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How to wash Stuffed Animals in easy ways

How to wash Stuffed Animals in Easy Ways

To love with little ones is a natural phenomenon. As they get great attention, their plush toys also demand to look after but a hurdle of how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways can halt you. Thats’ why to keep our little ones healthy, their stuffed animals also have to be clean ever.

So that it is ensured to prevent to transfer of germs in their bodies. Because plush toys cannot go for bathing and cleaning themselves, they have to be washed by others. Here you can learn how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways. Now your plushy will also look adorable as your little ones…

Points to Ponder

Before going to understand how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways, some points must be remembered.

  1. When you buy any stuffed toy, a care tag is always attached to it. So you have to check that care tag. By this, you will come to know that spot-treat stain is the only option or some others are also available. Like; either wash by hand, or in the washing machine.
  2. Some plushy and soft toys are sensitive to lathered water. Their fur couldn’t stand with a soapy solution. Either their color become faded or fur moved to bust. Thus, to avoid such consequences, it is better to rinse with only water without adding any detergent. So test the color of them before soaking them in the soapy solution.
  3. As obliged to know that how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways. In the same way, it’s also paramount that when these plush toys need a wash. So, when your kid has played with stuffed animals while being sick or has slept with their plush toys. In addition to it, when these stuffed animals seem filthy and cause foul-smell.

How to wash Stuffed Animals in easy ways

Stuffed animals generally include teddy bears, sleeping monkeys, elephants, pandas, bunnies, etc. Their washing is not tricky. Yet the older ones have to need more soaking and scrubbing thoroughly. Let’s share with you some easy and simple tactics regarding how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways.

Wash your Plush animals by Hand

You can wash your stuffed animals by hand even by different methods. Here you may know the easiest ways that help you a lot to keep clean your soft toys forever.

Bath your Plush toys                     

Let consider your plush toy as an infant and move them to a bath even in a washbasin. Next, to know how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways, you have to follow the given instructions as well.

  • Remove the dust from plushy with a brush or a comb
  • Then soak them in the lukewarm water
  • Add laundry detergent to the water
  • Dirt will come out!
  • Rinse them thoroughly
  • Continue to rinse until the water is clean
  • Then gently wipe off the moisture with a towel
  • Let it dry in a well-ventilated shade

Wash your stuffed animals by hands

Scrub your stuffed animals in a tub

Another easy approach to know how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways is soaking in a tub and then washing with your hands. Are you looking for how it is possible? Then see the steps just like clothes wash manually.

  • Take a plastic tub and fill it with clean water
  • Soak your stuffed animals in it
  • Dust any washing powder or surfactant on the plushies
  • Then squeeze them well in lathered-water
  • After that clean them by using a toothbrush
  • Take another tub and fill it with tap water
  • And transfer the washed plushies in it
  • Again squeeze them so that they leave any particles of detergent
  • Take them out from the tub
  • Make a baby canopy in the daylight by towel
  • And let your stuffed animals on them until they would be dried well

Wash your stuffed animals in a tub

Wash your Plush Toys in a Washer

Although washing plush toys of your kids by hand is an ideal way but some of these like teddies, bunnies, etc.., can be washed in the washing machine as well. Usually washing older toys is not recommended. Use a front-loading washer, when possible, or turn off the agitator.

Moreover, you just have to keep in mind that the eyes and hairs of plushies don’t be caught in the washer drum. So, you have to follow the instructions on how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways just in a washer.

  • To avoid stuck in the washer, put your teddy in a delicate bag or a pillowcase.
  • Place it in the washer carefully.
  • Then pour around half a cup of laundry detergent in it.
  • And cover the lid of the washer.
  • Use delicate wash cycle on cold.
  • Avoid a warm cycle to prevent the colors of the teddy to be faded.
  • Use a short, not heat dryer cycle.
  • Allow additional time to air-dry.
  • Additionally, a hair-dryer can also be used to dry the fur of your plushies.

Wash your stuffed animals in a washer

Wash your Stuffed toys by Spot-treating method

Sometimes, musical or electronic devices are associated with stuffed animals. In such a case, soaking soft toys or thoroughly rinse with water seems like a damaging factor. In such situations, you may go with the spot-treating method to understand how to wash stuffed animals in easy ways.

So you just take a damp cloth or use a foamy hand and clean the dump spots on the plush toys. It dries in a few moments if air has rushed toward them. No need for the long wait to make it playable again. Moreover, a mild stain on them can be removed by baby wipes as well.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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