How to Take Care of Yourself by Proactive Means

How to Take Care of Yourself

In this fast-paced world, everyone seems to indulge in a hectic routine work. There is no time for your personal life. Even though your body needs more care than anything else. But you give more time and attention to others rather than yourself. So, first love must be with you. You have to pay more attention to yourself. Here I’m going to clarify about how to take care of yourself by proactive means. So, leave the materialistic lifestyle and catch up on the best approaches to your self-care.

Make an Action Plan for your Self-care

“Self-care is an attitude that says I’m responsible for myself” which means you have to follow a proactive approach towards your life.

As Stephen R. Covey says, Be Proactive is about taking responsibility for your life. Proactive people recognize that they are response-able. They don’t blame genetics, conditions, circumstances, or conditioning on their behavior.

Now it’s up to you that how efficiently you take responsibility for yourself. Because those can take care of others who first care for themselves. So, make an action plan for your self-care to make your life more awesome. Because you have to put the first step to knowing how to take care of yourself. So, Let’s move to know about that…

It’s OK to know how to take care of yourself..?

It’s not just okay. Rather, it is too much. Self-care helps prevent burnout, reduces the negative psychological and physical effects of stress, and helps you refocus on what is true & important.

It seems like your actions make you more productive. Now let to assign time for yourself and know how to take care of yourself. Regardless of your productivity, recognize that you are a human being that needs more compassion and kindness for real.

What works..?

Self-care helps pretty much everyone in proper nutrition, some exercise, enough sleep, hydration, and taking small breaks. That may be enough to move on to how to take care of yourself. But everyone needs to ask themselves what actions make them better? See below;

  • Generally, text with your bosom buddy
  • Fill a “Warm & Fuzzy File” with Compliments, kind words, good memories, & favorite Photos, make your list ample & flexible
  • Make a spreadsheet on self-care actions organized by types of negative experiences

After making this action plan of taking care of yourself, now it’s time to act on it because “Actions speak louder than words”...

How to take care of yourself by some proactive means

There is a proper mechanism of leading life. Life cannot be spent with anguish and grudges. Ups and downs are a part of life. And it mostly happens when you see others, not yourself. So here some proactive approaches are going to be discussed regarding how to take care of yourself that will be really proved more fruitful in this regard. Let’s cast a glance on them…

How to take care of yourself

Make sure you’re eating right

A healthy mind is in a healthy body. So make your body healthy by eating right if you really want how to take care of yourself. Here I give some suggestions for you about what you have to eat and what not…

Avoid these;

  • Junk food items
  • Tin-packed food
  • Frozen food items
  • Processed food
  • More sugary meal
  • More salty & spicy meal

Take these;

  • Drink penalty of water
  • Fresh fruits and their juices
  • Whole grain fibers
  • Milk, yogurt, curd, butter, even all dairy products
  • Green veggies like spinach
  • More white meat but less red meat
  • Egg in any form

This guide will help you with how to take care of yourself. Because when your diet will be healthy, your life quality also improves. Hence, eat right, live right!

Get enough sleep

Research has proven that our sympathetic nervous system becomes more relaxed while sleeping, which controls our fight or flight response. But when you divest your proper sleep, then that system activates enough that mainly increases your blood pressure.

Moreover, our body starts the cell’s repair mechanism and restores energy while sleeping in the dark. In addition, when we sleep, many other biological functions perform in our body. So if you want to determine how to take care of yourself, get enough sleep because it’s essential for you to glow up.

Learn to deal with stress in a healthy way

In this over-embellished life, stress, depression, and anxiety have become our part of life. But those are assumed more genius, who can cope with such psychological dimensions. Don’t over-exaggerate. Just calm down and smartly deal with your stress if you want how to take care of yourself.

You have to channel your grief. Find soothe in some physical activities that mould your intentions in the right direction. And prevent you from overthinking and release your stress productively.

Spend time with people you care about most

If you think about how to take care of yourself, then here is a better idea for you. You may spend time with those people you care about most. It will help you to find ways for self-care.

In those people, your family, friends, neighbours, or anyone in your social circle may be. Choose the best one among those whose company transforms your personality. To love your dear ones is actually as love as your own.

Schedule some time for yourself

Your life demands from you some of your time for it. Have you some time for your personal life..? If you are caring about your life then you need to make time for yourself.

Schedule your daily routine tasks and find a little bit of time for your own. Plan your day in a way that you can perform your all duties in a good manner and save enough time for your personal life.

Find your area of concerns

Everyone is born with natural concerns. But each of us has a different perspective towards life. Some people lead their lives like a puppet. They do have not any goals or might be possible that they can’t find their native niche. So, now you have to start your care by navigating your area of concern that may turn your life in a specific direction.

You don’t need to be moved for numerous tasks. Rather you just have to find only One Thing that moves you across the road. Gary Keller (the author of “One Thing”) has opened his book with the Russian proverb, If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”

So, to know how to take care of yourself, you must find what you can do in your life. For what purpose you are born..? Research has proven that all the successful people in the world had found their area of concern very soon. And they spent their lives exceptionally achieving their goals.

How to take care of yourself to be successful

First of all, you need to understand that your self-care leads to success in your life. Your daily working routine reflects your lifestyle. If your life seems parallel in a way with the same hectic routine then you may get bored very soon and produce nothing.

Your body has the first right of you. For this, you will have to perform to your self-esteem or self-confidence. By investing in your own self-care for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being – you will invest in your own success.

Now take some panacea from the daily work order…

Morning Rituals – must be in your life pattern!

Naturally, every day begins at dawn. That’s an alarm for tightening the waist to move out and complete the task of the whole day. Whether you are a professional or not, you have to perform some morning rituals at any cost to perceive how to take care of yourself.

Among these morning rituals, spiritual, mental, and physical growth has core importance. See here about them…

Do Yoga and Meditation for taking care for yourself

Spiritual activities for taking care of yourself

Spirituality relates to your soul, not your physical body. If you want to know how to take care of yourself, work on your spiritual growth, you may get rid of many harshnesses of life. Your daily morning starts with yourself that can connect spiritually, like;

  • Prayer
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Recharge with nature (Forest bath)
  • Some journaling
  • Gratitude listing
  • Affirmations & Manifestations
  • Reading or listening to something that inspires your heart & your soul

What’s the outcome you want..? You become more connected with yourself spiritually. You simply get a thick skin by releasing any stressful emotions. For this, you might take 2 min or 20 min that is entirely up to you.

Mental rituals for your care

A way to describe and define the mental capacity in morning rituals is anything that stimulates possibilities. That might be looking for, your vision might be broad, reviewing your goals, might be visualization for everything that you want to attract. You can also be read great books on personal development that stimulate your brain.

Research has proven that the world’s wealthiest people on average read such content 30 min of a day, which stimulates the brain and work on personal and professional development.

Physical activities to take care of yourself

It’s getting your body moving. Just keep indulging in some physical activities to help you with how to take care of yourself. So here you may know some fruitful physical rituals of morning…

  1. Early awakening in the morning.
  2. You might be gone to work out to a gym and do either some push-ups or sit-ups.
  3. Take care of your personal hygiene, like fresh your morning with brushing teeth and bathing.
  4. Moreover, you move out for a walk. This activity enhances your aesthetic sense. Because while walking out, you see the colors of nature, trees, crops, animals, birds, mountains, clouds, etc… all of these connect with your soul via physical means. Your body personifies the natural beauty and resultantly you forget your deprivations and miseries. Thus you get enough care of yourself.

So, start your day positively. You can shape your day with extraordinary experiences. By performing these morning rituals, how awaking yourself self-help, how to begin your day, and you get around and invest yourself in shaping your day, energy, focus, passion, and enthusiasm to time and learn about how to take care of yourself.

Evening Rituals – for your self-care

You want to know how to take care of yourself, do you have regular and consistent evening rituals that transition your brain into going to the bed before going to sleep? Whether you complete your day peacefully or in a hectic manner, you must move for the transition during sleep. Ask yourself about transitioning your day and day into your night.

Plan for next day at night

Technology off

If you are concerned about how to take care of yourself, make sure that the technology must be turned off while going to your bed. The technology in your room like T.V. internet, any social media app should switch off at least 30 – 40 min before sleeping.

Those 30 – 40 min are very crucial for you. You can self-talk. It’s time for your self-purification. What happened on that day? How’re your dealings with others? What are the righteous and wicked deeds you have done the whole day? Thus, it’s time that you can dedicate to yourself.

After spending a busy day, your body demands rest. So if you want to know how to take care of yourself, take care of your body and avoid overuse of technology, especially at night.

Night before planning

Many people complain about daily work balance. They can’t manage their daily tasks because they do not plan their day. So the best time is night time when you plan your next day. When you make a To-Do-List, you can easily balance your all routine work.

It just looks like a story when you make a day planner that what will happen the next morning, what will your outdoor activities, what are house chores you have to do. Thus you can save some time for yourself. During which you may play, shop, eat or do any recreation.

Restful activities

After turning off the technology and making a plan for the next day, take some restful activities before going to bed. That relaxes you and grants you a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

  • Take shower
  • Brush your teeth
  • Hair oiling
  • Cleansing your face
  • Reading a book that activates your brain

After these, you have to take enough sleep for a minimum of 6 – 7 hours. By following such activities, you may improve the quality of your sleep. That ultimately your next day will become more energetic and enthusiastic.

In this way, your morning and evening rituals prove as the best response for how to take care of yourself by proactive means. You may learn that how to start your day definitely shapes your life, shape your success, and your results. Meanwhile how your day closes productively.  As Brian Tracy says, “Take a deep breath, relax, and imagine yourself exactly as you wish to be.”

What do you think?

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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