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How to Sell your Products Online

by Harriet Wetton
How to Sell your Products Online

After the digital revolution, our life has pinched in a small box. Everyone wants to earn where he sits. But now, it’s not a dream to make money while sitting in your home or any place to live. You can run your business at these by selling your products online. Multiple platforms grant you a lot of opportunities to earn a handsome amount by selling your items. So, if you are thinking about this, then you have dived at right place. Because here, you may come to know some astounding modes on how to sell your products online and earn a substantial amount.

Why you must move to sell your products online

Not everybody, but most people want to reserve themselves in their homes, especially in this pandemic. Why not..? Protection is necessary but, money is essential to survive as well. So, make a smile on your face because you can earn money by keeping yourself protected at home through online selling your products. Here are some pinpoints that clarify why you sell your products online…

  1. Fast launch times
  2. Established programs
  3. Large customer bases

But there are some rules that you have to understand about selling your products online. Let’s figure out those points in an exclusive manner.

  • Select the product first you wanna go to sell
  • Find the online platforms suitable for your product
  • Follow some online business strategies
  • Get more profit

Before starting your business, you have to choose the product that you want to go to sell. Anything that’s in your access, you can buy at wholesale rate and start to sell online. Moreover, you may create your product as your own, like dresses, DIY crafts, bakery items, shoes, feet-pics, mobile accessories, or other services, etc.

Well! You have created and pack up your product and, now the second task is to find the best and more appropriate platforms where you can sell your products online.

How to sell your products online

While running a business, you have to keep some pro tips in your mind; Presence of mind and a Sense of responsibility is assumed as a key to success in any sort of business. Now figure out some of the most influential platforms that boost your sales.

Create an online store

To sell your products online, you can create an online store. Although, there are many challenges associated with running a store. As each coin has two sides, the online store also gigs on these parameters.

The darker side is that you have to market as your own. Additionally, you have to grab your traffic as yourself. That’s more time may require to grow your business and selling your products.

The brighter side is that you can cash your whole profit. No commission needs here. You have complete control over the prices and sales. So, it may be more advantageous for you apart from the cons of it.

For this, Shopify grants you the best choice to sell your products, which is the grand e-Commerce multinational company. It paves the avenues for your success to run an online business enthusiastically.

Go to Marketplaces

You can also go to any marketplace if you are pondering how to sell your products online. As different online businesses, marketplaces have different leverages for sellers to grow their business. There are more than 100 marketplaces run now. Almost all of them encourage you to get the best sales.

Each online marketplace has its own formalities and strategies for product categorization, fee listing, and audiences. Different marketplaces assist you in this regard. Like;


Amazon is amongst the most popular online eCommerce marketplace, having a good repute overall in the world for the last decades.

While selling any product or run a business, the main thing is to build customer’s trust, which guarantees the bright future of any business tycoon. Amazon has proved itself the best site that builds more trust by customers along with generating huge revenue. There is no risk of scams. Everything is original and trustable. The reason is that this site has a strong check and balance on spurious products and keeps them outside. So, the buyers are fully satisfied and show absolute trust in its products and services.

Choose the best site to sell your products as Amazon. You can sell your products with this eCommerce platform that paves the way for your success grant you good sales.


Alibaba.com is another leading site that accommodates you to sell your products through this platform. No doubt, there are also some requirements to own your services but the good profit must be generated via this. So you can move here for selling your products. You might have the best experience here as a seller.

It is a well-reputed site among global markets, where you get more storefronts. You may get end-to-end wholesale services calibrated to help you sell your products and grow your business too. The most sophisticated way to sell your products here is; to post all of your products in the catalog. Such practice will help to catch more customers and get more audience.


The huge revenue-generating body is Walmart. It is not only the best marketplace in the US, but it also provides smooth customer care services that help you to get more sales.

If you choose Walmart to sell your products, you may generate more sales because it is the biggest marketplace in the world. Millions of customers shop here because it provides everything that they need with the price range as per its standard.

Undoubtedly, on such a biggest site, the standard is also very high for all goods and items. So more traffic comes here, and then more sales have generated. Thus, you can also get more benefits through this site.


It is a large entrepreneurial company that gives you a helping hand to sell your products. It is also a big and growing community for shops. A plus point is that you can sell your products with minimal fee, not too much amount is required to register yourself at Bonanza.

So, all those sellers and vendors that are not able to pay more fees, can move here to sort out the enigma of how to sell your products online.

Almost 50,000 sellers and millions of products are now on Bonanza, which attracts buyers’ choices across the world. So if you have any product that you want to sell online, it’s not a wrong choice.


eBay is another online platform that guarantees you to sell your products. It’s an original selling site on the internet like others. Whether you have any kind of product for selling, you can sell on eBay because it provides a smooth path for anyone to sell anything. There is almost nothing that cannot sell on eBay.

But eBay charges a non-refundable fee to its sellers. The fee decides as per your item. And if you choose other categories to sell your items, then you have to charge separately. Moreover, the total fee is finalized after sum up of the shipping charges too, including the tariff for the product, you have to sell.

So, some of these restrictions you have to follow at eBay. Thus, be conscious of its payments or fee packages. No doubt, it is also a world-class marketplace but it is not more trustworthy for customers than Amazon.

Google Express

Google Shopping Express that is known as Google Express that provides its shopping services worldwide. It is also a revolution in the eCommerce field that; has been changing to advancement day by day after introducing the latest mobile technologies.

It has great worth because it assists its customers to land on their favored shopping brands and stores. It is a smooth shipping process. No tip requires during the delivery process. As it seems more sophisticated for shoppers, it grants the best platform for sellers as well.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is that Google Express gives its services for selling only for US customers. So, you have to register for a US merchant. Then move for further fulfillment of other requirements. The categories for products are also the same here as other marketplaces.


A virtual VarageSale app lets users buy and sell items in their communities. The most encouraging aspect of this app is that it’s free.

Yes…! It is completely free to buy, sell, browse, and bump your stuff to the top of the listing feed. Here you can sell your products safely. Just create a list for your product by putting headlines, descriptions, and the other lump sums for that. You can easy to deal with your customers offline for the shop. Remember! VarageSale is free for merchants only, not for buyers.


It is an eCommerce platform that facilitates its sellers to sell their products. This site is peculiar for selling homespun consignments, hand-made commodities, and vintage items at very reasonable prices.

On traditional brand stores, such items are difficult to visualize because their pivotal point is other mass products rather than handcrafts.

Etsy assumes the best marketplace for artists, painters, DIY experts. Additionally, those people who have expertise in art and crafts can also move here to sell their items. They can sell their items online part-time too.


You can sell your products on Handshake after approval by Shopify. Handshake marketplace grants you a very easy-to-run format to run your business online. If your business is entitled to sell your products on Handshake, then you can use the sales channel of this marketplace to enlist your business and the products on wholesale rates here. Like Etsy, Handshake is also an amazing platform for selling homemade items and vintage commodities.

To sell your artifices at the Handshake marketplace, you have to set up and customize your Handshake profile that attracts customers. Then give info about your business and set the prices of the products accordingly. When all formalities are completed, then go for the further process to Shopify admin.

If you are still thinking about how to sell your products online, then Handshake proves a good format for your business.

Ruby Lane

When you talk about selling antiques, handmade and vintage items, Ruby lane is assumed to be the best forum among others.

There is no fee to shop at Ruby Lane and no charges for listing here. But monthly maintenance fee of $54 is required to pay if you list more than 50 items. And this fee can be shuffle as per the number of products that you will list here. Moreover, some purchasing tax is also associated with each sale about 6.7% as a service fee.

Where you can sell your antiques and vintage goods in handsome amounts, then you should not worry about the fee or any charges associated with this.


If you want to sell your home decor and furniture, then you have reached the best online site. Chairish is an incredible consignment store that grants you to sell your high-quality furniture and other interior décor items with a handsome amount.

Unlike Ruby Lane, Chairish takes some percentage of selling your products. And it also depends on how many items you wanna go to sell. Listing is free, that’s the positive symbol but if you sign up for the Elite service, then almost $149 will require to pay monthly.

Most people purchase furniture but they are fed up with them very soon. Might be possible that they see some latest designs in the market then they move to sell them online. So, don’t worry to sell at Chairish. Because only high standard products are available for both buying and selling.


In this digital era, mobile phones, tabs, cameras, etc… find in almost every home in the world. More of their use cause more errors in them. So, if you have any gadgets that are no longer in your use, then you can sell them at Swappa. It is the best platform for selling techs and gadgets.

Swappa is a more affordable marketplace among others because it grants you a very small fee plan of $5 for a featured listing. You may run your business very successfully by selling our products online through this site.

Use other online Apps or platforms to sell your products online

Undoubtedly, you have learned much more strategies about how to sell your products online here. But some other areas assist you as well in this regard. Just grab those forums and pinpoints among the best…

Create a page on Facebook

When the name of Facebook comes, then the doors of your successful business open. You might get the best forum for here. To market your product on Facebook, navigate the rules;

  • Set up your Facebook Business page
  • Evaluate your options for selling on Facebook
  • Compare Ecommerce platform options for Facebook shop
  • Create products & link to your Facebook shop
  • Market your product for Facebook shop success

Almost every kind of good sells on Facebook because this is the most user-friendly app to run any business for anyone. And it is the most useful too because you can sell your products either Organic way or by running a Paid ad.

Run Google Ads

Among various social media platforms, Google plays a key role to run your business. You can sell your products online via Running Google Ads

If you don’t know that how can move on this manifesto, you have to follow these instructions;

  • First, sign in to your Google Ads Account
  • In the page menu, along the left, click on Campaigns
  • Click on the plus button, then move to New Campaign
  • For “Campaign type”, choose the category of Shopping and then click next
  • After this process, select your advertising preferences
  • Click save and then continue the process
  • Further, you have to choose what kind of ad group you want to create

In this way, you can create your ad on this platform that will introduce your products online to sell and make money.


NextDoor is a social networking app that connects individuals as neighborhoods. You can run your business or sell your product via NextDoor through primarily sponsored content and partnerships. But here are some strategies to sell your items by NextDoor, like;

  • Go to the NextDoor app
  • Tap at the top of the screen
  • Select the option of Post
  • Choose the category “Finds”
  • Select your item’s category
  • Add images of your item, at least one pic must be added as mandatory
  • Then add a title suitable to your product
  • Set the price of your item and then market it
  • If you give any discount or free offer, then mark it as well


You must hear about classified ads in the newspaper. Craigslist is just like that. You don’t need to sign in to any account for it. So, if you worry about how to sell your products online, then you may go with this site. Because this is a very cheap way to sell any items among the rest of the social media platforms. Now here you may come to know some easy steps for selling on Craigslist…

  • Move to the Craigslist website in a web browser.
  • Click on “Create a posting” on the left side of the page.
  • On the next page, you have to fine-tune your location.
  • Then a question is asked there that “What type of posting is this”
  • You must select the best option which is probably “for sale by owner”
  • Then add pictures of your products and sell out them.

This is the more responsible task to sell your products online. So beware of the policies of any platform on the internet. But the one thing is that if you convert your business online, you get more profit than the manual way. So, when you launch your online business and sell your items..? 


Is any risk associated with selling products online?

There are as such no risks associated with online platforms. But, if you move on any online platform, first you have to consolation in this regard.

What are the best-selling items online?

Generally, all kinds of goods can be sold online, but clothes, households, tech accessories, and bags are assumed as fast-selling products. Although there is no restriction to sell any product. However, it’s up to you that what you want to sell.

How long does it take to sell any product online?

It depends upon what’s your niche and how much you invest in that. If your product is of good quality and prices are affordable, and you select the appropriate platform according to your product, then you may get sales very fast.

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