How to Make your AirPods Louder

How to Make your AirPods Louder

Many causes are entrancing plenty to make your AirPods louder, and you want you to know how to make your AirPods louder and these causes Maybe you are living in a construction area with ongoing construction work or living with noisy neighbors and may have a louder environment.

You are inadequate to listen and focus on whatever important is played on your AirPods.

Perhaps you are traveling and sitting at the local station, and you don’t want to listen to what people are talking about, and your AirPods have some issues and are getting a shallow volume.

In all these situations, it’s important to make your AirPods louder.

What are the AirPods

Airpods are frequently used in your daily lives, whether you are in your house or not.

Earbuds are very popular, and one of the best reasons for their popularity is that you can use them with any apple device like iPhone, apple watch, and iPad.

They are different from normal headphones. AirPods are completely wireless means it does not connect to any wire, and both headphones are separated. They are still connected to the Bluetooth radio waves and connected to your phone or the other Bluetooth device.

The AirPods are covered at the maximum level set by different states for audio devices such as earbuds and headphones. AirPods have many safety features, but extreme loudspeakers can really damage your ears.

How to make your AirPods louder

If your AirPods are not working properly and the volume of the AirPods are not loud enough, here we will discuss some tips, tricks, and some methods that will help you fix your AirPods issues and will guide you to know how to make your AirPods louder.

These tricks will especially help you when your AirPods are working, but recently they stopped working and making issues.

Setting the Sound Level

Increase the volume of your iPhone. Set the sound level of your phone because there is no button to control the volume on your AirPods. It’s a good place because it’s more comfortable to overlook.

Disable the low power mode

Apple devices are introduced with the feature to consume less battery by reducing the phone’s overall performance. It’s known as the low power mode.

The low power mode is turned on when the phone’s battery is less or about 10% to 20%, and it restricts the background apps and updates until phones are connected to the charger.

Maximum sound output is also hindered when the device’s low power mode is on. You can off or inactivated Low Power Mode on the iPhone to benefit from what AirPods really has to offer.

  • Go to “Settings” and click on “Battery”

Continue to inactivate the Low Power Mode, and you can increase your device’s sound production to the full extent.

 Equalizer settings

while operating AirPods, the Music app on the device has a pair of settings that can significantly improve AirPods volume.

One of those settings is the EQ settings, where Apple gives up to 23 several preset equalizer options depending on the type of music you hear.

These settings can be modified at any time but will not renew automatically based on several tunes performed and would have to be donated each time manually.

To change the EQ settings and choose a proper preset:

  • first, open “Settings” on your iPhone / iPad and select “Music.”
  • Under “Music,” scroll till you find the “Playback” section and click on “EQ” inside.

Volume setting using Siri

It’s an amazing trick to make your AirPods volume louder using Siri without using your device and your phone, but make sure your phone is connected to your AirPods.

  • Tap on the Bluetooth
  • Touch on your AirPods name icon
  • Tap on all setting
  • Touch microphone and rename AirPods
  • Select Siri for right or left AirPods and tap on the setting.
  • Double-tap to activate Siri on your phone and ask Siri to make loud your air pods volume

Reset your AirPods

This trick will help you get freed from different AirPods issues, such as low volume, not working and software issues, and many more.

  • Make sure your AirPods are connected
  • Keep your AirPods into the charging case and then open the cap end
  • Keep pressing the back button of the charging case until the backlight blinks three times

Reset process of your AirPods complete now close the cap of the AirPods case.

After charging, open the lid of your AirPods and try to connect it with your device. You will get a notification button for a new setup to connect your AirPods. It’s an amazing and beneficial technique to make your AirPods louder.


AirPods are a beneficial device, and you can carry them anywhere, anytime. There may be many reasons due to you want to make your AirPods louder. AirPods volume depends on the device you are using, like using AirPods with mac, then there are different mac volume settings.

If you are using AirPods with iPhone or iPad, there must be different ways to set and adjust the volume. If you want to know how to make your AirPods louder, try those tricks, and get wonderful results.

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