How to Become a Physical Therapist; Also Know 7 Amazing Traits

How to become a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists use training, and yoga practices to improve a patient’s condition of life. If you are curious in knowing how to become a physical therapist, this guide definitely helps you.

Patients have medical maladies or injuries that harm the function and action of muscles.

They are referred to a physical therapist who helps check and stops these conditions through stretching, yoga, hands-on therapy, supplies, and more.

Physical therapists are trained to perceive patients to understand their needs and choose their therapy plans’ effectiveness to help their patients to the best of their ability.

Physical therapy aims to decrease pain and help you to work, move, and live healthily. You may need it to:

  • Ease the pain
  • Recovery after a cuff, accident, fracture, or operation
  • Work in balance to evade slipping or falling
  • Maintain a chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis
  • Heal after giving birth
  • Check or improve from a games offense
  • Obviate injury or operation
  • Adjust to a prosthesis and learn to use assistive tools such as a walker or stick.

People of all ages get physical therapy. It can treat a variety of health problems.

What does a physical therapist do?

What a physical therapist does

Physical therapists serve patients of all kinds and ages to help them gain versatility. The physical therapist often works in hospitals, clinics, or assisted living facilities. 

Common patient documents may combine players healing from sports-related pains, children managing chronic diseases, or old patients trying to keep their freedom.

Physical therapists customize a plan of care to meet each patient’s needs, assessing scale, coordination, strength, and overall health.

From there, they use a mixture of methods, including strength coaching, massage, dry needling, and wellness training.

How to become a physical therapist

People who have nurtured serious pains or diseases often face problems with action and pain control. They depend on physical therapists to help them improve.

If you are a kind-hearted person and want to help others by becoming a physical therapist, you have to learn how to become a physical therapist in a well-mannered way.

Physical Therapist Education


Physical Therapist Education

More than 200 programs for physical therapists imputes by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). All programs offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.

DPT programs typically last 3 years. Many programs require a bachelor’s degree for admission-specific educational prerequisites, like classes in anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, or physics.

Some programs admit first-year college students in 6 or 7-year programs that allow students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a DPT.

Most DPT programs require applicants to apply through the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service.

Physical therapist programs often include courses in biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, and pharmacology.

Students of physical therapy also complete at least 30 weeks of clinical work, during which they gain supervised experience in areas such as orthopedic care.

Physical therapists can apply for and complete a clinical residency program after graduation. Residencies typically last 1 year and provide additional training experience in specialized care areas.

Physical therapists who have completed a residency program may choose to further specialize by completing a fellowship in an advanced clinical area.

The American Board of Physical Therapy Residency Education and Scholarships has directories of residency programs and physical therapists’ scholarships.

Licenses, certifications, and registrations for physical therapists

All states require physical therapists to be licensed. Licensing requirements are different in all states, including enacting the National Physical Therapy Exam administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

Many states demand a law test for criminal background checks. Check with your state boards for specific licensing requirements.

After gaining work experience, some physical therapists choose to become board-certified specialists. More or less Licensing is more crucial step in determining how to become a physical therapist

The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties offers certification in nine physical therapy clinical specialties, including orthopedics, sports, and geriatrics.

Important qualities for physical therapists

When you learn how to become a physical therapist, at the same time you must have to analyze the core features that are must-haves in a physical therapist. Because it’s somewhat crucial to determine how a physical therapist has to be. For this, I have elaborated some traits which will definitely assist you in figuring out which aspects you have to work on more and what you have to cease off.

The Best Characteristics must have in a Physical Therapist


Physical therapists are often drawn to the profession in part out of a desire to help people. They work with people who are suffering and must feel empathy for their patients.


Like other healthcare providers, physical therapists must have strong observational and analytical skills to diagnose a patient’s problem, evaluate treatments, and provide safe and effective care.


Physical therapists must use their hands to provide manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. They should feel comfortable giving massages and physically assisting patients.

Interpersonal skills

Physical therapists spend a lot of time interacting with patients. They should enjoy working with people. They must clearly explain treatment programs, motivate patients, and listen to patients’ concerns to provide effective therapy.

Physical resistance

Physical therapists spend much of their time standing, moving, and showing proper techniques, helping patients to perform exercises. They enjoy physical activity.


Physical therapists personalize treatment plans for patients. They must be flexible and adapt care plans to the needs of each patient.

Time management skills

Physical therapists usually treat many patients each day they must give proper care to patients. They perform managerial tasks like documenting the patient’s course and patient fitness status.


Physical therapists are medical professionals who specialize in helping patients recover and manage immobility that results from injury, illness, or surgery.

Physical therapy can be a gratifying career as it involves improving the overall quality of life for patients and the demand for physical therapists is expected to increase by 39% between 2010 and 2021, making it one of the 30 fastest-growing careers in the United States.

How to become a physical therapist is so crucial to helping others lead rewarding lives.

It is a career-making field and well suited to anyone who likes working with people, using their bodies, studying anatomy, and creative problem-solving.

A physical therapist can evaluate your condition and diagnose the problem or condition you have. This will include:

  • Determine the appropriate motion diagnosis
  • Create a treatment plan
  • Administer therapeutic care
  • Educate you on how to manage your current injury

Physical therapy is provided in outpatient clinics, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, sports facilities, and even in your home.

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