How to Stop Liking Someone who Liked you in Past

How to stop liking someone

As per the law of nature, you become emotionally attached to someone with whom you spent some beautiful hours. That time becomes more special for you rather than anything else. But a bitter reality is that stopping is not the mood of the hour. Time flows like a river. Today is for you and tomorrow for someone. But you do not need to be restricted yourself with someone. If that person has moved on, so why are you still falling into his/her thoughts? You must be understood about how to stop liking someone who liked you in your past. Leave your past, live in present, and plan your future!

Here you may get the best avenues to stop liking someone who had remained very special to you. But now both of you have parted ways…

Stop romanticizing them

Undoubtedly, it’s not easy to forget someone who had lived in a relation with you. But it becomes essential to forget them when such false-hearted persons alter their partners. You don’t need to stick with the memories. So stop romanticizing them who have no care about you and follow some of the useful tips…

  • Try to forget that person.
  • Come out from the memories of the past.
  • Think about the flaws of that disloyal guy.
  • Stop listening to romantic and sad songs.
  • Avoid reading romantic novels.
  • Keep away from red roses and heart balloons.
  • Remove all memories from your mind, either birthday or any other special occasion.
  • Throw all the romantic memories of that person in a trash bin.

Reduce your interactions to stop liking someone

When you will remain to interact with someone, you can’t get rid of the memories of any person. Do you want to leave behind all of the recollections? For this, you must reduce your interactions by following such approaches…

  • Stop contacting either via online or offline
  • Avoid seeing the pics of that disloyal person
  • Block the number or put it on the blacklist
  • Move all the memories in a trash bin
  • Forget the path of the house of that person
  • Limit moving to those recreational places, where you used to go with your crush.

Vent to your family/friends

If you feel alone when someone has left you, you need to understand how to stop liking someone who liked you in your past. At that time, you need the companionship of those people who have somewhat care for you.

Spend time with your loved ones like with your family members and friends. Your parents and siblings are assumed as more special apart from others. They need more attention from you. When nature has granted you such dearest relations, so why you indulge with those worsen and disloyal persons who have no care about you.

Besides your family, your friends also play a pivotal role to get rid of your thoughts of liking someone. Try to spend more time with your buddies and involve in parties getting out together with them.

Self-reflect on the lessons

Be a keen observer. And try to self-reflect on the lessons. We must identify the pros and cons of any deed that we have done. First, you must identify the consequences of any happening. So, find the lesson that you get from this journey.

Liking someone is not bad. But if it lacks sincerity, you must face disappointment at any point. You have to derive the moral from your story. It should encourage you to move further.

Pick up new hobbies to fix your heart

Just leave the habits that remain indulging you with the past recollections of that person who liked you in the past. So find some new hobbies that make cherishable your present moments. Here some of the fruitful hobbies are described that mold your life with positivity…

Start reading the books on skills and personality development. That grants you motivation to move forward by getting rid of the worsen memories of someone.

Plants, greenery, flowers reflect the natural beauty. So, why you still at your place and trying an unsuccessful effort to stop liking someone who liked you in past..? Hence, you may start gardening, or move out to any garden and feel good with the charming flowers there.

Don’t focus on your flaws

The first thing is that you don’t have to focus on the loopholes of your personality. Accept your anguish nature if you have. You may try to transform your personality but it doesn’t mean that you start cursing yourself.

Self-identification is too good but not at the limit that you blame yourself for any error or flaw. So just focus on the positive attributes of your personality. It’s okay that you liked someone. But now it’s up to you that how can you move out from this torment..?

Start journaling

The best talk is self-talk. Write down your feelings. For this, start journaling. It may help you in your catharsis. If you want to work on how to stop liking someone, you must need to flourish your mind with such healthy activities.

When you chock down your emotions, your memories, you may feel some relaxation. Because it’s better than to harm yourself or any other else. So, you can transform your thoughts into your piece of writings.

Start caring for yourself to stop liking someone

Remember one thing that the first love in the world is to love yourself. All other affections come after this. So, start caring for yourself. Don’t bother about those characters in your life who have rejected you in any course.

By forgetting that person who had been your crush in your life, pay attention to yourself. You must look great and awesome at any cost. You must follow some pro tips for taking care of yourself.

Move for counseling

Fall in love is a natural phenomenon but if time doesn’t prove as an allegiant for you, then you won’t lose hope. It’s your responsibility to manage yourself on your own. But if you can’t do this, then you may go for counseling from experts.

Sometimes any happening, people, things ride on your head even you try to get rid of them. But if you move for its solutions you may treat this hectic situation. Various psychiatrists and therapists may fix the issue. You will feel relax and comfortable after counseling.

Embrace the future, if you get rid of your crush

Every passing time moves you to your future. If you will remain stick with your past, you can never think about your future. If you want to secure your upcoming life, you must become out from the memories of the past.

If one door shuts, another door opens. No need to bound with the past. You may explore new things and find your niche to do work next. Your future guarantees to shape yourself positively. So just embrace the future to know about how to stop liking someone who liked you in past.


Is it bad to like someone?

No, it’s not bad to like someone but if both sides are not on the same pitch, then it can create disappointment and emotions that may disturb which turns your life into deep sadness.

Is it okay to stop liking that guy who likes you in past?

Yes, it definitely okay to stop liking someone who likes you in past. Yet now that person doesn’t like you. So why are you develop the same emotions in yourself as before? Just quit your past and move on…

Is it possible to fix a broken heart?

It can only happen if you admitted the fact that someone has left you and moved on. Now it’s your task to carry on in your life. You have to understand, nothing is forever. In short, first, you have to agree with your mind and heart that there are other stars ahead. Thus, you can fix your broken heart.

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