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How to Roll a Blunt

How to roll a blunt

Rolling a blunt is no less than creating a piece of art. As they say, practice makes it better. But there are always tricks and techniques that if you follow, you can be a pro at it in no time and there’ll be people asking you to teach them how to roll a blunt, I promise you that!

Let’s start with what a blunt is, for people who are wondering. A blunt is like a joint but instead of a rolling paper, it is rolled in a tobacco leaf paper. It seems like a tiny difference but it makes some major distinctions in the smell and taste.

We are here to guide you through proper techniques to roll a perfect blunt in a few steps:

What you will need to roll a blunt

Can you make a cup of tea without a pot or water? No, just like that, you can’t roll a blunt without some ingredients and tools. Here are the things you will need before you think about rolling a blunt:

  • Weed
  • Grinder
  • Pocket knife/Blade
  • Blunt wraps/ Cigar
  • Lighter

How to Roll a Blunt

Step 1 – Grind the Weed

It is better to do some preparation before rolling the blunt. The preparation process is just grinding the weed. You can perform this step later but it will be helpful if your weed is ready at hand when you need to put it in the blunt, rather than stopping midway in rolling and grinding the weed.

To complete this step, you can use your fingers to break the weed in small pieces or you can grind it in a grinder. Out of these two ways, we recommend you the second way as using a grinder is considered as the best method. It will give you a smooth, fluffy texture and an even burn.

Step 2 – Break your Wrap

Now roll your sleeves up as the main work is about to begin. This is the actual start of rolling a blunt. You need to open the wrap carefully. If you are an expert, feel free to use your hands but be careful as you need to break it precisely without tearing it all apart.

Another way is to use a sharp pocket knife or a razor blade to cut it lengthwise from end to end. Once you’ve cracked it open, take out the tobacco to make some space for your weed.

Step 3 – Moisten your Wrap

This is the kind of step that makes a huge difference if you do it before or after stuffing your wrap. It is important to understand how these tricks are necessary to roll a perfect blunt.

You can use a tiny amount of water and apply it with a brush or with your finger but there is a possibility of moistening it more than needed. Mostly, people like to lick the blunt wrap to moisten it. If you are going to lick it after stuffing it with marijuana, you are going to get a taste of it in your mouth which no one will prefer. That’s why we recommend you to do this step before and avoid the unpleasant taste.

Step 4 – Place Weed in Wrap

This is when you stuff it up with the ground weed. Carefully, hold the wrap open with one hand and use your fingers to grab a pinch of marijuana and load it in the wrap little by little.

Don’t overdo it and be sure to spread it evenly from end to end. You can stuff it in the center and then push it to both ends slowly as it can help in spreading it evenly.

Step 5 – Roll the Blunt

It is easy for people who are familiar with rolling a joint, but if you are a newbie, it will take a little more concentration. One way is to roll it from bottom end to burning end. Start by pushing the bottom flap under the top flap of the blunt. Keep doing it until you reach the burning end.

Another way is to give your blunt wrap a cylindrical shape by rolling it back and forth from the shorter end. Once the perfect shape it formed, bring one edge of the wrap and push it underneath the other edge.

Step 6 – Seal the Blunt

Moisten the edge of blunt wrapper with your tongue, then roll the rest of it over the damped edge. At the end, use a lighter and give it a little heat from top to bottom for sealing it. Finally, your blunt is ready.

Now that you have learned how to roll a blunt, follow the steps and when you get a perfect blunt, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the beautiful piece of art you’ve created.

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