How to Cut Acrylic Sheet

How to Cut Acrylic Sheet

How to cut acrylic sheet seems somewhat hard or not. Because acrylic is a clear thin plastic sheet with exceptional durability, stiffness, and visual transparency. It’s a hard sheet and a tricky task to cut, here in this guide you will learn how to cut acrylic sheet in a very effective and interesting manner.

The acrylic sheet is also named Perspex and plexiglass. Acrylic sheet is usually used where glass is large and heavy, breaks so quickly, and is too expensive. We can see it in the fish aquarium, artwork, and aircraft covers.

However, in using acrylic, we need to cut, and cutting is a tricky task. We can use acrylic more efficiently than wood and metal. Different peoples use different methods, tools, and tips to cut acrylic.

Acrylic can be used in all kinds of projects because it’s a beautiful and clear plastic sheet. It is available in both color and fine form and can be cut with a laser, heated, and twisted in any shape.

How to Cut Acrylic sheet with Dremel

Acrylic sheets are a very inexpensive alternative to glass, especially when security and safety Matters. Acrylic is more solid and stronger than glass, but it can damage and crack when it is drilled inaccurately.

Here we will discuss how to cut acrylic sheet easily. Over the years, many people using acrylic sheets to increase their designs’ beauty, strength, and reliability.

If you are a DIY lover or fan and facing it challenging to cut it at home, here in the guide, we have discussed many ways about how to cut acrylic sheet for getting perfection and accuracy in your cutting work.

Using the Hand Saw

Most people try to use a saw to cut the acrylic by hand. Cutting using the saw requires more attention and focus on the work than other electronic tools. To get the batter results to ensure that your saw has uniformed teeth or not.

how to cut acrylic sheet with dremel

Cutting with a Scoring knife

It is one of the simplest ways to know how to cut acrylic sheet. We did not use any electronic tool, or heavy power saw to cut the acrylic in this method. We need to follow some necessary steps.

  • Mark the sheet areas that you want to cut
  • Use a scoring knife to cut the small channels in the acrylic sheet
  • The scoring knife usually works on a 6.35mm thick sheet
  • Put the acrylic sheet over the hard ends with the score-side up
  • Clamp it if required
  • Turn the projection side of the sheet with fast, swift, and smooth action
  • As the acrylic turns, the channel will increase as the burst creates around the sheet
  • Turning will result in a cut of two pieces, almost straight and neat ends

Cutting with a Jigsaw

A jigsaw is one of the most famous and chosen tools in order to determine how to cut acrylic sheet. It’s a small handheld device that cuts out the sheet with sharp straight blades and moves up and down in fast motion. If you want to cut the sheet in different shapes or nonlinear shapes, then a jigsaw is the best option.

It will help you cut the sheet accurately and precisely and cut the perfect ends and curves or any other shape. However, it’s desirable to try the jigsaw’s setting and position to get the best results.

Cutting with a band saw

how to cut acrylic sheet with BAND

The band saw is the best tool for complicated and challenging cutting. When you are using the band saw, it is important to take care while selecting the blade and setting the blade’s speed. Putting the rate will help you to decrease the risk of melting and chipping the sheet. It’s suitable for 0.472 inches and thicker than this.

It will help you to get the exact and clean ends by maintaining the sharpness of the material. Thus, you may come to know how to cut acrylic sheet.

Cutting with a Laser

Laser cutting systems are developed to get the problem and fixed the cutting of the acrylic sheet. Laser cutting is one of the approved and selected ways to cut the wanted design sheet.

Connected to the computer, the laser cutter compiles the design/images into acrylic pieces. If you want to create rugged, involved, and productive shapes with acrylic, then a laser is apparently a better option.


Acrylic sheet is used for different purposes, but it’s challenging to cut here you learn how to cut acrylic sheet easily. To cut the acrylic sheet, start it by marking the points you want to cut using the scale and a pointer. Then score it by using a scoring blade. When you have achieved the first line go over it a few times with e blade until a crease forms. Repeat it on the other side of the acrylic sheet on the same line.

Eventually, put the line you procured over the end of a table and push down on the acrylic piece that’s stretching off the table to cut it off.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

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