How to store Cucumber for longer use

How to store cucumber for longer use

Whether you are vegetarian or not..? But the cucumber seems more likely to be a part of most people in their daily routine meals, as it is water-enriched. Because various health benefits are associated with cucumber, then it should be easy to store. So that its freshness and the crunch texture would remain as it is. But how to store cucumber for longer use is not a difficult task. Do you want to understand this? Then you have to keep reading till last. You will get the best ideas to store cucumber.

Why it’s important to store Cucumber?

The first thing you need to understand that why you have to store cucumber… Each edible item has its specific pH. If its pH alters due to some reasons, then its flavor, texture, and freshness will come to end.

In the same way, cucumber has a specific pH (5.1-5.7). It shows its alkaline nature. If it is not stored well, its pH can change, and lose its integrity. It can spoil and would not be able for longer use.

Temperature is the most important factor to store any goods. So, cucumbers should be stored at a reasonable temperature. If it does not happen, then it releases ethylene gas that may cause the spoiling of cucumber. So, store cucumber by keeping in your mind its various risks.

How to store Cucumber for longer use?

There are more than one ways that provide you with the best solutions for how to store cucumber for longer use. But some of the best methods are going to describe here. Let’s cast a glance on them.

Refrigerate the Cucumber

Although refrigerator is assumed as the best storing agent for all edible goods, if you put cucumbers directly in the refrigerator, then they may lose their delicacy and strength. So, you have to avoid keeping cucumbers in the fridge as such.

But a wondered thing is that you can store cucumber in the refrigerator with certain conditions. So, here I will tell you that how to keep cucumbers in refrigerators for long-term use.

How to store cucumber in a plastic wrap

One method:

If you are searching for how to store cucumber for longer use, here is the method:

  1. Take cucumbers, and remove them from the packaging.
  2. Give a thorough rinse under the tap water.
  3. Place each cucumber into a paper towel to wipe off all the water.
  4. Remove the bruised parts (if any).
  5. Let them air-dry for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Place and wrap each cucumber in a paper towel.
  7. Place the wrapped cucumber into a plastic bag.
  8. Need not close (seal) the bag; let the air go in…
  9. Place the bag on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Second method:

The second method for the question of how to store cucumber for longer use is:

  1. Wrap the cucumbers tightly in plastic wrap or cling wrap.
  2. You can even cover 1 or 2 cucumbers or more.
  3. Make sure the sides are covered properly.
  4. Now keep in the fridge for weeks.

Just remember! Keep cucumber cold but not too cold

An important thing you must follow, that to store cucumber in the refrigerator always use plastic bags or plastic wraps. Because cucumber is sensitive to ethylene gas. So, plastic wrapping protects the cucumbers from ethylene gas that is usually produced by cucumbers and some ripened fruits as well such as; melon, banana, and tomatoes…

Third method:

Another simple way to the question of how to store cucumber for longer use in in the fridge is;

Store cucumber in a container

  1. Cut the cucumber into slices
  2. Add water to an airtight container
  3. Then put the sliced cucumbers in that container
  4. And refrigerate them for up to a week

Store Cucumber in Freezers

Being a cold veggie, cucumber is mostly used in salads. So to make it as fresh as natural, try to store it properly. As discussed before, there are some modes to refrigerate cucumbers. But now I will share with you how to store cucumber for longer use by freezing it.

No doubt, freezing cucumbers lose the taste that they have. But the interesting thing is that you can also use frozen cucumbers in making smoothies and for cocktails. So, don’t bother with their freezing.

Let’s discuss some simple strategies to freeze cucumber…

Store cucumber in an ice tray

Freeze cucumber in Ice-tray

The most common question, how to store cucumber for longer use in ice tray? For this, you have to cut the cucumbers into slices or diced. Then take an ice tray and put 1-2 slices or pieces of cucumbers in the wiles of it. After that, fill the wiles of the ice tray with water. And leave the ice tray to freeze until the cucumbers have settled. Then take out the frozen cucumber ice cubes and stack them in a freezer-lock bag. And you may store them for a few months.

Freeze cucumber on a Baking tray

Are you wondering how to store cucumber for longer use in a baking tray? For this, take cucumbers and spear them. Transfer these spears to the baking tray with parchment or butter paper, and allow them to freeze until they are fully settled. After that transfer them into a freezer-lock bag. Then you may store them for a few months.

Undoubtedly, cucumbers can be remained fresh for some hours, even at room temperature if you have to use them on the same day on which they have bought. But for long-term storage, they have to move to any cooling agent.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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