How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone by These 10 Steps

How to Stop Obsessing over Someone

Have you experienced being obsessed with someone? You must be thinking about that person overwhelmingly. Verily, it can happen unnaturally that you indulge in someone deep heartedly and your core emotions may turn on. But it is not a healthy activity for you. Because it’s not only restricted until your past moments, rather it can affect badly your present and future too. So, you have to come out from this obsessive love disorder and this piece of writing guide you that how to stop obsessing over someone by just 10 steps.

What’s the Obsessive Love Disorder?

Obsessive love disorder (OLD)” is a condition when one becomes obsessed over someone at the level that might fall in love. That guy fells into a dopamine rush, yet not only this rather, the level of serotonin and oxytocin also become high. (Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin are the hormones that influence our emotions)

It is actually more similar to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder because it puts great control on your thought process and emotional behaviour. So, if you fall in with the said situation, you must have to put your focus on how to stop obsessing over someone.

Why the obsession over someone happens?

Everything is in an ordered form in this universe by nature. If you see any opposite side of anything, then there must be any disorder that is caused due to certain reasons. In the context of obsessive love disorder (OLD), it’s the flaw of your personality that you molded yourself towards someone till more than enough.

OLD usually happens when you don’t keep things in the right places and take the wrong steps. It’s the flaw, gap, or vacuum in your personality training or grooming. Thus, you may flow your energy towards someone in a very ill-mannered way.

Where affection requires only 30%, you give 70% there. And where 20% loathing requires, you give 80% there. Somewhere in your training, there is a shortcoming, the result of which is in front of you. Such a situation damages your inner-self. But you won’t lose heart because how to stop obsessing over someone is not impossible.

Consequences of the obsession over someone

There’s not happen infinite love and affection with someone whether he/she is so close to you or not. So, why are you demolishing yourself for someone? While you may face such consequences, like;

  1. Losing opportunities to be a part of everything or to extract everything from anyone.
  2. When you stick with one person, you actually lose the interactions with those fifty persons that present around you, from which you may collect their substances.
  3. The main incentive of an obsessed person is ignorance and self-pity.
  4. You may get unlimited and infinite knowledge but being obsessive you will get nothing in reality and just depressed at the end of the day.

So, from now, you have to turn yourself to a purposeful life by seeking some ways how to stop obsessing over someone.

How to stop obsessing over someone

Liking someone is okay but remaining in continuous thinking of that guy is not admirable. As you have come to know, that is why obsession happens. So, now you can learn some fruitful ways in the context of how to stop obsessing over someone by just 10 steps.

1. Stop Overthinking

The root cause of all the problems of man is his thought process. That creates only by signs and stimuli. Because thought is actually a language. So, you have to stop overthinking, if you want to figure out how to stop obsessing over someone.

Stop overthinking

Our brain receives stimulus from our five senses. Then a script has built in our mind that might be narrative or visual. And that script is actually a thought. Input for that thought comes from our memories of the past and imaginations of the future. When both of these coincide at a point then it becomes our present thought. And that thought is the actual base of our all problems.

But if a person is obsessed over someone and keeps indulging in overthinking, then that needs to have control over his thought process. The more you think about someone, the more you obsessed him. That’s assumed as the finest way to know how to stop obsessing over someone.

2. Look inside yourself

Life is going on very fast. Don’t waste your time and energies in mess. Just look inside yourself. You will know what are the hidden qualities you have inside..?

When you look inside yourself, you must find some gems from your personality that can help you to reshape yourself. Moreover, if any flaw has been kept in you, that will also highlight in this way. When you pay your all attention to yourself, you may seek a way how to stop obsessing over someone.

3. Think out of the Box

Keeping sitting, living, or thinking in one place makes you dull enough that your body doesn’t let it move you further. And when you sit idle, only unnecessary thoughts grab your intentions.

But if you fall into obsession over someone, then you need to think out of the box. You have to try to understand that you can’t achieve anything in this world. If you want to do this, then you will fail at last. So why have you stuck yourself in remembering, although there are other stars ahead? That can pave your way to figure out how to stop obsessing over someone.

So, try to think in a sense that you may invest yourself with positive attributes. If you are obsessed with someone, then that‘s not the last person in the world. You can come out of pace if you see the others side of the coin.

4. Remove unwanted thoughts from yourself

Sometimes we fall in love with someone at the level that s/he becomes unwanted and involuntary thoughts. It generally seems that love, at first sight, pushes you into such states of obsession. But here, you may be surprised to know about how to stop obsessing over someone. Because there are only four strides are enough to overcome those unwanted thoughts that grant us by two neuroscientists.


Do relabel your brain that now you are doing overthinking. So it will aid you to come out of that current situation that what are you doing and thinking..?


You have to tell yourself that being obsessed and overthinking are actually errors of your mind. Some flaws, bugs, or errors might enter with its programming. That’s not mine. So, I can deal with this mode of thinking. Thus you can reframe your mind.


Nothing more! You have to change your focus. You may open Facebook, go to the news feed or move to any post, and spend maximum time in this. Thus, you don’t resist your thoughts yet refocus your brain.


Like refocusing, you have to revalue your thoughts, don’t try to resist. For example, your friend comes to you and asks for help to know how to stop obsessing over someone and overthinking for that person. Then you may do counselling that guy. Thus your mind will charge to deal with your thoughts, and new neural pathways will create.

5. Practice mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness

As discussed above thinking too much will overwhelm you. You have to control your thoughts and emotions. If you will remain to indulge in thinking and liking someone that your obsessive behaviour can persist more. So don’t put more pressure on your brain and start practising mindfulness. For this,

  • You may go out for a walk
  • Do some easy exercises that refresh your mind
  • Move towards yoga that relaxes your brain muscles
  • See greenery that brings you close to nature, and you will feel soothe
  • Start meditation to overcome your obsessive behaviour for someone

Once you start practising these tactics or any of them, you will definitely find the way to move on to how to stop obsessing over someone.

6. Avoid the temptation of obsessing over someone

You cannot save yourself by any evil unless you consider evil to be evil. And when you fall into that evil of obsession over someone, you have to come out from this situation. So, avoid this temptation by following these approaches.

  • Take them off their pedestal
  • Just realize that you do not need that person
  • Understand that inaccessible persons are not born for you
  • Start live with yourself
  • Try to forget those moments of first sight
  • Keep them at their place
  • Be brave to hold down your ego
  • Work on your conscious mind and slept down your unconscious thoughts.

Undoubtedly, to come out of the mind is not as easy as it seems. But if you are still stuck in that, track the approaches discussed above and seek how to stop obsessing over someone.

7. Balance your perceptional order

No one in this world can be faithful more than a limit. If you give room to someone more than a limit, that person will ride on your mind and imbalance your perceptional order. Resultantly, it creates more obsessive behaviour in you.

In such conditions, you have to try balancing your perceptional order. There are many things, tasks, and assignments still left and in under process of completion. Move for doing those tasks. If you give much of your time to someone, then that takes over your remaining hours too.

So, it must keep in mind that balancing is necessary for every framework of life to make your life balanced and pleasant. Hopefully, now you get a better understanding of how to stop obsessing over someone by balancing your perceptions.

8. Indulge in some productive chores

Liking someone is not bad, but being obsessive over someone might be critical and create uneven circumstances. So you can overcome this issue by off to consultants.

In this world of great hustle, tremendous toil work has been done. But no one knows how much is still left. So why don’t care about your precious time and sit idle of being obsessed?

Stand up now and move to indulge in some productive chores. This step has been taken by you if you are curious to know how to stop obsessing over someone. You may seek attention in domestic errands. Moreover, you may learn the latest skills that help you to come out from the world of fantasy and dive into reality.

9. Seek professional help

Seek Professional Help

If you can’t move out from this situation of being obsessed with your own, then you may seek professional help. Expert advice has great worth even in any course of life. That will also support you in how to stop obsessing over someone.

Medical science has overwhelming research on human behaviours. Whether a person is happy or not like someone or dislikes, even obsessive disorders have huge concerns. You might go to any psychiatrist for your mental and behavioural therapy.

Liking someone is not bad, but being obsessive over someone might be critical and create uneven circumstances. So you can overcome this issue by off to consultants.

10. Take medication to stop obsessing over someone

You have already come to know that being obsessed over someone is actually due to Obsessive Love Disorder. But in an extreme situation, you must seek medical attention because it will be necessary on this journey of how to stop obsessing over someone. So, OLD can be treated by proper prognosis and medication. For this, you can take;

  • Valium & Xanax (anti-anxiety drugs)
  • Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft (antidepressants)
  • Some antipsychotics
  • Some Mood stabilizers

Disclaimer: Avoid self-medication. Always take any medicine at the recommendation of your physician or psychiatrist. First, see him, then start treatment as per his advice.


How much longer does the obsession last?

According to research, this passion of being obsessed over someone may take at least two to three years.

Is there any possible way to know how to stop obsessing over someone?

Yes! There are various possible ways to strive how to stop obsessing over someone. You have to; stop overthinking, remain busy in somewhat productive activities, or alter your routine life habits.

How long does it take to stop obsessing over someone?

It was only 28 days required to follow on how to stop obsessing over someone if you consciously work for this.

What do you think?

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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