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How to Measure Hips

by Harriet Wetton
how to measure hips

Taking accurate body measurements is one of the keys to a magnificent fit. There are different methods and reasons on how to measure hips and why you should measure them. Many people do this to prepare clothing size or to track fitness or diet progress.

Most importantly, measuring your hip circumference is a beneficial pointer of your current health, so measuring your waist and hips accurately is very important for accuracy.

How to measure hips accurately

Before measuring your hips, it is important to plan properly. The measurement method will be much more comfortable if you stand in front of a full-length mirror. You will also need a cloth tape measure or a piece of cord that you can use for evaluating and measuring. Consider having a piece of paper and a pen handy, too, so that you can write down the measurement right away. Once you have set all those things, you can start measuring.

Find a full-length mirror.

Although hips are more comfortable to measure yourself than other parts of the body, a mirror will help you to make sure that the tape is not tangled or uneven. So, stand in front of the mirror to get your measurement.

Take off your clothes.

Take off outer clothes, such as jeans and shirts. You can leave it with thin underwear and still get an exact measurement. Wearing jeans or anything else that is too heavy will increase the measurement.

Put your feet together

Having your feet separate can create a measurement that is more eminent than your hip area. Put your feet together to take the measurement. At the very least, your feet shouldn’t be more comprehensive than your shoulders but together is better.

Know the difference between your waist and your hips

Your actual waist is the tiniest part of your torso, where your body dives. Your hips are below that, and they are generally wider than your waist. Your hip measurement covers your butt and your hips.

Find the widest point

Your hip measurements should be exerted where your hips are widest. That’s because when you’re taking measurements, you’re trying to get an accurate portrayal of your body and your hips depict the widest point of your lower half. For the clothes to fit accurately, you need to find the widest point.

Hold a cloth tape measure at one hip

Hold one end at one hip. It doesn’t imply which side you are starting from. You can also pull it more towards the middle if it is more comfortable for you. Just be sure to endure onto that end while making the other end.

Turn your back

Enclose it around your butt, taking care to make assured it doesn’t twist. Pull the tape to the other end from the other hip. Make sure to cover it around your butt at the same time.

Look in the mirror

Now that you have it encased up make sure you have it right in the mirror. The tape should be parallel to the ground around it and should not bend at all. Make sure it looks smooth.

Make it comfortable

When measuring, the tape should be snug about your hips. However, it should not cut off circulation. It should be close enough that you can only place one finger underneath, no more.

Read the number

You can look down to see out your measurement. Your measurement is wherever the end of the tape meets a number when the tape measure reports. You may need to look in the mirror to read the number more efficiently.

Write down your measurement

Now that you have thought about your hip measurement, please write it down to save it for later. You will also need other measurements to make your clothes, such as bust, hips, thighs, waist, and inseam, depending on what you are doing.

Add a few inches in measurements

When you make clothes, you don’t reach your exact measurements because it would be too tight, meaning it would be difficult to move them. So you need to add a few centimetres to make it more flexible.

Tips on how to measure hips

  • If you measure a pattern or clothing, it is vital to be as perfect as reasonable
  • all has different body shapes, so it may take many tries to reposition the tape measure to make sure you measure the deepest point
  • You can also print a tape measure from the Internet. You can get them with a simple online search.
  • Do not use metal tape for measurements.
  • They are not flexible enough, so they will not give you an exact measurement.
  • If the tape measure doesn’t look smooth, reconnect it and try again
  • Add a few inches or centimetres when you are doing your laundry


Correct hip measurements are essential in making clothes or assessing weight loss.

How to measure hips first find the hip bone. The hip is measured by covering and wrapping the tape measure around the hip’s deepest part, below the hip bone. You would know very well where your buttocks stand out the most. This is where you should attach your hip tape.

When taking your hip measurement, make sure your feet are united or together, not the wide part, at least not as wide as your shoulders.




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