How to get rid of love bugs

How to Get Rid of Love Bugs

The love bugs are airborne swarms of late spring and late summer. Although the main nuisance of the love bug is neither of its bite nor its sting, it’s slightly acidic body chemistry. In addition, these insects irritate those who annoy them due to their large number. In this piece of writing, we look at some ways that act as a panacea regarding how to get rid of love bugs.

The Lovebug (Plecia nearctica) is a member of the class of the march flies having a small, black velvety body with the slight touch of the red thorax. The insect’s name is self-speaking about its coupled nature for many days during and after mating and even during flight. It is well known as honeymoon flies, telephone bugs, or double-headed bugs. They are enormously found in the Gulf States, especially in the Central and Southeast United States (common in Alabama, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi) in March to April or September.

To be airborne, the primary habitat of love bugs is air. So they move in houses and around the cars, via air. There are significant signs of infestations of these annoying creatures. So, it is essential to prevent these insects’ masses. Let’s take a keen on how to get rid of love bugs.

Clear out love bugs in the environment

Lovebugs are also a significant segment of our natural ecosystem because their larvae brood on small, decaying organic matter, which helps to sustain the natural cycle. Such as, dry weather condition dries out the thatch. However, some biological controls seemed like enemies.

As described earlier, larvae brood on decaying organic matter. So if they move to be nourishing on some parasitic fungi, it may cause an increasing death toll of larvae.

Due to being naturally acidic, most insectivores do not oblige to feed on love bugs. However, some arthropods predators like earwigs, a few beetles, millipedes, centipedes, and spiders devour the bugs. Moreover, a few birds like quail and robins eat love bugs in juvenile and adult forms. But if they do not catch by their predators, they will mock you in any way. So, find some useful ways here how to get rid of love bugs.

Clear out love bugs In house areas 

When we talked about the house as living in the Gulf States, then automatically a question raised in our mind that how to get rid of love bugs, so follow these tips to get its answer:

Outside the House 

The first entrance path of love bugs to the house is a lawn that helps the insects brood. So, make sure that your yard should be well-mowed.

As these insects feed on the dead matter, it has to be needed that your lawn is cleaned of any leaves, cut grass, or bushes.

Minimum water the lawn because ladybugs are likely to lay eggs on a sticky surface.

Park your vehicles away from the lawn because of the fumes exhausted by the vehicle engine attracted by insects.

Make sure the house’s entry sides, doors, and windows remained slam maximally.

Inside the House

Insects are naturally attracted to bright colors, so avoid using bright colored paint on the walls and choose a dark color. Light shades of vehicles will assist you in knowing how to get rid of love bugs.

If you are a painter by professional, try to cease painting in the swarm season because the smell of fresh paints catches the attention of love bugs.

Turning on the ceiling fan with high speed is also an ideal option to make the land uncomfortable for insects.

An insect repellent lotion can be used on the aerial parts of your body to be protected by insects.

In this respect, mosquito-killing mats or coils may also be a helpful gadget.

Use insect-catching nets, like basket nets, bug-zapper, or sticky insect trappers, to grab the bugs.

In addition to it, use a vacuum cleaner to make your house as clean as insect-free.

Direction to make insect-resistant spray:

How to get rid of love bugs with home-made insect-resistant spray; is so simple to make at home by following the steps;

Take 1 cup of warm water,

2-3 tbsp of any citrus-scented (orange, lemon, or lime) soap solution,

3 tbsp of mouth wash

Then make a homogeneous solution of all of these and pour them in a spray container. Spray the solution in different areas, especially on plants, doors, and windows, to eliminate the love bugs.

Elimination of love bugs around the Automobiles 

How to get rid of love bugs around the cars and other automobiles must be noticed as well:

Remember that your car must be dark-colored because love bugs mold bright colors.

Wax your cars because it is arduous for insects to hold on the sticky surface.

You can use any baby oil to wipe out the bugs easily if they rush on the car.

Keep your driving speed as slow as there will be a minimum chance for bugs to hold on to the hood and glass of your vehicle.

Here is another effective option to scrub your car with degreasers, e.g., SONAX Engine cleaner WD-40, to make your car bug-free.

Since love bugs are airborne, they may be found on many highways. They often die on automobile windshields, hoods, and radiator grills when the vehicles travel at high speeds. So try to clean your vehicles as soon as possible. If they remain almost one to two hours, they become dried, and you may face trouble removing them. Such practice will assist you in figuring out how to get rid of love bugs.

Bottom Line

The whole guide is comprised of how to get rid of love bugs. Generally, lovebugs reside in and out of the house, especially lawns and stagnant water. But your vehicles are also not saved than these annoyed insects. So, follow the best approaches discussed in the whole article. Hopefully, you will be no more agonized by these love bugs.


Is it possible to eliminate lovebugs from the house?

Yes! It’s possible. But it will only happen if you cater how to get rid of love bugs. You have to keep your lawn mowed. Try to keep the outside area dry and clean. And use insect-repellent lotion on the areal parts of the body.

How to get rid of love bugs from vehicles?

There are some specific recommendations in the case of vehicles. If your car is bright-colored, it’s more likely to attract love bugs. So, dark-colored cars are recommended. Use windscreens in your cars. Such practices ensure to be far away from these love bugs from your vehicles.

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