From Takeoff to Touchdown: Setting the Standard for Elevated Air Travel

Setting the Standard in Air Travel

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Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, taking advantage of all the amenities offered by private jet charter services will have you thinking twice about ever again flying on a commercial airliner. From the moment you take off until your private jet touches the runway, your air travel experience will set the standard for luxury and convenience. To find out what you can look forward to on a private jet flight, here are the top amenities found throughout the industry.

Customized and Stocked Kitchen

When you fly on a private jet, your dining experience of air travel will be nothing like what you may be used to on a commercial airliner. Rather than a bag of peanuts and having limited choices from a menu, you can instead have an on-board kitchen that is fully stocked and customized to the preferences of your taste buds. In some instances, you can even have a chef on board to prepare a gourmet meal for you and your traveling companions. However, you can also have these if you prefer something simple like a pizza or hamburger.

Comfortable and Luxurious Bathrooms

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial flight, you probably have at least one horror air travel story concerning your airplane’s lavatory. Whether trying to fit into a bathroom that’s barely big enough for an average-sized individual or finding out the toilet is not working as it should, a private jet’s bathroom will be nothing like this.

When you are on a Van Nuys private jet charter flight, the bathroom on your jet will be spacious, luxurious, and comfortable. On most private jets, bathrooms are also equipped with showers. If you’re on a long flight, this will let you freshen up and feel your best upon arrival.

Increased Security and Safety

Even though you won’t have to pass through airport security checkpoints when flying on a private jet charter, you’ll still have plenty of security and safety before and during your flight. If you are a VIP, you can arrange for your private jet to take off from a runway in a very secure airport area.

It will also be possible for you to have your security detail with you to guarantee your safety at all times. In addition to this, your private jet flight crew will do a very detailed check of pre-flight instructions, ensuring your flight will give you tremendous peace of mind during air travel.

Better Work Environment during air travel

When you are a business traveler who is on your way to an important meeting, the last thing you want on an aircraft is screaming children or babies who cry nonstop. When this is the case, you can forget about getting significant work done during your flight. Yet, on a private jet, you’ll have peaceful air travel and a cabin that will contain an area dedicated to being a workspace. From a comfortable desk to the latest technology, you can look forward to being very productive during your flight.

Access to More Destinations

When you want to get away from it all or have the opportunity to close an important deal with a client who is located in a remote area, using a private jet charter service makes much more sense than relying on a commercial airliner.

Besides not worrying about having your flight canceled at the last second, your private jet will also let you access even the most remote locations. Even if there is only a tiny airport in the area or simply a landing strip, your private jet will be able to access this area and allow you to close that big deal for your company.

No longer a service exclusively for the rich and famous, air travel by private jet is quickly becoming very popular with people everywhere. If you would rather enjoy a flight that’s for business or pleasure instead of being squeezed into a small commercial airline seat that has you eating cold food, listening to loud children, and having a sore back upon landing, elevate your air travel and use a private jet charter service for your next trip.

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