How to Measure the Inseam in 7 Easy Steps

How to Measure the Inseam

A tight-fitting pair of pants can enhance your style, so knowing your inseam is essential. You may have thought that understanding crotch measurements is only important to tailors.

Once you start shopping for great dress pants, you may quickly find that knowing your inseam length is important. Here’s what you need to know about how to measure the inseam of your pants.

By measuring your inseam, you can make sure your pants are the perfect length. You can measure your inseam yourself, but it’s best to seek help from someone else if you can. So, let’s move to learn how to measure the inseam perfectly.

How to measure the inseam yourself

While choosing a suit to stitch, it’s somewhat crucial to get the measurement for the whole dress. But one of the major steps is to learn how to measure the inseam. So, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Find pants that fit well

Since you are taking your measurements, the clothing can get in the way because you will have to work around it, and you may not be able to get as close to your body.

Step 2: Stand in front of a mirror

Measuring can be tricky. You will need to take your crotch measurement while standing. Ideally, choose a floor-length mirror to get the best view of your body. If you don’t have a floor-length mirror, use the enormous mirror you have and place it in front of your lower body.

Step 3: Place your tape measure where your thigh meets your groin

Leave the tape measure rolled up and hold it in your hand. Put the hand holding the tape against the upper thigh. If you’ve already unwound the ribbon, you can roll it into a ball by hand.

However, be sure to pull out the end of the strap where it begins with “1” so that you can easily pull it down your leg.

Step 4: Lower the end of the tape measure down to your ankles

Slowly unroll the tape measure, keeping it close to your skin. Look in the mirror so you can see when the tape measure reaches your ankles.

Step 5: Stop unwinding the tape

Estimate where you want the edge of your pants to fall. It’s where you should stop at the end of the tape measure.

Step 6: Check the number on your tape measure

Hold the tape measure where it touches your crotch. Carefully remove the tape and note the measurement. It’s your crotch.

Step 7: Write your crotch so you can use it for shopping

Use exact measurements rather than rounding up or down. It will help you find the pants that best fit you.

In this way, your learning process of how to measure the inseam will be completed. It’s gotta easy..!

How to measure the inseam of someone else’s

Besides your own, you must also learn how to measure the inseam of someone else as well. Because it can happen that you have to stitch a dress of other ever.

Step 1: Wear tight pants

Wearing tight pants will make it easier for someone to measure your inseam accurately.

Step 2: Take off shoes

Shoes add height and can interfere with the crotch if the pants are expanded to fit over them, as you won’t be able to get a straight crotch to take an accurate measurement.

Step 3: Stand up straight

Stand up straight and lean your back against the wall. It will also help the pants fall evenly and make sure the crotch is straight.

Step 4: Have someone measure from the inseam of your pants to the floor

The crotch seam is the seam near the crotch that intersects the hem of the pant leg. The distance between the inseam of your pants and the floor is your inseam measurement.

Step 5: Use your inseam measurement to buy pants

Please write down the exact measurement of your inseam so you have it when shopping for pants.

If your pants are made with highly shrinkable fabric, increase the inseam measurement to the nearest 0.5 inches.

Step 6: Purchase Considerations

As you may have discovered by looking at the labels on your best-fitting pants, not all pants tell you what the inseam is on the label. If you are buying pants that do not indicate the crotch, you may need to measure the pants to determine whether they will fit you.

Another option to learn how to measure the inseam is to bring a pair of pants that currently fit you and compare the crotches to determine if the new pants have a suitable inseam length.


To determine which inseam will work best for you, you should base your decision on pants that fit very well now. And for this, if you learn how to measure the inseam, that will be helpful for you.

If you don’t have any of those pants, go shopping, and as soon as you find a pair that’s the right length for you, measure them to find out which inseam is right for you.

Measuring the same type of pants you are buying is important. If you are looking for jeans, please measure your best-fit pair of jeans. If you are looking for dress pants, measure dress pants that fit very well.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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