How to be a Strong Woman

Be a strong woman

Do you think ever why a woman needs to be a strong woman in a society of gender discrimination..? When talking about a woman, affection, care, cooperation, delicacy, devotion, emotions, empathy, help, humbleness, kindness, modesty, sensitivity, and many other such traits come to your mind. Undoubtedly, women are a mash-up of many qualities. But at times, some setbacks or any hostility make them weak. However, they have to be strong enough to beat all challenges in their lives. So, this guide will assist you in the context of how to be a strong woman. Just scroll down and get the golden pearls of a strong woman. 

How to be a strong woman

A woman needs to be a strong woman mentally, physically, emotionally, and even from all perspectives. Because, unlike men, women – as working ladies – have to indulge in the house chores as well as financial tasks. So, they need to do more work than other guys. When such a huge workflow becomes a responsibility of a woman then she has to be strong enough to tackle the whole situation. Now here you will learn about how to create a strong personality as a woman.  

How to own a strong personality as a woman

Acronym of WOMAN

Being a woman, you need to have a strong personality. To know about a strong personality, first, you need to develop a better understanding of what the personality actually is..? 

All human beings have a combo of two aspects, one is their personality whereas the other is individuality. Now make a clear difference between these two terms, with the context of women.

The contrast between Personality & Individuality

Personality comes from an English word, “persona” which means veil, that covers our internal traits. Personality is our external interface. But it is the requirement of occasion and situation. You have a personality due to utilitarian purposes

Such as, being a human, you have to meet with other people. Your family, friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, or all other folks in your social circle like or dislike you as per your personality. Because your personality makes a certain image of yourself in front of others. So, as a woman, you have to be strong enough that you may create a positive image. 

But the actual countable thing is individuality. That means, who you are as an individual..? Generally, there is too much difference between your personality as well as your individuality. 

There are two types of images formed according to your personality and individuality. One is projected self, formed by your personality. While other is real/actual self – formed by your individuality. 

How to bring your projected and real self on the same pitch

Usually, it is seen that your projected self is greater than your real self. Because you want more attention from others. And you have a social circle to face different schools of thought. But if the distance between your projected and real self becomes greater, you feel more uncomfortable, unease, and hypocritical. Eventually, such practice creates a hollowness that weakens your personality. 

Thus to cope with this contrasting behavior, you have to bring your both projected self & real self-close to each other.   

Being a woman, when you talk about how to be a strong woman, then you have to make a clear and transparent personality as well as your individuality. Here are some useful tips that will pave the way to be a strong person. You just have to work on;

  • Communication skills
  • Group dynamics
  • Tolerance
  • Emotional control

 All the above features are actually golden pearls to make a strong character. In a nutshell, to be a strong woman, you need to work more on your character to be a gem. And it can be achieved by self-reflection, self-purification, and meditativeness

Woman’s status as an antidote

A woman’s status is as an antidote. Generally, an antidote is a medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison. But if you talk about a human’s life, then there are so many worsen times that come and remain as such for a long period. And it’s a woman who has the natural ability to neutralize that worsen time just like an antidote. 

The more you cut a stone that will make a diamond. And the woman is an entity that can own as much workload herself, and undergo cutting daily to make herself a jewel. Thus, her everyday finishing helps her to be a strong woman.

How to be mentally and emotionally strong a woman

A woman needs to be strong because various provocations have to face by women. Hence, there are some rules to ensure the personality of a woman with emotional and mental strength. Let’s discuss them comprehensively.  

I'm Strong because I'm WoMAN

Don’t compare yourself to others 

The main flaw that makes a personality weak is to compare yourself to others. So, if you have such traits in yourself, then you must steer clear of them. Because you have to be a strong woman, so make your own identity rather than compare with others.

In this digital era, there are so many places on social media that encourage you to share your happiest moments with the world. It has the power to bring you better successes to the forefront and help you to create a perfect image.  

Don’t be a perfectionist

One thing you must keep in your mind is that nobody is perfect in this world. And nobody can be perfect. Some loopholes are still left in any person. And it’s natural. That’s why don’t be a perfectionist. Just you have to focus on how to be a strong woman

All of us want to avoid mistakes and do only perfect things. However, being a human, mistakes happen by default. But it doesn’t mean that you give up. You must move to be a good and strong person having maximum positive attributes, rather than a perfectionist. Because perfectionism just creates an inferiority complex, nothing more. 

Be vulnerable to be a strong woman 

Vulnerability implies you care profoundly about things. You would prefer not to lose what you have because you love what you have. You love your life — or possibly certain bits of it. Also, you’re not able to slacken your grip on them. Means vulnerability implies that you’re willing to bounce carelessly into affection. So, be vulnerable to be a strong woman

Don’t let that voice in your head talk you out of it

Remember one thing, don’t let your opponents’ voices in your head. Because if you focus on such copious opinions, then you cannot grow more. It is a signal that halts your mental grooming. So, hear the voice of your heart and mind, which is the voice of your inner self. 

Don’t overthink things to be a strengthened woman

When you start overthinking, you get nothing except anxiety, depression, stress, and other psychological issues. So, don’t let things get too serious. When you take things just for granted, you may get alleviation from overthinking them. 

Naturally, people comment on any perspective. While most of them give negative compliments on any issue. Now, it’s your task, how much do you take such things seriously? 

Tackle your problems head-on

Nobody in the world, who has not faced any problem. Verily, it’s a part of all person’s life. But it doesn’t mean, if you are stuck with a problem, then lose your heart. You must be strong enough to tackle all of your problems. So, don’t focus on the size of any problem, rather you have to just focus on the solutions. Such practice will increase your level of patience and ultimately you can be a strong woman.   

Don’t put others down

A healthy, successful society never puts others down. Although women’s rights have a place in society, yet a strong woman never violates the rules and regulations. So, make sure to keep all things in their own places. A strong personality is made by a strong character. And to give each person his own place helps to be a strong character as a woman. 

Don’t listen to the haters

It’s a common trend that people throw more stones at the tree that has more fruit. Because it’s the envy of the folks that cause ambiguity in society. But you don’t need to listen to such jealous compliments of haters. Actually, such a class of people wants to make you feel that you are moving wrong. And any such arguments impair your reputation. So, don’t be bothered by such haters and be brave to stand with your stance. 

When things go wrong, don’t blame yourself

Firstly, taking responsibility is good. But when things go wrong, don’t blame yourself. Because life is a combo of various blessings and setbacks. And many things may happen along with you that do not favor you. But it doesn’t mean that you blame yourself. You have to own your flaws wholeheartedly. And accept the reality. The more you follow facts, the more you will become stronger.  

Speak up

The main hurdle between you and your success is being shut to get your rights. And most of the females remain silent over violence. So, unlock your fear, and speak up. 

Don’t forget to take your rights in this world. And when you raise your voice, it will have a great influence on society. Ultimately, the mystery of how to be a strong woman will sort out.  

Don’t be afraid to evolve

There is a social slang term that women are considered as minorities. And being a minority, women are deprived of their rights. In this male-dominating society, women have to evolve by burying their fears. Thus, a groomed personality of a woman glitters everywhere. 

So, move to emergence by smiling forehead. When you are fully determined with your stance, you may gain the power to evolve fearlessly. Moreover, it will assist you to be a strong woman.

Own your success to be a strong woman

There is a common trend seen in our society that we credit others for our success. Undoubtedly, many other people are involved in our achievements. But somewhere else, you put yourself down. So, to be a strong woman, you have to own your success. That’s your achievements and courage. 

How to be a woman strong physically

How to be a strong woman physically

When we discuss the emotional and mental aspects of women to be strong, then their physical health should also be considered. No doubt, a female is not physically strong enough as a male person. But by following some golden rules, a woman may become strong physically along with mentally. So take care of yourself to be a strong woman physically. 

  • Wake up early in the morning, and get enough sleep
  • Make a healthy diet plan, with fewer junk foods
  • Ensure a routine of exercises and yoga daily
  • Meditation seems a mental exercise, but it’s good for your physical health as well
  • Indulge in some healthy and fruitful activities, like gardening or book reading
  • Take care of your skin by cleansing your face daily, to get an instant glow

Hopefully, you have got enough ways to own a strong character as a woman. A woman, just like a man, has to be a strong woman physically as well as mentally. Because men and women are pillars of society. So, to make a healthy and impactful social habitat, women have to be strong too. Thus, an atmosphere of zeal and a favorable ecosystem will create. 


Does gender equality assist to be a strong woman?

Gender equality ensures equal rights for both men and women. When a society falls into the deprivation of rights, then its women are weakened. So, gender equality solace to be a strong woman.  

Which thing triggers a woman to be strong?

It’s a woman’s passion, confidence, self-esteem, character, and self-purification that guarantee a woman to be a strong woman.

How important is it for a woman to be strong?

A woman has various forms as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc. Moreover, if she is a working lady as well, then there are many responsibilities put on her. Thus, to face all challenges, she has to be strong. Moreover, in some cases, a woman has to run her life without any male assistance, then having a strong personality, a woman can overcome the harsh times.  

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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