How to Get not Forgotten

How to Get Not Forgotten

All games require players to make on-the-spot decisions, often involving other gaming partners. You then reap the outcome of those decisions, after a second or months later. The big, challenging thing about how to get not forgotten games is that you don’t just devour the playing fun you get addicted.

Watching a TV show or a movie, you wait for the next episode, but a game lets you control what happens next according to the strategies you make.

Gaming can also give mental engagement, a sense of achievement, and, of course, fun which is why hard-core players spend lovely summer weekends indoors all alone and give hundreds or thousands of hours to a single game.

How to Get Not Forgotten Hand Canon

In Destiny 2 Not Forgotten is a hand cannon, how to get not forgotten is a killing spree and getting the Luna’s Howl hand cannon in the Competitive playlist. In the previous season, Redrix’s Claymore was the reward and Luna’s Howl is an only-of-a-kind hand cannon that Destiny 2 gamers can get as this season’s pinnacle reward.

How to get not forgotten: Luna Howl hand cannon

Luna’s Howl is a smaller pinnacle weapon that is not forgotten. Luna’s quest for how to get not forgotten is longer. A little easy without a Legend rank requirement, but it will be a doozy experience. Luna’s Howl is a renowned weapon in Destiny history, not just for its power, but also for its position as one of the unique pinnacle weapons in the game.

Shock and Denial: This mission will require Destiny 2 players to finish 10 Crucible matches in the Competitive playlist.

Pain and Guilt: This step requires guardians to beat 150 rivals with hand cannons during competitive Crucible matches.

Anger and Bargaining: This grind requires 200 Solar kills, the final blow in competitive Crucible games.

Depression and Loneliness: An easy quest, where players will need to complete Crucible 3 rumble matches, in the Rumble Playlist.

The Upward Turn: Similar to the pain and guilt step, it demands 200 precision final blows from hand cannons during competitive Crucible matches.

Reconstruction: The hardest quest for most players, is to reach the Glory rank “fabled.” Fabled demand 2100 points in any given season of Competitive, and in this playlist, you lose points on a loss. This is the ultimate grind. Choose the loadout that you’re most easy with, no specific weapons, just get to the grinding.

Acceptance: Now finally you have it. This step simply requires players to return to Lord Shaxx in the tower.

To get 500 kills in the Competitive playlist using Luna’s Howl

As we all know How to get not forgotten, we first have to get Luna’s Howl hand cannon. When the players get Luna’s Howl, another mission will start for them to complete. The first step is to use Luna’s Howl hand cannon to get 500 kills in the Competitive playlist.

Self-explanatory but quite a brutal grind. There are no easy ways in this quest, and players must show their hand cannon skills and grind out the required skills in the Competitive playlist. This will unlock the second step, which is another doozy experience.

To get their hands on Luna’s Howl the players have to reach 2100 Glory points and the Fabled rank, to get Not Forgotten, players need to double their Glory to 5500 points and reach Legend. Once more, this killing spree will be a long grind requiring many wins. When the Legend is reached, the quest will be completed, and players will earn Not Forgotten. Not an easy task, but this is how to get not forgotten.

Which is better Luna’s Howl or Not forgotten

The answer to which weapon is better will differ from player to player. Although Not Forgotten shares the same distinguished perks as Luna’s Howl namely Zen Moment and Magnificent Howl. The main difference between the two weapons lies in their other perks.

Not Forgotten has been given a huge boost to the Range in its first two perks, the extended Barrel, and accurized Rounds. and its Range Masterwork. These drive the Range of Not Forgotten to nearly double the Luna’s Howl.

In Destiny 2, Range does not only mean less damage delivered at extended distances, but it also means additional accuracy and steady shots. How to get not forgotten is essentially the same weapon as Luna’s Howl but a weapon that is more consistent and expedient at a longer range.

How to get not forgotten is certainly a top-tier weapon level above Luna’s Howl, and surely famous among the hardcore  P v P players.

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