Why Simple is Best : See 10 Reasons that Seem Enchanting

Get the reasons of why Simple is Best

The Life we lead mostly seems complicated. If you think about why simple is best, it can force you to mold your Life’s complexity into simplicity. The word simple is itself whooping to show humbleness, humility, and elegance in any form. I can’t understand the psyche of those who are fond of complexity in all matters. 

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, and no simpler.”

(Albert Einstein) 

I presume that in this fast-paced world, everyone has been facing severe circumstances in their Life. So one has to learn why simple is best. That might be due to their own internal or other outside concerns. But to cope with any stress or complication, it’s more significant to understand the worth of simplicity. 

Are you suffering from any complex situation and trying to move out? This guide will assist you in this regard. Because here, you will get some incredible facts and benefits of simplicity that pave the way for you to be simple, do simple, and live simple. So let’s move on.

Why Simple is Best – Get to Know its 10 Reasons   

Simple is best – whether it’s a formula of well-being or a way to get rid of stress? That’s very crucial to determine.   

Oscar Wilde said, “Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.” This is not just a saying, rather it’s a way of living a simple life. 

So what do you need to recognize that simple is best..? Here you may get some compelling reasons behind it that seem enchanting to a great extent. If you are suffering from any complexity, you will get the awesome facts to turn your simple mode on…😍

#1. To cope with an inferiority complex – simple is best

You have to understand that your Life is not a bed of roses. It’s actually a bed of thrones. Every person owns what nature has granted him. Some people live their lives as they see others. They try to compare themselves with the upper class and fall into an inferior complex. 

To cope inferiority complex, simple is best

A very famous aphorism is “All that glitters are not gold.” Because they are influenced by the charm and appearance of affluent people, they make these qualities an emblem of success and happiness when they see their independence and boom. But the reality is entirely different. 

But once you become under the dodging of shine, you will get nothing but dismay and deprivations. Just remember! The sun that shines now will set after some time. So, why do you want to chase the elite class? Simple is best forever, although it’s not easy to understand for all of those who highly indulge in inferiority complexes. Hence, to cope with an inferiority complex, you have to understand that simple is best

Here are some useful approaches to must be followed in this regard;

  • Be happy what God has granted you
  • Keep fewer belongings, means less stress
  • Spend time with the true relations 
  • Don’t make money machine so far

Nature creates a variety among all of us. Health and wealth are the highly privileged blessings of God that never be compromised at any cost. But only those who can be prosperous, who prefer simplicity over complex scenarios in their lives. So, if you make all of them an emblem of real joy and happiness, you would not be satisfied at all. 

#2. To get awesome results – simple is best

It’s a common trend to get remarkable results as your Life is simple. Do you wonder to see this? You can be. But this is the fact. Here the well-known proverb of Garry Keller must be mentioned, that has quoted in his number one selling book – The One Thing; “If you chase  two rabbits, you will not catch anyone.”  

This is not just a quotation; instead, it’s a way to focus on one thing instead of indulging in complex multitasking. I don’t think that to move with any one thing, one cause, or one mission is more complicated than a bag full of belongings and seems highly impediment to success. So, how could you get awesome results? For this, you have to be as simple as possible. 

Sometimes, complicated decisions result in the worst outcomes because nothing will be complicated if it does not carry huge courses of action. Because the results are always awesome if you remain simple and straightforward. 

When we remain stuck with some hectic things and begin to do massive work at once, the downside is that we can’t perform in the best way anymore. Thus, just follow the philosophy of; simple is best

#3. To find the way of happiness – simple is best

In this fast-paced world, you usually spend a life full of great hustle. Your days, your nights, even your anytime is associated with materialism. You have no time to do somewhat productive chores. As you will remain busy in leading a huge complicated life. The doors of happiness will shut themselves. 

To live a happy life, simple is best

Some people find happiness in wealth, fame, and plenty of resources. Nobody can deny the significance of any of them. But the reality is bitter as always. All of this supercolossal you will remain dismayed and suffering from these hardships of Life. The only way to tackle these intrications is simplicity. The more you live simply, the more you feel happy. 

Here are some ways to make you ponder about simple is best by granting you a life of happiness and satisfaction. 

  • Wake up early for sound breathing in fresh air 
  • Move for yoga, meditation, or any workout
  • Walk in the park with your parents, spouse, or buddies
  • Spend time with plants and in greenery
  • Opt any productive hobby, i.e., cooking, book reading, researching

Although, taste and passion may vary from person to person. But if you move on with any of these simple approaches, you will get happiness and calmness because all of these clamoured that simple is best. Because real joy and happiness are only associated with simplicity. 

#4. To make balancing in Life – simple is best

To lead a balancing life is the dream of various people. But the point to ponder is how could it be possible. For this also, simple is best. The more you bring simplicity in your matters, the more harmony will come into them. Everything will be in an ordered form. Nothing will be ambiguous.

Your house chores, your job, even any assignment will be easy to do. Here is a point to ponder that how one can bring balance in his life. The answer is simple, make a timetable before a day and follow that on the next day. When everything is pre-planned, things become easier. Because everything will be its own place. There is no any other idea or way to make balancing in life than to be simple.

#5. To gain a healthy lifestyle – simple is best

As far as health is concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you love to eat or not. But the matter under consideration is what you have to eat and whatnot. If you move with simplicity, you can be healthier. Most people in the current era do not pay attention properly to their health so far. Today healthy food is replaced by junk food. Whereas fancy food and fancy dress are not the same things to opt for. 

There are some facts that highlight how simple is best even in your whole lifestyle as well;

  1. To cope with hunger, take simple food than junk food items. Simple food contains more carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, and less saturated & unsaturated fats. On the other hand, junk food is mainly comprised of refined raw materials, i.e.; white flour, salt, sugar, etc… And these are considered as the enemy of human health. But simple food mainly consists of natural and organic food items and promises to grant you a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Apart from eating habits, your living fashion also affects your whole life to a great extent. Like workout. I’m not against moving gymnasium for that. But it’s much better to go out for a morning walk on the dew drops in order to gain a subtle sensation. What will be the better way to make muscles than meditation in open air or in greenery.
  3. Now the most interesting factor is that now you are more confined to a specific place along with your gadgets. To deny the significance of the latest technology is inevitable. But spending more time with your devices is not a healthy way of living. In spite of that, outdoor games are highly encouraging in this respect. So, try to move out for a sports gala rather than be confined to your chair and gadget. Sports develop leadership traits in you along with maintaining your fitness too.

So, once you follow these approaches, your life will be simple. Thus, you will eagerly say simple is best.

#6. To enhance beauty – simple is best

Whether you wear brand or have a heavy make-over in order to look beautiful. Such practice couldn’t figure out the parameters of beauty. Because, according to the modern generation, beauty is fair color, branded outfits, and a well-off lifestyle. But in reality, this is not the beauty.

Let me define what beauty is? The beauty somewhat attracts you itself and that live forever. Another thing is that beauty is not limited to any specific body or creature. You are a Human being – the crown of creation, you are so beautiful than any other creation present on the earth. But it will sustain within you if you live simply.

We don’t move far, just look at your grandparents. How beautiful they are. That’s their simplicity creates a closeness with them. Whether you are more indulged in the modern world, but nothing you feel charming than your elders. One aspect is – old is gold, while the other is – simplicity. In a nutshell, the more you live simple, the more your beauty will enhance. Moreover, your genuine look will remain as it and various complications will be dissolved forever.

#7. To improve relationships – simple is best

Every individual, group, or class has its own criteria to lead their lives. Everyone sees the world in his own way. But according to the experts, if you are leading a simple life, your life fills with numerous people. Simplicity turns your heart and brain open. In such a way, you will be able for people selection as your friends

Each person has an ora that creates a magnetic field around him. This ora reflects the rays either positive or negative what he has. If one leads a simple life, positive rays reflect by him and attract even the opposite side too and vice versa. If your social circle carries negative people, your ora of positivity attracts them and also turns them to positive. Overall, your relationships will be improved. So why do I not say that simple is best

#8. To make easy decisions – simple is best

Make easy decisions, live as simple

There are many people living on this planet who couldn’t make a decision as to their own. Mostly you have two paths in your life and you are stuck to choosing one of them. It’s your life, so you have to decide on your own. 

Now a bright side is that if your life is simple and has fewer complications, you can easily make decisions. Whether you face multiple challenges or are stuck with any confusion. You have to be strong enough to find a better way to cater down the whole situation. However, it’s only possible, if you are simple and take things easy. So try to be simple as much as you can.

If you are a complicated guy or love to be a risk-taker, you may face various challenges while making a simple and easy decision. Thus, stop creating ambiguity in this course by opting for simplicity.

#9. To get rid of overburden – simple is best

Life is a unique combo of happiness and sorrow. That’s the fact you face in your life almost every day. But it’s up to you how long you will be happy and the same in the case with grim as well. Do you wonder to see this..? You can be. But it’s fact because incidents can be sudden and their consequences are also accordingly. Now it’s up to you how do you cater to the whole situation. 

You have two clear-cut avenues to handle that. One is – to be under pressure and move on along with the happenings. And the other way is – to be simple and move on, leaving the past behind. But it will only happen if your Life will mostly consist of simple things. You have to admit that complexity comes overburdened and if you keep things simple as much as you can, your Life can be a bed of roses to a great extent. 

Another side of the picture is that you face a hectic routine in your daily life. The huge workload may tend your health down. And its worse outcomes may affect your work efficiency too. If you summarize the whole day, you will come to know there are many perplexing things and happenings that cause overburden for you. But if you keep all the things simple and only do the work that fulfills the requirement. You will feel that a comfy place where you have landed. And all of this happens by moving with simple is best

#10. To get better sleep with less stress – simple is best

It’s a common notion that the more we think, the more we feel uncomfortable. That’s not for all. But specifically, any thought process can be worse for someone, if it shatters night sleep. So why do you not try to be simple..? Once your priorities are simple, your thoughts will disturb, neither your days nor nights. You can get a night of better sleep with less stress. And ultimately you will be compelled to say that simple is best

Generally, your whole day is spent out of the house, where you see, meet, and judge new things, new people, new opportunities, and new circumstances. Your whole day forces you to do more and more. As you move back to the house, how could it be possible that your brain would be free of anything that causes unease for you so far?

But such practice somewhat keeps you far away from your dear ones – your family, friends, and sincere companions who have always stood by your side. And now you have indulged in materialism and the true relationships are being compromised. 

If you stretch a line to the whole scenario, the race to supersede over others has seized your sleep of solace. To get rid of this situation, try to be simple. Trust me..! You will get the real happiness of Life only with what you have now. You will feel contentment with little too. 


1. Is there any formula or principle to live simple?

Yes! Why not. To live simple, follow the KISS principle – Keep it simple, stupid. If you move on with this formula your life will be easy and simple. Because most people like to be complex things but they remain stuck with them until they find an easy way to move out.

2. How to bring comfort in our lives via simplicity?

It’s a very easy way to bring comfort. There is no huge effort required for that. Just remove all the unnecessary features, attributes, and belongings from your life. When you have fewer things, simplicity will come to you and make your life easy and comfy.

What do you think?

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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