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How to analyze your complexion by Skin Color Chart

How to analyze your Complexion by Skin Color Chart

Whether you go out to shop for dresses or cosmetics products, especially facial items, then the first thing you have to keep in mind that what’s the color or product suits you according to your skin tone. These thought-provoking ideas can be implemented if you will be known about your skin color. The mystery of how to analyze your complexion by skin color chart is going to be resolved here.

If you want to know about your skin complexion, then you have to stay here and keep reading up to the last word. Because this article covers all aspects of skin tone and texture.

What’re mean by Skin Tone, Skin Undertone, and Complexion?

How to analyze your complexion by skin color chart is inevitably important. But before analyzing this, it is essential to know whether your skin tone and complexion fall into the same category. The answer is NO…

Skin tone is the natural color that shows on your skin surface and is linked with your genes. It remains the same throughout life and never swaps by climate change and even by sun exposure. It provides the base on which your complexion depends because it is associated with the epidermis layer of the skin.

Here you may go through various types of skin tones;

Skin Type Skin Tone Physical Nature
Type I Extremely Fair Skin Always Burns & never Tans
Type II Fair Skin Always Burns & sometimes Tans
Type III Medium Skin Sometimes Burns & always Tans
Type IV Olive Skin Rarely Burns & always Tans
Type V Pigmented Brown Skin Never Burns & always Tans

Skin undertone is actually the subtle hue underneath the surface. Undertone is not related to your complexion; rather, it determines the temperature of the skin. There may be cool, warm, olive, and neutral undertones that reflect your skin while exposing you to the natural environment.

The Complexion, on the other hand, is the texture of your skin that naturally appears as your skin color. It may alter by sun exposure, weather conditions, or physical health. Your complexion does not affect your melanin (a pigment that gives color to your skin). Generally, light, medium, and dark complexions are found.

Why do we use a Skin Color Chart to analyze skin complexion?

To determine your skin complexion, the Skin Color Chart works as a helping hand. Various color themes and contrasts found on the chart provide you with a wide range of colors or shades. If you want to know which foundation or base will grant you a perfect makeup look. Then you need a skin color chart.

Additionally, you need to choose the best outfit and hair tint as per your skin tone. There are huge variations of skin shades from lighter to darker on the skin color chart. You have to choose the color that perfectly suits your skin shade. So in this way, you may come to know how to analyze your complexion by skin color chart.

How to analyze your complexion by Skin Color Chart?

Your skin color defines by the skin pigment- Melanin. Although different ways help determine your skin tone, the most feasible is using a skin color chart. It helps you to find how to analyze your complexion by skin color chart.

On the Skin Color Chart, you may compare your skin as per your complexion and undertones. As it represents the skin complexion with the pigments according to skin tone. Here a skin color chart helps you a lot to determine your skin complexion. Let’s put a glance at it.

Skin Complexion chart
Credit: (

Analyze Complexion by using Chromosphere

Another prime method to record skin color is to use a remarkable device- Chromosphere. It is developed by LˈOréal. It works as a Skin Color Chart. However, this new one shows true skin color with no metamerism and covers almost all skin colors confronted across the world.

All skin color measurements and the validation of each selected color were performed under identical conditions. Then compare the absorption spectra of both skin and chart with critical analysis.

This latest instrument that solves your problem of how to analyze your complexion by skin color chart has been validated for both Asian and Caucasian skin complexion and sunspot color.

How do you differentiate yourself among Undertones?

According to your skin complexion, you may come to know about undertones of your skin that are more significant as complexion. Now take a birds-eye view of various skin undertones.

Cool undertone gives your skin red and pink with bluish hints

Olive undertone gives your skin yellow and green touch

Warm undertone gives your skin yellow, peachy, and golden hues

Neutral undertone gives you olive or a balanced mix of the shades above

What are some other ways to analyze your Skin Undertone?

Though you can determine your skin tone and texture by comparing it with a skin color chart, there are some other ways to assist you in this regard.

Vein Test

Vein test to analyze skin complexion
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Your blood vessels help you a lot to determine your skin undertone. You just focus on the veins of the wrist in natural light. It will help you to know how to analyze your complexion by skin color chart. First, you have to rub your skin with a Kleenex and close your fist tightly enough that your veins bulge out to some extent. Thus, your vein’s appearance under the skin grants you some surprising results.

  • If your veins appear as blue color, it means you are neutral-toned
  • If your veins appear as blue or purplish color, it means you are cool-toned
  • If your veins appear as yellow or green color, it means you are olive toned
  • If your veins appear as blue to a greenish color, it means you are warm toned

White Paper Test

Stand in front of a mirror by holding a clean white paper. Put this white paper near your neck and compare your skin with the paper. There may be different results under-identification;

The Golden/yellowish color of the neck shows a warm undertone as compared to the paper. The color of the neck and upper chest seems pink/reddish as compared to the paper denotes a cool undertone. And if you are confused in determining by the appearance of yellow/pink as compared to the paper, then it denotes a neutral undertone.

Silver/Gold Jewelry Test

Jewelry test for analyzing skin complexion
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Females of any age are usually fond of wearing gold or silver jewelry. So it is a very interesting experiment to determine your skin tone.

Wear any silver as well as gold jewelry item (bracelet, ring, necklace, etc.) and match your skin color;

  • If you bear a warm undertone beneath your skin surface, both (silver & gold) looks good, but gold seems to compliment more on the skin.
  • If you have a cool undertone, both (silver & gold) looks good, but silver seems to compliment more on the skin.
  • If you have a neutral undertone beneath your skin surface, both (silver & gold) look good but are difficult to choose.

Check the Skin behind your Ears

The skin behind your ears is sensitive but is assumed as the best place to analyze the skin undertone. The reason behind this is it faces less sun exposure.

So you can check the color of the skin at this place. A yellow skin appearance proves your skin undertone warm, whereas a pink or rosy appearance reveals a cool undertone.

The Sun Test

Sun exposure helps you to determine which undertone you have. All those people who have a warm undertone, their skin can be tan easily. However, those people who bear a cool undertone make their skin burn and turn red by exposing them to the sun.

The reason behind that the UV light of the sun contains strongly penetrating rays. But the cool undertone cannot tolerate these and reacts immediately. That is why such people must use SPF-30 or any sunscreen to protect their skin against the harmful rays coming from the sun.

Bottom Line

Finding skin tone is ubiquitous, but here you may get the best approaches regarding how to analyze your complexion by skin color chart. It helps you choose the most suitable makeover, dresses, shoes, ornaments, and even everything that you need to look awesome. This is all about the matters of your skin tone or color complexion. So, you have to be taken this seriously and opt for a lifestyle accordingly.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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