How to See Subscribers on YouTube

How to See Subscribers on YouTube

You Tube started in 2005 and has become an innovative media powerhouse. The growth of influencers popularly known as the You Tubers is unprecedented and such growth never witnessed in history before, and the curiosity about how to see subscribers on YouTube is immense.

YouTube is now the top platform for video blogging, sharing & marketing. There are billions of visitors every day, there is a huge potential audience for every uploaded video. A super way to onset attaining your goals is to switch these visitors to subscribers.

In this modern time, from a bookish nerd to a jolly soul YouTube has become their daily hangout. Becoming a part of this online population is not only fun but has also become a way of life profession. Nowadays YouTube creator is a trendy job.

YouTube is in every home and is being watched in every corner of the globe. Almost more than 500 hours of video data are transmitted via the internet every minute, and there are thousands of channels that have millions of subscribers. Google purchased this platform in 2016 and according to Alexa YouTube now ranks No. 2 after google search in global and domestic web traffic.

How YouTube works

Marketing is moving toward dynamic over static content, and YouTube is the biggest key player in the industry. For a personal user, the site seems clear-cut, but it’s more complicated if one wants to use it to promote and grow your business.

The easiest and best way for users to stay in touch with your favorite content is to subscribe. Every time you upload a new video of your favorite chef or beautician, a subscriber is urged to revisit the channel through a push notification.

The YouTube channels continually push viewers to subscribe to their channel, and by doing so enhances and boost engagement traffic and also the number of views. Many famous YouTubers put reminders to subscribe at the beginning and/or end of their videos.

YouTube videos

There are millions of people who are online watching videos of their choice and likings through YouTube people all over the world store and share videos with friends on social media.

YouTube videos cover millions of topics, you name it and the videos on that topic are on YouTube and anyone who likes a video upload it.  These videos are easily downloaded and shared through various forms of social media, email, and websites and can also be embedded in websites.

YouTube wants viewers to share and voice their opinion of videos they watch, to keep videos to watch later, and to share their favorite videos with friends.  A video can be made publicly available or can be shared privately with limited people.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is an analytics and reporting tool. It gives you data about each video you upload, you can track the number of views your video gets, from which part of the world people are coming to watch it, and age, gender, and race of people who are watching it.

YouTube channels

Any type of business can start a YouTube channel, piling all your videos together. In this way, you fill your channel with images representing your firm. In the ‘About’ section you can give a brief sketch of your business and also a link to your firm website and contact details.

Your channel is where you collect and gather all your video activity you make and upload, the favorite videos you watch and like, and the playlists of videos you make.

Your channel shows a web address (URL) which you can sponsor on your website or marketing material. When people subscribe to your channel, and when they login to YouTube your videos will be listed on their YouTube home page.

You can create ‘playlists’ in your YouTube channel to view your videos by subject or type. For example, you can make a playlist containing videos about your product categories, or you can have a playlist of videos added by your customers.

If you are very curious about how to see subscribers on YouTube channel you can do it through the desktop version of YouTube, or you can also know the number of subscribers through the iPhone and Android apps. Here’s how to do each.

How to see subscribers on YouTube on desktop

Step One: Log into your YouTube account and in the upper right-hand corner of your screen you see your profile photo, click on it.

Step Two:  Find and click the “Your channel” option.

Step Three: Under the channel’s username appear the number of subscribers you have to your channel.

You can find a list of the most recent subscribers, their names and profiles, in YouTube’s Studio (Beta) feature.

Step Four: At the top of your channel in the menu bar, hit the blue “YouTube Studio (Beta)” button.

Step Five: On the YouTube Studio screen, find the card with the tag Recent Subscribers enter to get more information. Only the 100 most recent subscribers will be seen and only subscribers whose profile remains public will be visible.

If you don’t have access to YouTube Studio (Beta) or if the recent subscriber’s list doesn’t show on your account, you can see the full list of your public subscribers by surfing to through YouTube’s Creator Studio Classic.

YouTube subscribers on mobile phone

The list of your subscribers is only on the desktop version of YouTube, which you can also access on a mobile device by opening into your account on a browser and going to

On mobile app how to see subscribers on YouTube, is limited and this only gives your number of YouTube subscribers, rather than a full list of names. Here’s how to do that.

Step One: Find and click the YouTube icon to open the app and make sure you are logged into your account.

Step Two:  In the upper right-hand corner of your screen click your profile icon image and then select on the “Your channel” option on your Account screen.

Step Three:  On your channel, next to your user icon and below your name, the number of your YouTube subscribers can be viewed.

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