How to fix the Discord JavaScript Error

How to fix Discord JavaScript Error

While using Window 10, you may face some problems regarding JavaScript. It mainly happens when you install Discord on your PC to take advantage of games and chatting with your friends. But sometimes, unluckily a fatal JavaScript error may found in your PC that has to be deliberately fixed at the spot. Are you looking for how to fix the Discord JavaScript error then you hit the right place to sort out this problem.

What’s the actual mean of Discord JavaScript Error?

Discord expresses as a leading platform of group chatting for online gamers. And Discord JavaScript is a robust node.js module that permits you to definitely interact with the Discord API. The discord.js error means that the software can no longer access the files to complete the process. At this stage, a notification of the fatal JavaScript error is visible as a massage.

How the Discord JavaScript Error occur?

Actually, the main reasons for the Discord JavaScript are not well-known. But some causes may be under discussion.

  • Sometimes any flaw may occur in the script of the web page
  • The web page may fail to administer properly
  • Windows Audio Video Experience service is not running
  • While installing some applications on PC, like; Massaging app, Skype, Discord, etc…, it may set off
  • Might possible that the databases of the apps being corrupted
  • Discord installation files may be corrupted
  • Discord may be running with administrator permissions

How to fix JavaScript Error on Discord?

Discord is proved a great platform used to play games online, and screen share for Android and IOS users, even for your PC. Disputes continuously store data on a PC using performing well, or in our case, causes an error. To provide clear information on the dispute started JavaScript function without errors or other problems with this issue. You should delete these files or some other avenues or steps you may go with them. Follow the steps for how to fix the Discord JavaScript error that given below;

1. Remove Discord files by Task Manager

Discord assumes to a strong tool to store data for temporary means on your PC and help it to run properly. But having an error, make the Discord unable to use properly. That’s why you need to remove all Discord files by Task Manager. For this, navigate the way;

Remove Discord files by Task Manager

  • Right-click on the PC by using mouse and go to “Task Manager”
  • Select “Details” and see the Discord errors mentioned in the list
  • Select them and go to “End Task”
  • Click on “End Process”
  • In the same way, you can select the rest of the discord files and repeat the same method to end the task
  • Thus, if you are running discord, then the discord process will go away.

2. Uninstall “Discord” to Fix the Error

To fix the Discord JavaScript error, you may uninstall the existing Discord app from your PC. It may temporarily fix the problem, though further process must be needed after that. To uninstall this app, follow the directions;


  • Go to the search bar and type “Control Panel”
  • Select “Uninstall Programs”
  • After this, find the “Discord” in the list and right-click on it, then “Uninstall” (This step take a few sec)
  • Now uninstalling is completed after doing this step
  • So “Close” the Control panel

3. Fix the Discord JavaScript Error by Command Prompt

fix discord by cmd

  • For this, press the Window key and go to the search bar, and type “cmd”
  • It will show “Command prompt” in the list and right-click on it
  • Then select “Run as administrator” and click on the “Yes” button
  • Now open “Command prompt”
  • Type a command “gpupdate /force” and hit “Enter” (It replies after a few sec of the process)
  • Now you can see that “Computer policy update has completed successfully”
  • After doing this step, the process will be completed, so close this

4. Delete the Discord folder from Windows Explorer

The best way among others to fix the Discord JavaScript error is to delete or terminate the Discord folder from your window. To know about this, see the directions;

Delete the Discord folder from Windows Explorer

  • Now press the (Window + R) key, and type “Run” in the search menu
  • Open a run box and type “%AppData%” and click on the “Ok” button
  • Then find the folder of “Discord” in the list that appeared on the screen
  • Select that and right-click, and click on “Delete” to remove the folder
  • After completing this process, close the tab
  • Move to the search bar again and type “Run”
  • Open a Run dialogue box and type “%LocalAppData%” and then click on the “Ok” button
  • Locate the Discord folder, and choose the “Delete” option from the pop-up list
  • Then “Restart” your system

At times, after completing the deleting process of Discord, a massage is received that some files couldn’t have been deleted because they were in use. Then try to exit Spotify and end its process in Task Manager.

5. Re-download the Uninstalled Discord on PC

Re-download the Uninstalled Discord on PC

  • After “Restart” your PC, and go to Google search engine
  • Re-download the uninstalled “Discord” (This step should take a few minutes to complete)
  • Relaunch the Discord setup files and follow the steps provided by the installation wizard
  • After doing this, I’m sure that your problem has been fixed and now JavaScript will not disrupt the process for a longer time.

6. Run Discord with no Administrative Privileges

Windows 10 users sometimes noticed that the Discord app actually works without log in with their administrator account. This reveals that the main issue occurs with the administrator permissions. So you can resolve the issue of how to fix Discord JavaScript error by run discord without admin privileges. See below that how is it possible;

Run Discord with no Administrative Privileges

  • Track down the Discord executable and change its properties by right click on its entry either on the Desktop, the Start menu, or the search results window and then select properties.
  • Steer to the “Compatibility” in the Properties window and impose as Uncheck the box.
  • Before applying any changes, move to the option “Run this program as an administrator”
  • You must be confirmed any sort of dialogs that may appear for the confirmation of your changes happened there. From now on, the Discord should run without administrative privileges.

7. Download Discord PTB to Fix the Error

Discord PTB is the beta version of Discord. The Public Test Build (PTB) considers as a way for users to help Discord test new features. The process of installation and function will be the same as Discord. Nevertheless, it contains its own data and it will give the guarantee of no interaction with your standard discord. You can download Discord PTB from its official Discord website.

8. Whitelist the Discord Installation files in Avast Free Antivirus software

After installing any app, antivirus software assists to remove any threat found in that application. To come to know that how to fix the Discord JavaScript error by antivirus software, navigate the steps as given below;

Discord Installation files in Avast Free Antivirus software

  • Choose the icon of Avast Free Antivirus on your Desktop.
  • Click on it and select the option; “Protection” that visible on the left side of the App tray
  • Now click on “Virus Chest” to see the restrained files.
  • Detect the files anchored with Discord (they may easily identify because “Discord” is primarily mentioned in the names of files)
  • Click on three dots flutter over the files and click on “Restore and add an exception” among various options
  • Repeat this process for each file to turn in the whitelist
  • After completing this process, restart the Discord installation process

Add a folder of Discord setup executable in Avast software

To secure your PC to confront any issue regarding Discord JavaScript, you have to add a folder of Discord setup executable in Avast software exceptionally.

Discord setup executable in Avast software

  • Open the Avast app by clicking its icon from the home screen of your PC
  • Click on the “Menu” icon appear at the top right side of the Avast Window
  • Then select the “Settings” from the listed options
  • Click on the “General” section on the left side of the window
  • Then choose “Exceptions” under the list of General
  • Click on “Add exception” and then “Browse” for the location of the folder containing the Discord installer
  • Now click on “Add exception” and launch the Discord setup executable in Avast software

If the problem persists for some reason, then the answer is very simple that there is a need to monetize properly the process of fixing the error. Moreover, you should also have been permitted on your system to properly install it. This will ensure you that how to fix the Discord JavaScript error.

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