How to Eat Crawfish in 3 Incredible Steps

Eating crawfish quickly takes a little bit of practice. learning how to eat crawfish is the first time you shouldn't be afraid of being messy

Crawfish, yabbies, crayfish, and mudbugs, are all the same freshwater lobsters. But how to eat crawfish somewhat seems crucial. The name depends on the United States area where they are settled; eating crawfish also depends on the location and area. Crawfish look like tiny lobsters and are eaten steamed or boiled and fried.

The crawfish period starts at the end of January and goes through June. In June, crawfish are a bit harder to peel, and in January, they are more petite, but in my belief, any time is suitable to steam the crawfish.

What are Crawfish?

Before moving to tackle how to eat crawfish, first, you should take a little bit of info about that. Crawfish are small crabs that exist in fresh water and taste like shrimp and lobster. About 95% of the United States’ crawfish are gathered in Louisiana, but they are famous worldwide, from Sweden to Spain to Nigeria. You can get this common lobster crawling through lowlands, waterways, rivers, and lakes all over the planet.

How to eat Crawfish

Gulping crawfish takes a bit of exercise and patience, as does eating lobster. The common idea is to twist the tailpiece and pull, squeeze, or suck the pork in it. Some tips make this chore more comfortable.

  • One is to prepare and cook the crawfish as long as sufficient.
  • Always double-check that your crawfish was living when prepared. Some not so lively always move out of the cracks.
  • The tail should be crisp and approximately stiff. Whenever you pay a little care to this instance, you should find out “which of these elements does not fit here. 

Step 1

Take a sip of the juice that you have and discuss how delicious this is.

Pinch the crawfish

Turn and depart the tail from the bottom of the crawfish. Twisting the tail sidelong works better than up and down. The head can be cut or discarded.

Some foodies enjoy relishing the seasonings on the body and “engulf the head.”

Step 2


Depart Crawfish to eat for

Strip the fine lines of shell material at the opening to expedite the extraction of the meat. Taking the tail, nicely pinch along its length to extricate the gist. Just like pressing oranges support to the skin remove better.

Now you can dip your crawfish in your favorite sauce.

Step 3

With a strong grip on the bottom of the tail, shovel the meat out of its crust. If you do it directly, it will come out quickly and intact. The crawfish is fully heated and cooked, the vein and nerves can be extracted for superficial purposes, but it is optional.

Peel of the head of crawfish

A crawfish can be as easy as boiling spiced crawfish, or more extensive meals with crawfish are potatoes, corn, and garlic. Sometimes andouille sauces are added to the mix. The spices and ingredients depend on the region.

Essential tips for how to eat crawfish

Although, you have got step-by-step methods regarding how to eat crawfish. But there are still some essential tips, which you need to understand before moving to relish your heart with crawfish.

  1. Check the crawfish anxiously to see where the peak and tail meet
  2. Stir the tail towards the head and then rotate it away from the head
  3. get the first band on the tail crust and stick it to extract the meat
  4. Hold the end of the tail concurrently while biting into the meat to extricate it
  5. If you crave to eat the crawfish head, feel free to engulf up the juices
  6. Have a plate nearby to incline the crusts while you eat
  7. Make sure you have loads of towels or paper tissues on your hand
  8. Clean your hands with lemon juice that will help you to reduce the lingering and nagging crawfish smell

With that said, there are many discussions about how to eat crawfish in the best and the ease way. Some people admire how to eat crawfish heads while other people are only focused on the tail. 

Nutrition and Benefits

Where you have learned about how to eat crawfish, its nutrition and benefits also need to determine. Crawfish are high in protein and low-calorie food and are low in fat. They are also highly rich in niacin, vitamin B12, copper, and selenium.

Snyder says about the nutritional value of crawfish;

“A serving of crawfish, which is about three ounces of peeled crawfish tails, is a very low-calorie, low-fat source of protein.”


More than 500 varieties of crawfish have been cataloged and invented, but in the United States, most of the crawfish eaten are red marsh crawfish and white crawfish. These two varieties can coincide in the same waterbody, and there is not much diversity in taste or how to cook and serve them.


Crawfish may look difficult to eat, but once you get expertise regarding how to eat crawfish, you’ll be relishing them by the pound, just like the New Orleans people do.

When discussing the locals of Louisans, they know that having crawfish affects more than just eating meat, where crayfish are most common.

Typically it is eaten boiled at the informal gathering where half the fun is socializing while waiting for the food to cook.

How to eat crawfish, start by twisting the head with your hands. If you are engrossed in having the crawfish’s head, place the open end between your lips and engulf the meat.

If not, cut the head after lifting it. Next, remove the crust from the tail and depart the tail from the body’s bottom to expose the digestive tract.

Ditch the digestive tract and then suck the meat from the tail. Finally, it opens the fangs and sucks the meat that is inside them. 

What do you think?

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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