How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is a long piece of warm clothing, usually in square or rectangle form. it’s very famous due to its adaptability, utility, and warmth. Here we will discuss how to wear a blanket scarf and make it perfect with your outfit because many people don’t know how to wear a blanket scarf without looking awkward.

The scarf style is not new, most people wear it only for its versatility and warmth, not for the style or fashion.

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Blanket Scarfs are available in different colors, patterns, and sizes, so you can easily use them with any matched outfit with different styles and in so many ways. Now let’s move on to figure out the ways regarding how to wear a blanket scarf.

The Loop Style

The loop style is the most common and popular. In loop style, we use a long size square blanket scarf.

  1. Wrap scarf in half, along
  2. Close it together
  3. Put it throughout the back of your nape, keep one side large than the other one
  4. Take the long side and fold it around the back of your neckline and take it back to the front
  5. Take that end and move it over the loop
  6. Square to your desire

The Poncho Style

the poncho style is also known as the cap style, and the cap looks. It’s the easiest way to wear the scarf, it covers almost all of your upper body and keeps you warm.

  • Keep the scarf in front of you
  • then turn it throughout your body to keep it on you like a cap
  • Wrap the scarf on your shoulders and pick every end round to the front
  • Keep hanged both ends in front of you. Both arms will be covered from the shoulder to the forearm
  • Do the modification and adjust it to your size until you are satisfied

The kerchief style

The kerchief style is also a famous, comfortable, and standard style to know how to wear a blanket scarf. It also kenned with the name of the bandana.

  • Wrap your blanket scarf the side by side to make a triangle
  • Pull up your scarfs corner in your hand
  • Wrap it up throughout your neck and join both ends back at your head
  • Pick both ends back to the front again
  • Leave the edges drooping in front if you like
  • Also, tie a knot the edges under the bottom of your scarf for a more nice look
  • Adjust it according to your choice

Uneven Tail style

The Blanket Scarf is large in size in the usual scarf, so you can easily wear it with the uneven tail form. But to know how to wear a blanket scarf in an uneven tail style, follow the steps;

  • Wrap your scarf in half of the long style, folding the first end throughout your neck.
  • Then make the second end stretch all the way forward or down.
  • Ensure to tuck in any movable tips, so the large end takes the attention.

Even Tail Style

Even rectangle style is one of the most comfortable styles to wear as a blanket scarf.

  • to wrap it in half and make both edges drop even down in front of your body in two equal squares.
  • It may look so simple at first sight, but by choosing the right scarf, you may definitely look nicer and more graceful.

Belt Under a Coat Style

There is another way to determine how to wear a blanket scarf belted under the coat. It is an amazing and fabulous way to emphasize your waist even in all the clothes.

  • Just fold the scarf over your neck
  • Let it free to drape down on your chest
  • Put your belt on your waist

Am sure you are gonna love belted under a coat style.

Infinity Style

The infinity scarf is long, joined laired loops of the scarf. You can wear it in several trendy styles. You can wear it even as a vest. Wearing the infinity scarf in different ways can change your outfit too.

How we can make Blanket Scarf

It is very easy to make a Blanket Scarf. I guess anyone can easily do it.

The most important and difficult thing is to decide which color and stuff should choose from the clothing store, we have already learned about how to wear a Blanket Scarf let’s discuss it and make it easy for you.

  • Choose the Stuff according to your looks; try to choose the soft and smooth stuff
  • Measure the fabric that you need for your scarf according to your height
  • Cut the Fabric, Then use the clips to pick it out the few layers of the stitches
  • Repeat the above step for all sides of the scarf
  • Cut any thread stray or loose, and voila

Your blanket scarf is ready.


A number of ways have you learned about how to wear a blanket scarf in the whole guide. You can wear a Blanket scarf by wrapping it and looping it around your neck, keeping inside drop down then the other edge.

Blanket Scarf can wear in different ways like poncho style, even tail or uneven tail style, hanging it over your shoulder, taking the edges to join in front of your body. You can use it more versatility by adding the belt to your waist or wearing the scarf’s jacket.

What do you think?

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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