How to Kill a Tree in 3 Simple Ways

How to Kill a Tree

Trees are a great blessing from God. They enhance the beauty of the earth, and their shade keeps your place cool, but when trees are outgrown, you need to cut them down, so here you can learn how to kill a tree properly. 

They badly damage the place and turn into hazards and should be removed as soon as possible. Trees are necessary for life on the earth; they provide oxygen, one of the basic life needs. Trees defeat stop water storms, decrease depletion and pollution in the water tunnels and may reduce flooding.

Many types of bird’s life depend on trees for a living. The tree is a source of food, shelter, and home for many wildlife species.

Reasons for killing the Tree

  • Dryness, overpopulated, and dead or damaged roots of trees are the most common reasons for killing a tree
  • A damaged stalk causes the infection and invites the germ and insets into a tree.
  • A damaged root makes the bugs and points for the pathogens, which harm the tree’s water collection ability and put it underwater or stressed and make it infectious and sensitive.
  • The risk to your home, parking, shed
  • A threat to a vehicle stationed on a road
  • Act as a danger for the public, houses, or transports on a nearby property
  • Put out rootstocks that endanger a septic operation, etc
  • Need the sunshine for the other planets for growth
  • Set out a flower whose dust and smell provide you an allergic effects
  • Mess your garden and make it difficult to manage for you
  • Start to plant other trees that are more extremely valuable

How to Kill a Tree

There are two main methods to determine how to kill a tree:

  • Physical Method 
  • Chemical Method

Many people avoid using the chemical method because they have some security and safety issues in their gardens. They thought that these chemicals would affect the health of their other trees and plants, like vegetables and fruits.

Please choose the best method for them and check the condition of your garden.

Cutting Down the Tree

Cutting Down Trees is the most famous and popular way to ascertain how to kill a tree. If a large tree needs to be cut down, especially near essential areas like a residential or commercial area, where any damage can happen, don’t do this task yourself. Hire an expert who teaches you how to kill a tree. Try to remove the trees’ roots if you want to make extra space in your garden.

How to Kill a Tree by Injecting Poison and Toxified Elements

Inject Poison to kill the tree

You can buy some poison and toxic acids and use them to inject them into the tree to kill them. Injections should be injected every 2 to 6 inches throughout the tree’s circumference, about 5 feet from the floor.

Inject it 2 to 3 inches deep into the tree. This method is really effective but is comparatively expensive because we need different equipment. 

To reduce the injections’ expenses, use a trick, make holes with the drills, and then eject the poison into the holes.

Starving a Tree

Starving a tree to kill it

The skin of the tree is the nutriment system to move the moisture to the buds and leaves. For some trees eliminating the skin throughout the tree’s circumference will efficiently push it to death. This method is famous for girdling. Usually, it’s useful, but it’s a risky method.

For best results, remove all skin layers in a circular form throughout the tree, remove the skin about 1 to 2 inches wide to kill the small tree, and 8 inches for large trees.

How to Kill a Tree using Rock Salt

Using salt is a valuable method of knowing how to kill a tree. Salt contains sodium that will blocks the transport of potassium and magnesium. Both are essential for the tree’s growth; potassium and magnesium deficiency will kill the tree.

Even if you make a simple salt line around the tree, the salt will kill it.

However, you have to be careful while using this method because it will kill almost everything around the tree, so try to use a suitable quantity of salt and ensure the tree’s minimum damage.


Trees are a great blessing for us, and we grow a tree for many benefits of society, but sometimes we face many issues and risks for society and the atmosphere. So we need to grow the trees with proper care and ensure that they will always benefit you and help you develop a safe and clean environment.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to some reasons mentioned above, we need to cut it down, and it’s a hazardous task, so learn how to kill a tree before trying to do it.

You can use rock salt, inject poison, cut it down, and starve methods to kill the tree, but we suggest you don’t do it yourself if you feel it’s dangerous.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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