How to Attract Crows; See 8 Tremendous Ways

How to Attract Crows

Crows are adorable little creatures if you’ve ever had a chance to observe them, and they bring a lot of life to the yard. Either simply because you like crows or because you want them to clean up food waste, you will need to know how to attract crows to your garden, Not to mention cleanliness. They act as scavengers and clean up all the food waste you discard, a job for which they are unappreciated.

How to Attract Crows

Crows are very bright creatures, one of the most intelligent birds, and a group of crows called a “flock” or “murder,” can be a useful addition to your garden. A small flock can keep plants free of insects and other pests, and their large size makes crows a deterrent to other predatory birds, such as hawks. Attracting crowds and bringing them back can be done quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. So, here you will wonder to see the incredible ways to know how to attract crows

Make the Yard “Crow Safe”

First things first, make sure your garden is “crow friendly.” This is very important when it comes to knowing how to attract crows. Crows are easily startled by random noises, so items like squeaky bells, wind chimes, and even loose doors can keep them away. Crows will avoid anything that seems threatening to them. So get rid of everything and make noise in your garden.

Additionally, crows are spooked by reflective surfaces that move in the breeze, creating random flashes of light. Another important thing is that if you have pets, make sure they are far from the garden. Crows will not descend into the yard if pets are roaming around.

Distribute the Food

Crows eat just about anything, so you’re pretty safe regardless of what food you put them on. To pinpoint how to attract crows first, you’ll want something remarkable, like peanuts in the shell. Once they become a regular in your garden, you can use a wider variety of foods, including ground pet food or leftover meat. Crows can eat a lot of food, so don’t be afraid to spread more if they eat it all.

Create a Place to Rest

Crows like horizontal places to rest, such as fences and tree branches. They are sociable birds, so you will need plenty of places to sit and stay. Therefore, any resting place must be very sturdy. Old-fashioned concrete waterers can be very useful.

In case there are no trees, or there are very few trees in your garden, you can build some wooden shelves and install them at a height against the wall or on platforms. Make sure they are tall. This will give the crows something to sit in the yard so you can better observe them.

You can also create an artificial structure if you don’t have enough natural space. Nail or drive studs into the ground, then place a crossbar between them for more room to rest.

Draw them a Bath Tub

Build a small water structure or place a tub filled with water on the patio, such as a slightly larger birdbath. This will prove as a helping tool to determine how to attract crows. During the summer, the crows will descend in search of water to drink and bathe, and in winter, when there is less water, the water will really help.

Use Raven Songs

You can buy an electronic call or try to use a manual call yourself. There are various calls used by crows, many of which will attract a close group. Some popular calls are the Wake-Up Call, the Gathering Call, and the Distress Call, all of which will attract curious crows to your location.

Calling manually is difficult, but it can give you more flexibility in calling and communicating with birds. Make the call between thumb and forefinger, cupping the end with your hands. Instead of blowing, you’ll want to growl on the call, like you’re clearing your throat.

Lay Down some Fake Crows

Crows have a go-to-crowd mentality, which means that they will generally follow other crows to their resting and feeding areas. So you can buy some fake crows toys and put them in the yard, and the crows are coming. Such practice will pave your way to learning how to attract crows.

Use Shiny Objects

Of all the things that attract crows, shiny objects are known to be the most successful. If you have observed crows, they really like these objects. They even rummage through the garbage to collect them and take them to their nests. Therefore, placing small objects in the yard that are sure to sparkle in the sunlight is another way to attract crows.

How to Attract Crows Using their Favorite Food 

The best way to know how to attract crows is to feed them. It’s that easy. But remember two things: one, feed them simultaneously to establish a routine (the ideal time is early morning and late the night before), and two, you will have to earn their trust and form a routine.

So you’ll have to give it time. When you follow these factors, the crows shouldn’t be long in coming. The following are some of the foods that crow loves.

Bread Soaked in water

A simple meal, but the crows will eat it too. Get out some water-soaked bread, and they’ll swallow it. This is one of the easiest ways to know how to attract crows.

Bird Seeds

Regular bird seeds are also known to work wonders. In fact, if you have a bird feeder installed, you may have seen crows trying to feed on it.

Dog / Cat Food

The crows will even eat cat and dog food. Many people will put away leftover pet food, and it will practically disappear within minutes. While crows eat dry things too, it is recommended that the food be soaked in water before storing it for their winged friends in the winter.

Chicken and other Meat Fats

Crows are known as scavengers, and they love to feast on meat. So all the fat from the meat and other parts you are about to discard can easily be used as crow’s food if you are eager how to attract crows. However, please don’t give them processed meat and other meat products from fast food establishments.

Unsalted Peanuts

It seems that crows really like peanuts. But make sure they are salt-free. You can spread them around the garden or leave a bunch on the ground. Some people prefer to feed the crows shelled peanuts as other birds cannot open them, and the crows will do the job just fine. Therefore, making sure that they are consumed only by crows and not by other birds.


You may not have crows right away, as your food supplies can attract squirrels, blue jays, and other small birds. Here you have it, some of the best ways how to attract crows in the backyard and make them stick around. Try a combination of those methods, and you are sure to find success soon. Just be patient and remember that you should never leave any food overnight or get rodents in.

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