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How to roll a backwood


Rolling any hollowed-out cigar, which is referred to as blunt needs a little accuracy and talent, needs a little accuracy and talent. These cigars are more fragile and delicate and are sometimes crispy or stiff, making them venerable to break. We’ve summarized how to roll a backwood blunt into a few simple steps. Rolling a Backwoods brand cigar is often viewed as more demanding than other contemporary brands.

Rise of  Backwood

Backwoods are the outcome of changing tobacco laws in the ‘70s. The law made it hard to advertise tobacco products as people became conscious of its health hazards. Backwood fashioned and branded little cigars that could still be advertised on television to bypass this law, dodging the new laws and striking a target audience.

Backwood cigars are made up of tobacco leaf wrappers filled with matured tobacco. They come in numerous flavors that make the smoking experience a bit different. Backwoods cigar leaf wrapper is made in such a manner as to give a perfect opportunity to tear them open and pack them with weed without even having to cut down the middle as you do with other cigars. Here is the supplies you will require if you want to know how to roll a backwood.

Backwoods roll Supplies

  • 1 packet of Backwoods cigars
  • A fair amount of cannabis to fill the cigar
  • Chopper
  • Level rolling smooth surface
  • Persistence

How to roll a backwood

If you’ve rolled a hollowed-out cigar before, you probably know it is very frustrating. It takes time and patience so keeps calm and slowly and carefully start to learn how to roll a backwood. If you start getting nervous during the rolling experience, take a break to recover and take it slow and easy.

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Step One: Almost everyone knows the art of hand-rolling a cigarette with paper, but be careful and keep in mind Backwoods are made up of real tobacco leaves, and they are fragile. So opening the cigar require precision to know how to roll a backwood perfectly.

Feel the clear divide in the cigar and touch it with your fingers. Once you get the feel of the tobacco leaves which cover the cigar find the seam loosen it, and gently tear open the leaf from one end to the other.

Filling tobacco in a backwood

The tobacco leaves of the cigar get crunchy and dry, and if you get hasty it will spoil everything; the first thing to do is to get it wet. Wet your hands and safely go through the wrapper.

Step Two: Making a blunt requires dumping the tobacco filling. Knowing how to roll a backwood involves getting rid of the tobacco filling. Slowly unravel the cigar to remove the wrapper from the tobacco.

This is where most people get sloppy. At this stage, ensure that the wrapper’s outside is kept moist. The tobacco should remain in the cigar shape; you’ll be working to remove the cigar-shaped lump along with any stray tobacco.

Step Three: Crush a decent amount of weed. It should be enough to fill the wrapper. Filling the wrapper can be difficult when you move to how to roll a backwood. Look for the midpoint in the leaf and stuff in a straight line from top to bottom; there should be enough room on the left and right sides for rolling.

How to roll a backwood

Step Four:  Pick up your leaf and softly roll the side nearest to you over the weed; tighten it as much as you can with your thumb. Once covered and tucked, further secure the weed. Slowly wrap the rest of the leaf, and continue to put pressure on each newly rolled segment by holding it up or placing it on a flat surface.

Finally, when just a little leaf is left, wet your tongue, lick it thoroughly, and give it a final roll. Lick it as much as you need to, and ensure it will stick once it’s completely sealed.

Step Five: Give your backwood roll a few minutes to dry and seal it together correctly. For a quicker dry-up, you can hold your light near the joint enough to heat it.

Roll a blackwood blunt perfectly

Now your blunt is ready. Just party with friends.

Final Advice

The biggest tip for any new Backwoods roller is to keep their cool. If you do not have the knack, you just need to get good practice. This means taking every single step gradually because there are steps where you can go wrong and end up crumbling your leaf.

Once you have got the knack of the basics of how to roll a Backwoods blunt, you’ll be able to improve your technique over time. Until you attain that point, be sure to be patient and take each step slowly.


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