How to Crosspost on Reddit

How to Crosspost on Reddit

Social media is now an indispensable tool for marketing websites, overseeing marketing campaigns, delivering customer support, putting out your fresh blog post, and much more. Understanding How to crosspost on Reddit means posting the same message to multiple information channels. Having an efficient social media strategy is necessary if you plan to run a successful online business and engage with your potential clients.

Manipulating social media can be complex as there are a wide variety of platforms, tools, and techniques. Knowing how to share your content through channels successfully is not always clear, and if done incorrectly may eventually lead to a loss of brand repute and customer loyalty.

What is Crossposting?

Crossposting is the act of generating content and posting it over multiple social media platforms. For example, creating a blog post and forwarding the same piece to a selection of social media websites comprising LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Google+. This can be efficiently used with a posting calendar, allowing you to streamline your social media strategy across all platforms.

How to Crosspost on Reddit

Now we learn how to crosspost on Reddit, a link or text post from a subreddit to one more subreddit of your choosing, through an internet browser. Crossposting lets you make the same post through various subs without uploading the same files or rewriting the same body text again.

Step One: Open Reddit in your internet browser. Type in your browser’s address bar, and hit Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Step Two: Sign in to your account. Enter your username and password into the sign-in form in the upper-right corner of the page, and click the login button. If you’re having the new version of Reddit, click the login button on the top-right corner to open the sign-in form.

Step Three: Find the original post you want to crosspost. You can cross-post a link or text post from the front page or a subreddit.

Step Four:  Click crosspost below the post you want to crosspost. You can find it next to the comments, share, and report buttons below a post’s title. It will open the crosspost form in a pop-up window.

Step Five: Select a subreddit to crosspost. Click the drop-down menu below “Choose where to crosspost,” and select a subreddit to crosspost the selected link or text post.

Step Six: Edit the title of your crosspost. Below the “Choose a title” heading, change the title of the chosen post, or keep it as the original one. As a rule of thumb, you should consider adding a crosspost indicator in the post’s title when you’re crossposting across different subs.

For example, you can add (x-post /r/<original sub>) at the end of the title, and include the original subreddit’s name here.

Step Seven: Complete the captcha. Click the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot” to complete the captcha task. The captcha task will verify that you are a human and not a bot.

Step Eight: Click the SUBMIT button. This is a blue button in the lower-right corner of the crosspost window. This will publish your crosspost on the selected subreddit

Now that we have a proper understanding of how to crosspost on Reddit, we move on to discuss the pros and cons of crossposting.

The Benefits of Crossposting on Social Media

Crossposting makes us remain active on social media. Social media accounts that are functioning and active tend to be popular as the users enjoy getting a regular stream of content and updates, especially if you are a well-reputed brand. A lack of social activity may lead to less involvement and a subsequent decline in subscriber rate.

Crossposting content allows you to spread a single piece of content and use it across various platforms thus making your social media accounts active and healthy. This retains your existing audience, broadens your reach, and attracts new followers.

One can Save Time

A busy entrepreneur or a manager of a small business has a lot of things going on, and they oversee multiple business channels. Time is very precious for them. They do not have the time to write unique content that is specifically targeting various social media networks. Crossposting lets you make one superior content and spread it out to multiple social media platforms in a little amount of time. You can also put more time into generating a single piece of top-quality content instead of three or four ordinary pieces that are made for different platforms.

Vast Exposure for Your Content

A lot of social media users have a preference for certain platforms. For example, a user may visit LinkedIn or Twitter daily but rarely visit Facebook. You can only be certain of reaching these types of users by putting your content post all over. No use spending hours is writing a super blog post if only a few people get to read it.

More User Engagement, more Connections, and more Followers

Updated social media channels grow rapidly and gain more followers. By consistently posting content to all platforms you reach more people, grow an online presence, and drive website traffic.

The Drawbacks of Crossposting

Posted content may not be suitable for every social media platform. The users of various social media platforms have diverse goals and likings. A LinkedIn user is looking for content that is very informative, unique, and useful for their professional development. A Facebook user may be searching for entertaining or not very interesting content.

The content that you generate for various platforms should be tailored to match the audience that each platform pulls. The length, quality, language, and topic of the content will decide how suitable it is for each channel. If you place an unfitting or unrelated piece of content to a specific social platform it may be unnoticed or worse, it could make followers unsubscribe.

Different social media channels use different expressions. For example, Twitter has “retweets” and Facebook has “reactions”. If you unintentionally place a piece of content on Facebook that tells people to “retweet” your content, they will realize that the content is re-posted. This can make your content look “spammy” and stain the repute of your social channel and overall brand influence.

Loyal Followers may Feel Cheated

Certain followers are subscribed to more than one of your social media channels. When they see the same re-hashed content appear across numerous platforms, they may feel like they are being sent spam. This is a big problem as these dedicated followers are your best and devoted customers.

Users Feel Less Motivated to Involve with your Channel

When users come to know that your content is posted to many other media channels, they will have the feeling that your account does not have a unique “character.” Their inclination to engage with your social media channel becomes less and they believe it is merely another location where rehashed content is reposted.

Cross-Promotion versus Crossposting

When worried about the negative impact of crossposting content, you can try cross-promotion. Cross-promotion post one piece of content to one or two social media platforms, which gets promoted across other channels.

This tactic means that there is no spamming of the same piece of content across numerous networks, and all of your followers are aware of the content. Messages must be tailored to the audience on each social platform. It can be a very useful approach and shuns the negative aspects of crossposting content.

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