How to get Nail Glue off your Skin smoothly

How to get Nail Glue off your Skin

Beauty enhances by using cosmetics products is an accepted statement but at times some unwanted happenings occur alongside. Most young girls are so curious to using such make-up items, especially with nails. Like if you don’t have long and beautiful nails naturally, you may apply artificial nails. But you must be facing a problem with them. Because they set with your skin by nail glue and that glue often sticks to the skin and does not get off. At that moment you must think that how to get nail glue off your skin smoothly. So here I post some useful techniques to sort out the said issue. You can take perks with them.

What are the possible ways to get Nail Glue off your Skin?

Oftentimes, you need to go to salons and artificial nails done, you may do this at home as well. When you do this by yourself at home, you are using glow and after caring outside the white area to remove doesn’t look good. Therefore, after having artificial nails applied, you need to know how to get nail glue off your skin smoothly by using overly abrasive materials or methods.

For this purpose, there are some effective ways described. Let’s put a look at them…

Remove nail glue from your skin by using Acetone

When you have to remove the nail glue from your skin, you can use acetone. To apply this method, you need to have some items, like;

Acetone or Nail remover (containing acetone)

Cotton pad

A Toothbrush


  • Put some acetone or nail polish remover on the cotton pad and directly apply to the skin that has some nail glue residues.
  • Scrub gently on the finger until the glue has broken down.
  • If it becomes tough to remove, so you may use a clean toothbrush and buff in that area like circular motion.
  • Just remember that you probably have some acetone, and a newly buy cotton pad to avoid any contamination.

Think before: This is not suitable for you if you have an open cut in that area, you may just use some more water with some antibacterial soap to help break down that unsighted glue outside of your nail pad.

Get Nail Glue off your Skin by soaking in Soap Solution

If nail glue stuck with your skin and difficult to remove, then you may go to make a solution at home very easily. Just take these materials;

Warm water

Dishwashing solution

Cooking oil or baby oil

A bowl

A toothbrush


  • Take water in a bowl and heat it for a while.
  • Add some dishwashing liquid or liquid soap into warm water.
  • Then add few drops of cooking oil or baby oil to the soap solution.
  • Now immerse your hands in the bowl and remain soaked for min 10 minutes and max 40 min.
  • The soap solution in warm water helps to break the bonds of the glue.
  • Just keep your eyes on the glue until it is not dissolved.
  • All the residues of nail glue must be wiped off your skin.
  • Gently rub the skin using a toothbrush to remove extra remnants of the glue.

Take out Nail Glue from your Skin by using Petroleum jell

Here is another technique that will help you how to get nail glue off your skin smoothly. It has to be done by using petroleum jelly on the affected part of the skin. In addition to it, you have to need;

A petroleum jell




Wash your skin with water and dry it properly. Then apply some petroleum jelly smoothly on it. Rub the petroleum jelly in a circular motion and continue massage until the glue turn softens and leaves the skin. After doing this, rinse your skin with soap and water.

Get Nail Glue off your Skin by applying Moisturizing Lotion

Apart from the petroleum jelly, you can apply a lotion that helps you a lot to remove the dry glue from your skin. For this, you can use;

A moisturizing lotion




Take a lotion of good trademark, and apply it on the skin that bears nail glue. Apply so gently in a round way and just see as glue flaked off. When the glue raised out, wash your affected skin with lukewarm water and soap. It will help to remove all residues of glue that still left on your skin.

Precautionary Measures

Your nails are one of your body parts that enhance your outlook and beauty. But if you don’t have such nails then you gonna apply artificial nails. But nail glue that stuck with your skin becomes problematic. So here some precautions that you have to follow while using artificial nails;

  • Try to avoid using fake nails because they have certain chemicals that may be hazardous for your skin if excessive use is done.
  • If it is necessary then use them just occasionally, not for any time. So keep a long gap while applying such fabulous nails.
  • Don’t resist your nails for pulling by force (by using hands, lips, or anything else) for removing. Because it may cause any cuticle or ripping of your skin.
  • If nail glue stuck with your skin then won’t be rubbing your hands.
  • If you have any blister or open cut on your skin (around your nail), where nail glue probably stuck then you have to avoid using acetone or nail polish remover.

Take away

Where fake nails aid your personality a charm, in the same way, the nail glue stuck with the nails and it is natural. Because glue is a sticky substance and it always stuck where it will be exposed.

As I discussed in precautions that artificial nails have chemicals, and nail glue has chemicals as well. These synthetic substances harden the glue and make it as strong as difficult to get off. So you need to go with those remedies that guaranteed to remove the glue.

The soap solution and some cosmetics products containing acetone help you a lot with how to get nail glue off your skin smoothly. Moreover, keep your skin hydrated so that glue becomes unable to retain further on your skin.

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