How to drop items in oblivion

How to drop items in oblivion (1)How to drop items in oblivion

There are many items in Oblivion. If you’re someone who collects things that you do not need, and soon you find yourself overburdened by all the items you can hold. Perhaps, it’s better to learn how to drop items in oblivion, get rid of the item you don’t want, and move on. You can drop collected items anywhere in the world, or you can place them into containers.

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Dropping Item on the ground

Step – 1: Open your inventory: Accessing your inventory to understand how to drop items in oblivion can be done by opening your Journal and then navigating to the Inventory page. The Inventory Menu has five tabs, which are as follows.

How to drop item on the ground in oblivion
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All items: This list includes everything in your inventory.

Weapons: This shows only the weapon items in your inventory.

Armor: This displays only the armor and clothing items in your inventory.

Alchemy: This display lists all potions, alchemy apparatus, food, and alchemical ingredients.

Miscellaneous: The list displays Miscellaneous items, including Books, Notes, Gems, Keys, Torches, Lockpicks, Magic Stones, and other items.

PC – Hold the tab to open the Journal, and then click the Fist next to health, magic, and stamina bars.

Xbox 360 -Hold B and then use LT/RT to toggle between pages until you open the inventory.

PS3 – Press O and then use LT/RT to toggle between pages until you open the inventory.

Step – 2: Drop an item on the ground. You can drop everything in your inventory on the ground so that you unload and feel easy. Choose the item you need to drop and then hold the Drop command.

PC – Shift plus click the item you need to drop, or drag and drop it off your Inventory window.

Xbox 360 – Point to the item you want to drop and press X

PS3 – Point to the item you want to drop and press ⨀

Step – 3: Drop and grab an item: Apart from dropping an item on the ground, you can drop and instantly grab the item. This will keep holding the dropped item in front of you until you free the grab button. Seizing an item is not the same as using or arming it. It just allows you to move it around in the world. Hence how to drop items in oblivion can be a tough job.

PC: Click and hold the item you need to drop and grab. Free the left mouse button to drop the item.

Xbox 360: Spotlight the item you need to drop and grab. Press and hold LB. Free LB to drop the item.

PS3: Spotlight the item you need to drop and grab. Press and hold L2. Free L2 to drop the item.

Putting in Container

Putting items into container in oblivion
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Step – 1: Find a container to pack your items. You don’t need any special thing, you can put items in just about any container, but be careful any containers will not securely save your items. Nobody knows the reason behind what makes a container safe and secure. To check a container, put junk items in it and wait for 73 in-game hours. If the items remain there, the container is safe.

Step – 2: Interplay together with the container to open it. To put an item in a container, you’ll want to open it first. Observe the container and press the Use button:

PC – Spacebar

Xbox 360 – A

PS3 – ✕

Step – 3: Shift between your inventory and the container. When you open the container, you can switch here and there between the container’s contents and your inventory. This will make it easy to know how to drop items in oblivion.

PC – Click the left Sack image for your inventory, or the right Sack image for the container. You can also press ⇧ Shift+←/→ to move back and forth.

Xbox 360 – Press LT to open your inventory and RT to see the container.

PS3 – Press L1 to open your inventory and R1 to see the container

Step – 4: Choose the item you want to move. When you select an item, it will be moved to the other inventory. For example, choosing an item in your inventory will move it to the container, and choosing an item in the container will move it to your inventory.

PC – Left-click the item you need to move, or select it and press enter.

Xbox 360 – Choose the item you want to move and press A.

PS3 – Choose the item you want to move and press ✕.

Knowing when to drop and sell

Step – 1: Avoid dropping high-value items: When you look at the inventory, you’ll see a Gold column. This is the value of the item, though you won’t get this value from vendors unless you are shrew and have good selling skills. It’s better to try to sell or utilize these items instead of dropping them.

Step – 2: Drop low-value items that are the heaviest: The Feather column shows the item’s weight. Dropping a single heavy object is better than dropping than having to drop a lot of lighter valuable objects.

Step – 3: Store valuable items instead of dropping them: There are items you don’t want to sell but can’t keep them tagging it around, the best is to find a safe location to drop the item so that it is easy to find it later.

You generally drop items onto the ground because you don’t want to tag them along and you have no usage for them in the future. This is only valid on the main map and not in dungeons. Thus, it can be the only way to determine how to drop items in oblivion.

You can securely store items in Clams, Tattered Sacks of Grain, or keep them in any containers in the house.

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