise on dry land. It is equally beneficial for the lower back muscles and the abs. they both play a huge role in the undulating movement of the body. Let’s learn about that!

  • Lie down on the ground and the legs should be straight even your toes touch each other
  • Firmly fixed your gluts on the floor
  • Bent your knees slightly while movement
  • Line your forearms in a streamlined pause
  • The legs should follow your hips when they go up
  • The knees must be extended at this spot
  • Put some power and execute the kick like a dolphin
  • Repeat the kicks 10-15 times

If you feel like they are not enough you can do one or two more rounds of the whole set. Once a week is a good time to do core, but doing it three times a week is even better.

When you are reaching the highest point, try to stretch out your entire back and create a straight line from your arms to your hips. Hopefully, now how to do swimmer exercises without any tool is no more obscurity.

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