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How to Make Yourself Cry

by Harriet Wetton
How to Make Yourself Cry

We all cry for once in our lives; babies are born and show themselves by crying. If you feel sad, worried, and hurt, you don’t need to hide your feeling behind a smiley face. Here you will learn how to make yourself cry and make tears as much as enough for you to feel better, try to explode yourself by crying because crying is not a stigma, go ahead and face your problems.

Several causes make us complex, some hidden reasons like depression and frustration inhibit our sense of cry.

Maybe you are cut off from your feeling and emotions; you have been assumed that crying is disgraceful and shameful. But according to medical care crying is one of the most salutary outer feelings of emotion.

Studies show that women cry and tear up more than men, and crying is the natural way to reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability.

Reasons why people are unable to cry

There are some reasons that make people unable to cry:

Repressed emotion

Many people face difficult times managing their feelings, so they push their emotions aside and try to manage them by hiding from others.

In the beginning, these abolitions can occur deliberately, but with time, it becomes a habit.

In the end, you may start experiencing utmost your feeling quietly; even if something strongly disturbing happens, you may not react as you should.

There is nothing that affects your physical health, but it dries your tears.


Anhedonia can describe as a lack of interest and enjoyment of social activities. While anhedonia usually happens as a sign of depression. It also occurs as a sign of some mental health diseases. Due to anhedonia, you may feel your ability to express your emotions is decreased. Notably, the people who suffer from anhedonia can’t cry so easily and quickly.

Environmental Factors

Dry and windy climate affects your ability to cry. If you live in a dry and windy climate, you may see that you can’t make as many tears. Due to the dryness of the air, absorb and evaporate your tears quickly.

The tears’ inability can also happen if the environment is smoggy due to wildfires or other reasons.

Personal beliefs

Some people believes that weeping can reveal your emotions and show your weakness. You may start controlling your emotions and holding back your tears deliberately, and in the end, you may not have to make any efforts to control your tears.

An incapacity to cry can also occur as a genetic response. People start considering cry as a symptom of weakness and shame When parents, friends, and siblings humiliate them for crying.

If family and friends don’t cry, you may not determine that crying is the natural way to express your emotions.

How to make yourself cry

1. Recalling Sad Moments

Try to remember your old sad memories; the saddest time of your life push your sad feeling to come outside. It may be hurtful for you to remembering sad moments, but it’s the most way to make on how to make yourself cry quickly and easily.

You can recall your breakup memories or be apart from your loved one, the memories when losing someone or something, a tragedy that passes to you.

Recalling your sad moments maybe not too good for your mental peace and health, but it’s the fastest way to make yourself cry.

2. Listening to sad music and watching movies

Sometimes we want to cry like a baby; then, classical music is the best way to go. All the lyrics and the nodes will make you feel that it’s the time to reveal the all hurtful and disturbing thoughts from your body.

You can do it through tears. Music is the cleanser of the soul and emotions. Watching sad movies can also help you to make yourself cry. It also a good way, but it’s a little bit time-consuming, so listening to sad music is best.

Music affects us in several ways; it helps us relax, be creative when we are writing something, and help us get rid of the madness and make us cry.

3. Eye Drops

Visit your nearest pharmacy and get eye drops, eye drops will help you to cry. Eye drops include saline that will quickly make you cry. It’s very easy to use, you need to pour some drops into your eyes, and it’s done.

4. Chopping Onion

Chopping onion can help you to cry. Onion contains an enzyme that is being released when we cut onion. The enzyme triggers your eyes to make tears. This method will make you cry quickly and fastly.

5. Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes makes a certain volume of the tears to preserve your eyes from cuts. After smoothly rubbing your eyes for a few seconds, there will be a lot of tears in your eyes. Use this trick nicely and carefully so you will not harm your eyes.

6. Yawning

Yawning is also a method that can make you cry enough that your tears start falling on your face. During the yawning, several facial tissues encompassing your eyes will be stretched.

It will force the tissues that contain tears to be incurring and quickly start making tears that will come out on your face from your eyes. If you want to cry, try this method out.

7. Menthol

Menthol can also help you cry. The toxic elements will push your tear to come out; you just have to apply the menthol tear-making gel and tear stick under your eyes, and the tears will start quickly coming out from your eyes.

8. Stop Blinking Your Eyes

Normally when we wink our eyes, in this movement, they are smearing and cleaning themselves. When we hold our eyes open for as long as enough we can, we stop our eyes from smearing.

After that, when we close our eyes, our tear-making tissues start moisturizing the dried eyeballs. It’s a little bit hurtful and time-consuming method, but you can try it out easily.

Crying and weeping doesn’t show that you are a weak or emotional fool.

Don’t care about people what they call you and if they humiliate you, just allow yourself to feel your emotions and sentiments. Accept your sorrows.

Try out the above-mentioned method they will help you know how to make yourself cry easily. When you start to cry or make tears, you will better and get a new point of view to look at your problems and situation.

It’s always a better choice to make yourself cry if you want; if you start managing your tears, you will feel free and ready to start a fresh journey.

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