How to Screenshare On Discord Server

How to Screenshare On Discord Server

Discord Screen Share aspect has made Discord an unbelievably great software for virtual teamwork, especially for players that need online consultations and video calling from remote locations. There are quite a lot of queries from the online players on How to screenshare on discord server.

Discord has factually altered the way video conferences and meetings are done. Its highest online streamers recently topped around more than 10 million.

Discord gives free VoIP, text, and video chat servers and many unique features for gamers like Twitch integration. It’s a “cannot do without” app for doing business in the gaming industry, and if you have discord, your company has a unique edge in customer communications.

In the field of business communication and partnership tools, Discord is stretching its wings as a genuine competitor.

You communicate and interact with friends and family through the Discord app, similar to trendy apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and TeamSpeak. It has user-friendly text, voice, and video chat for both public and private servers that anyone can set up for free.

What is the discord application?

Before going to how to screenshare on discord server, learn about it. Discord is undoubtedly one of the most extensively used interaction tools for online streaming and gaming players.

It’s a Skype alternative for gamers, specifically made to help online gamers interact and connect via private servers to voice chat and text.

Discord application mainly runs with mobile and desktop platforms and has blended features of a message board, a chat room, and a VoIP chatting system.

Discord has gained popularity over the past years, and the app has around 250 million registered users. and now more people are searching how to screenshare on discord server.

Discord screen share

The most powerful addition to Discord is the Screen Sharing feature, which was started in August 2017. This feature on how to screen share on discord server allows one-liners on the Discord chat server to view and interact with each other screens.

With screen sharing, players can simultaneously do video calling on the chat servers, a fantastic in-built feature of Discord. The users no longer need to install other software.

How to go live with discord

Start Discord, key in the server, and begin to stream; if you are a gamer, open the game you want to stream. When the game is recognized by Discord, connect with the “Go Live” button at the bottom left near the username and avatar.

If Discord doesn’t automatically recognize the game you want to stream, enter the Go Live menu and select “Change”. Choose the voice channel and click “Go Live”.

Concentrate on this stream and try to access the Stream Settings menu. Here, you can change the quality and image frequency of your stream.

It depends on you. If you want better stream quality than 60 FPS or 1080, then sign up for Discord Nitro premium service.

How to Screenshare on Discord Server with everyone.

Learning how to screenshare on discord server with everyone, share your screen with Go Live with everyone on the Discord server, and do the following steps:

Step One: Select a voice channel for your server

Step Two: Hit the Go Live streaming icon in the voice level panel at the bottom left corner, and then a new window will appear

Step Three: Select a single application window you want to share or an entire screen to share

Step Four: When you are ready to share your stream, hit the “Go Live” button at the bottom of the window

How to join and watch a Go Live stream on the server

Step One: In the left sidebar, see for any broadcasters with the Go Live icon image within the voice channel

Step Two: Click on the user id of the broadcaster with the Go Live icon image and automatically join the stream

Step Three: When you have settled in, you can alter the size and position of your viewing window and tune the stream’s audio from the volume icon image while surfing over the stream.

How to screenshare on discord server with go live?

Although you have learned how to screenshare on discord server, to begin a screen share, enter a voice channel in your server. When you have joined the voice channel, you see the Go Live button in the voice status box.

A box will come up, and a single application window is selected to share by choosing the applications option or by clicking on the Screens option to share your entire screen.

Once you have learned how to screenshare on discord serve and decided which screens to share, hit the Go Live button to validate and begin sharing. If you are unsure which screen to share, you can change the shared screen while streaming from the Go Live panel.

How to screenshare on discord server Go live permission

The skill to Go Live on a channel is secured at the back of the “Go Live” permission. If you have determined how to screenshare on discord server, then you must own the server or have permission from the Administrator; you can amend these permissions and give certain server members the authority to stream!

1) For a specific role

Go into Server Settings and click the Roles tab to allow the “Go Live” permission for specific roles in the server. When you have chosen the specific Role and want to give the permission, scroll down the permissions list below to Voice Permissions to allow “Go Live.”

2) For a specific channel

You can customize permission on the channel level.  Right-tick your voice channel, choose edit Channel in the options list, then choose Permissions right under Overview on the left.

You then add a Role or server member by hitting the plus sign by the Roles/Member part and then selecting who to give the permission. Finally, scroll down the permissions list below the Voice Permissions to allow “Go Live”.

How to screenshare on discord server while watching stream

To the right of the username. You see the “Go Live” image icon. The go live icon implies the user is online watching, and when you click their username in the voice channel, the option to watch the stream appears.

When you click “Join Stream”, you immediately connect with the voice channel and see a stream window. To watch the stream in full screen, you can double-click and then, by pressing “Esc”, minimize it back to a window. You can control the stream’s audio from the volume icon. This will be the best outcome of your learning how to screenshare on discord server.

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