How to Travel With a Suit

How to Travel With a Suit

Whether traveling for business or a special event, a wrinkle-free suit is as essential as your plane ticket. To help you look your best way, we prepare a guide on how to travel with a suit without creasing it.

The first thing to focus on while traveling in a suit that you will need shortly after your arrival is to try not to wear it during the flight. If you are traveling first class, please use the courtesy wardrobe and hang it in a garment bag. If you store your suit in luggage or hand luggage, fold it carefully, focusing on saving space.

If you prefer the carry-on-only method, place an exceedingly stiff piece of cardboard in the bottom of the bag; Place the folded suit on top of the suitcase and cover it with a cardboard’s second piece. You can then arrange other carry-on items on the cardboard without applying uneven pressure to the suit. This will assume a better way to understand how to travel with a suit.

Get the best ways for how to travel with a suit

We have found the best ways how to travel with a suit on a short trip so you can choose the method that best suits your needs.

Take the suit or jacket and fold it into itself. You have to open one sleeve and put it in the other. The jacket is now folded lengthwise. Fold it one more time crosswise. Then put your pants and jacket on top of everything else in your luggage. This is what we usually do, but here are a few more ways you can follow.


Folding the clothes to know How to travel with a suit

It is possible to carefully fold a suit not to crease or crease excessively when it hits the ground. Flip the suit jacket over and fold it into quarters; having the inner lining turned to the outside helps prevent the jacket from visibly wrinkling.

Fold the pants in half or thirds, with an item like a T-shirt placed on each crease to smooth it out. Place the folded suit in a full suitcase; the other elements press against it and prevent it from sliding and unfolding when the case is flipped and pushed.


If you want to know how to travel with a suit, you may roll up your stuff. Rolling up items to pack in a suitcase saves space and also prevents wrinkles and clutter. Lay the suit jacket and pants on a hard surface, flatten them, and roll each item from one end to another. Once rolled up, place each component of the suit in a suitcase or handbag, space permitting.

Send your suit in a courier

Send your suit in a courier

Oddly enough, it is much cheaper to send a priority mailbox through the United States Postal Service than to check a suitcase with most airlines. So, if you want to travel fairly light, plan for about three days and have your suit delivered to your hotel or other destination. Thus, you can do it regarding how to travel with a suit.

Just Wear it

If you need to bring a suit for your travels, one way to keep it in relatively good condition is to wear it while on the plane. Change at the airport and put your casual clothes in a bag. Then as soon as you get off your flight, change again.

Put your suit over your shoulder on a hanger. Your pants can last a few hours on your person without looking dirty, especially if you are sitting in your seat. So, you can feel at ease with moving this way for how to travel with a suit.

The hanging

Hanging clothes in a suit

It’s better if there is carry-on luggage that guarantees minimal, even zero, wrinkles when packing a suit. The Vocier has a garment sleeve that wraps your other stuff like a burrito to eliminate pressure on the suit.

When you arrive at your destination, immediately take out your suit and hang it up. Suitable quality fabrics are likely to return to their standard length. This is one of the easier ways to determine how to travel with a suit.

You can also hang your suit in the shower and give it some steam. Or call the concierge and ask him to provide you with a proper steam treatment. But the thing to remember is that even a very wrinkled suit will usually come back to life overnight.


Here are fabrics that are more likely to wrinkle than others in order to know how to travel with a suit. Light fabrics such as linen wrinkle quickly, so it is better to go for more decadent options such as wool or cashmere. As wrinkles tend to be less noticeable in darker fabrics, navy blue, gray, or black should be your favorite colors.

Although most suits come in a travel-friendly garment bag, it is advisable to transport your smart clothes folded in a suitcase.

When checking a suitcase, be sure to opt for a rigid-sided suitcase, as soft-sided ones run the risk of being crushed under the weight of other passengers’ luggage, causing additional wrinkles.

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