How to get rid of Millipedes Instantly

How to get rid of Millipedes Instantly

As the rainy season comes, not only human beings, some invertebrates are also excited to cherish the rainy moments. Among all humid-loving arthropods, millipedes are well-known. As nature allows every living being to relish its happenings, but sometimes millipedes become annoying creatures for others, particularly for Human beings. In such a situation, they are obliged to wipe off the millipedes. So stay here and keep reading to come to know how to get rid of millipedes instantly.

Have you some cognition about Millipedes

As the name shows, millipedes have thousands of feet, segmented with two pairs of legs along with their flattened and slender body shape, therefore are diplopods. They are usually 2.5-4cm long in size but may prolong to 35cm in length.

They are usually brown or black in color, but some have bright colors that make them distinct apart other arthropods. They have small antennae and large mandibles that help them to tackle their target.

How to get rid of Millipedes instantly 

Usually, millipedes are neither venomous nor bite humans or do not cause the disease to humans. But some species have particular glands on their body side that are specialized to secrete irritating fluids. Those individuals, who are sensitive to irritation, may annoy by these fluids while coming in contact with their skin.

They may be dangerous to small plants or seedlings as well. So it is necessary to keep away these millipedes from your home or any dwelling place.

Let’s see some quick avenues for how to get rid of millipedes instantly.

Kill at the spot

The easiest and most immediate action to know how to get rid of millipedes instantly is just to kill at the spot. Millipedes usually dwell on the lawn or grassy areas. So, where you see them, just squeeze or squash them at the spur of the moment because their appendages help them to move very fast. Just kill them as you see.

Trap the Millipedes

The most convenient method to determine how to get rid of millipedes instantly is trapping. For this purpose, take a DIY plastic soda bottle, a vinyl tube, a piece of ripe fruit or sweetener, and adhesive tape. Just set the tube at the neck of the bottle in a minimum of 2 inches and seal with the tape. Make sure that the tube would not be touched the edges of the bottle. Lean the tube on the floor outside the bottle.

Insects are naturally attracted to sweet smells. When these annoying diplopods smell the fruit, definitely move to find it. As they find the fruit, they move to approach the fruit by crawling, and when reaching inside the bottle, they cannot move back to come out of the bottle.

If you face numerous millipedes in your house, you may set this trapping mode in different areas to catch them and make your house free from these annoying insects.

Mowing or Trimming your lawns

Mowing the land to get rid of millipedes

Millipedes burrow mostly in humid places, especially in lawns, grassy areas, or mulching lands. So keep mowing your lawn and yard. Try to clean them on a regular basis and remove all the leaves or debris from the yards. In clean and mowed lawns, any sort of arthropods, particularly millipedes, will keep away.

Sweep or Vacuum up the Millipedes

Are you scrupulous to squash the millipedes? Then there is another way to kill them instantly. Just vacuum up or hoover the millipedes. Along aside, you just follow some precautionary measures to dump off the millipedes;

Don’t dump in your litter basket as such because they crawl out. Thus, you will come to know how to get rid of millipedes instantly.

How to get rid of millipedes instantly with pest-resistant Spray

Some people can’t sweep or physically kill the millipedes. In this situation, you can use any pest-resistant spray on the millipedes. Sprays have been a very effective remedy to keep insects far away from your house. So just use the sprays, but remember their precautionary measures in your mind.

Mix the insecticides to the soil of your plants

If you are a plant-lover and have different forms of plants on your lawn, then you must see the millipedes around your plants. They actually burrow in the moist soil. So here is the best idea to keep the soil insect-free.

You just have to mix the insecticide in the soil of the plants. Hence there will be no room for millipedes for nourishing and burrowing. As they will try to live on that soil, either they will be killed or leave the plants.

Seal the Ruptured Wall of the House

Seal the cracked wall of the house

When the house gets old, its walls can be cracked or ruptured. These cracked walls open the ways for millipedes to come out of their burrows. So as you see any cracks on the walls, you have to seal them by making a slurry of either cement or plaster of Paris. By sealing the walls, millipedes fail to get entry the walls.

How to get rid of millipedes instantly with Diatomaceous earth (DE) or Boric acid

You have to buy Diatomaceous earth or Boric acid if you want to know how to get rid of millipedes instantly. They are available in the crystalline powdery form and used as just spread any of these powders in the surroundings of the plants or where the millipedes gathered.

You have to use them very carefully especially boric acid, because it is a very strong chemical that directly causes damage to the stomach of millipedes.


If you have kids or any small pets in your house, you have to avoid using these chemicals because they are assumed to be volatile and dangerous for young ones.

Use Insecticides

Insecticides are specially manufactured to keep control over the insects, but especially for the cropland. If they are used outside the house, then they can give your outside area free from millipedes. That’s so crucial to understanding how to get rid of millipedes instantly.

Use any Dehumidifier

As you have come to know millipedes live in humid or moist areas. So make your home moist-free by using a dehumidifier. It will catch the humidity from your house, and any dry area will narrow the land for millipedes to survive.

How to get rid of millipedes instantly with Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper over millipedes

There is another cool way for heading off this infestation of millipedes. You can use Cayenne Pepper as well. You can easily purchase and grind well in the form of fine powder. Then sprinkle this powdery cayenne pepper around those areas and spots that are likely to be room for millipedes.


You may ask for Pest Management Professionals to inspect this infestation of millipedes. You must assist them in locating the actual sources from where these annoying insects get to enter your house. After the inspection, some chemical or non-chemical treatment will be concerned with determining how to get rid of millipedes instantly.


When the situation becomes inconsolable to put control over millipedes, then prevention becomes necessary.

  • Make sure to keep your house, yards, vehicles as clean and tidy as possible.
  • Remove all the trash and debris from your lawn.
  • Try to keep your home humid-free.
  • Use insect repellents but carefully.
  • Sealed out all the cracks and crevices of the ruptured walls and windows.

You just follow the solutions for how to get rid of millipedes instantly as given above and detailed info covered by the whole article.

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